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Marvel Super Heroes
The Lego set Hulkbuster with the Lego number 76210 is part of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes theme and is recommended for ages 18+. Thus, the set is suitable especially for adults. The set was released in November of 2022. It contains 1 minifigures. The model consists of a total of 4049 parts and we estimate it takes you around 9 - 12 hours to build it. The set was designed by Junya Suzuki.
The set weighs around 5.580 kg in total. Its dimensions are 19 x 14.9 x 10.1 inch( 48.3 x 37.8 x 25.7 cm). The recommended retail price is 549.99$.
Our Brickfact Lego price comparison compares prices from 1 shop for this set. Currently has the lowest price at 329.99$. This corresponds to a per piece price of 0.08$. With this offer, you save 220.00$ off the suggested retail price and get the set at a 40% discount.
You will also receive 3575 Insiders points if you decide to buy the set from the official Lego store. You can exchange them for discount coupons for future purchases.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about 666.11$. You save around 336.12$ if you buy this set directly at instead of purchasing the bricks on Therefore, the current best offer has a POV rate of 2.02. The POV Rate is the ratio of Part-Out-Value to the current best price on

LEGO 76210 price comparison

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Lego 76210 product data

Set Information

Set ID
Junya Suzuki
Building Time
9 - 12 hours
Age Range


Retiring Status
Retiring Soon (12/2024)

Price Information

Insiders Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value


5.580 kg
Packaging dimensions
19 x 14.9 x 10.1 in

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Minifigures from 76210 Hulkbuster

The Hulkbuster set includes 1 different minifigures, 1 of which are unique to this set. The combined value of the minifigures is 44.08$, which is ~8% of the RRP of this set.
Thumbnail of minifigure sh850
Tony Stark
Super Heroes
# sh850

Official Set Description for LEGO 76210 Hulkbuster

LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) captures the scale and power of the Hulkbuster MK44 from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron. Standing over 20.5 in. (52 cm) tall and containing 4,049 pieces, this challenging and rewarding construction project is designed with adult enthusiasts in mind.

Authentically engineered
The model features a multitude of movie-accurate features. Within the dark red armor and strategically positioned golden plates lies a spacious cockpit, from which the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206) – sold separately – controls the heavy-duty armor. The set also includes an information plate and a Tony Stark minifigure.

LEGO brick kits for adults
This model is part of an extensive range of LEGO Marvel Sets for Adults.

  • Collectible movie colossus – This 4,049-piece LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) captures the scale and power of the Hulkbuster MK44 from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Authentic details – The model incorporates 3 light-up arc reactors (1 in the chest and 1 in each hand), a fully jointed upper body and a spacious, opening cockpit
  • Combine with an Iron Man pilot – The cockpit is designed to hold the LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206) – sold separately
  • A surefire conversation-starter – This display piece also includes an information plate that holds a Tony Stark minifigure carrying tools
  • Gift for adults – Model-makers and Marvel enthusiasts will find this challenging build-and-display project provides pleasure and fulfillment long after the construction work is over
  • Movie memento – Measuring 20.5 in (52 cm) high, 18.5 in (47 cm) wide and 9.5 in (24 cm) deep, this celebration of the Marvel movies can be displayed in the home or workplace
  • High-quality printed instructions – Embark on this construction project as soon as you open the box
  • Relax and recharge – The range of premium LEGO® Sets for Adults provides a rewarding build-and-display experience that lasts long after the construction work has been completed
  • Quality guaranteed – LEGO® components fulfill stringent industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect easily every time
  • Safety assured – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they satisfy rigorous global safety standards

Building Instruction for LEGO 76210 Hulkbuster

LEGO 76210 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size and number of pieces in the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set?
The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set stands over 20.5 inches (52 cm) tall and contains 4,049 pieces.
What features does the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) model include?
The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) model includes a spacious cockpit, movie-accurate dark red armor with golden plates, 3 light-up arc reactors, a fully jointed upper body, and an information plate with a Tony Stark minifigure.
Can the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) hold the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206)?
Yes, the cockpit of the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) is specifically designed to hold the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206), which is sold separately.
Is the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) suitable for adults?
Absolutely! The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set is designed with adult enthusiasts in mind and provides a challenging and rewarding construction project for model-makers and Marvel enthusiasts.
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