Problems with logging in to Brickfact? Our how-to guide

🗓 Mon, 25 Sep 2023
👤 Luke

Are you having problems logging in to the Brickfact app? This article will help you.

Already have an account and want to log in?

If you already have an account with Brickfact and want to log in with it again, you must use the same login method as when you registered. Remember which login method you used when you registered:

  • Login with Apple (only possible with iOS)
  • Login with email address (possible with iOS and Android)
  • Login with Google (possible with iOS and Android)

If you have already logged in with an account on your smartphone and are about to try to create a new account (with a different login method), we will warn you with this message:

"This devise is already associated with a Brickfact account. Please log in to your account to continue using the app."


If you receive this error message, it is because you are trying to create a new account even though a Brickfact account already exists on your device. You simply need to use the login method that is stored in your account so that you can log in.

You really want to create a new account?

To ignore the warning and create a new account:

  1. Delete the Brickfact app
  2. Download the Brickfact app again from the store
  3. Now you can register a new account

I can no longer remember which login method I used

Try all the different login methods you might have used. Maybe use different email addresses or Google accounts.

Can my data be lost?

No! Your data will never be lost unless you explicitly delete your account via the Brickfact settings. So don't panic, in most cases the problem is that you are trying to use a new login method.

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