About us: This is Brickfact

Brickfact is collection management, price comparison and knowledge portal for Lego fans in one. We are based in one of the sunniest places in Europe: Cyprus. Together we work every day to improve the app, the website and our content. As dedicated remote-work followers, we are a mixed team spread all over the globe: Cyprus, Ukraine, Pakistan, Germany and Belgium. It fills us with joy to improve our mobile app, find the best Lego deals or write new articles. Our goal is to reach more Lego-loving people around the world and we are happy about everyone who supports us.
The Founders Moritz and Luke in Cyprus

Our Journey

The idea 💡

March 2021
We notice that many in the community have the same problem: It's complicated to manage your own Lego® collection. We want to change that! Therefore, we talk to many users, brainstorm and create a concept.

The first prototype 🛠️

July 2021
After a lot of planning and work, the first prototype of the Brickfact app is finally ready. The whole team is excited and we immediately start to implement it.

Release 🎉

February 2022
Almost a year has passed since the idea and finally Brickfact becomes a reality for you. The app is published in the AppStore and PlayStore. In addition, our website goes live. On the day of the release we are in the charts in the AppStore and are enormously happy about your feedback. This already motivates us to make Brickfact even better.

Improve every day 🔄

We collect your feedback and always want to improve Brickfact.
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As an Amazon partner, we earn money on qualified sales that you make through links to Amazon on our website. The price for you remains the same, but you support this project ❤️ .
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