Lego® piece 26047: Meme explained

🗓 Wed, 20 Mar 2024

Memes are digital cultural phenomena that spread quickly online. They often convey humor and appear in different variations within a short period of time, as was the case with Lego® piece 32557, for example.

In March 2021, another meme phenomenon occurred in the Lego community: this time the meme is related to Lego part 26047. In the following, we take a closer look at the curious case of Lego part 26047 and its significance.

Origin of the Lego® meme phenomenon

The Lego® 26047 meme originated in March 2021, when TikTok user @boyfriend.xmi uploaded a video urging viewers not to search for Lego piece 26047. The video went viral and was viewed 223,000 times after just six days. Subsequently, the video also spread on the video platform YouTube.

The meme explains: Why Lego® piece 26047?

The Lego® brick 26047 was first produced in 2016 and is currently included in over 752 sets from the Danish brick manufacturer and is therefore not a rare Lego part. The reason for choosing Lego piece 26047 is that it bears a resemblance to the Impostor character from the video game Among Us.

Lego® Part 26047

Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which players are divided into two groups: Crewmates and Impostors. The crew members must complete tasks while trying to uncover the identity of the Impostors, who are secretly trying to eliminate the crew members without being discovered. The similarity between the Impostor from Among Us and the Impostor from Lego 26047 ultimately contributed to the success of the meme.

Explanation of the: "Don't Google" trend

Another factor that has contributed significantly to the success of the meme is the TikTok user's challenge not to search for the corresponding Lego® piece. This type of challenge not to google certain terms often plays on the surprise effect and arouses curiosity, which led to the Lego part being searched for particularly frequently on Google. This can be tracked in retrospect using Google Trends, for example.

Google Trends Lego® 26047

Unlike shocking content, the interest in this meme is based on humor and irony, which makes it harmless fun. The meme was probably mainly accessed by players of the video game Among Us.

Lego® piece 26047: Conclusion

To summarize, the phenomenon surrounding Lego® piece 26047 is an impressive example of the speed of digital cultural phenomena.

The origin of the meme, triggered by a challenge on TikTok, shows how quickly content can spread online and attract widespread attention. The choice of the Lego brick because of its resemblance to a character from the popular game Among Us underlines the connection between the digital and physical worlds in meme culture. The success of the meme, boosted by the 'non-Google' trend, also shows how curiosity and the human tendency to explore can be used to generate interest and engagement.

FAQ: Lego® piece 26047 - Explanation of the meme

The phenomenon surrounding Lego® piece 26047 has attracted a lot of attention in the online community. In order to facilitate a better understanding and answer frequently asked questions, we have put together a short and factual FAQ. This should briefly and concisely explain the key points of the meme and thus help to clarify the situation.

What is the Lego® piece 26047?

The Lego® piece 26047 is a real-life Lego component that was first produced in 2016 and is included in over 752 sets.

Why did the Lego® piece 26047 become a meme?

The Lego® piece 26047 was chosen because it bears a resemblance to the Impostor character from the game Among Us.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which players are divided into crew members and impostors, with impostors trying to eliminate crew members without being noticed.

How did the meme spread?

The meme spread quickly after a TikTok user urged people not to search for Lego® piece 26047, sparking curiosity and leading to widespread online searches.

Why is everyone saying "Don't google" about Lego® piece 26047?

The call not to google the Lego® piece is based on a trend that often plays with the element of surprise and is characterized by humour and irony, which increases curiosity.

Does the Lego® piece 26047 have a special meaning?

Aside from its resemblance to an Among Us impostor and its role in a viral meme, Lego® part 26047 is an ordinary component with no special significance.

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