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Manage your collection
We want you to be able to manage your Lego® collection as easy as your stock portfolio. You enter the purchases and sales of your sets and Brickfact brings an overview into your collection.
Daily Market Value
➡ Gains/losses of your collection
➡ Increases in value of individual sets
➡ Statistics of your collection

The perfect place to manage your Lego® collection

Enter your purchases and sales in Brickfact and keep track of your collection and discover interesting statistics
Market Value
See the current market value of your sets. Daily updated and automatically calculated
Price comparison
Compare prices of thousands of Lego® sets and always find the best price
Brickfact finds the best deals and notifies you immediately. This is how you get your Lego® sets even cheaper

Frequently asked questions

Is Brickfact completely free?
Do Lego® sets gain value over time?
How do I find good Lego® deals?
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Manage your sets for free with Brickfact
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