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Order Lego spare parts

Buy and replace Lego® parts | Shop comparison
You want to build or sell a Lego® set, but you are missing bricks? In our guide you will find out which possibilities there are to reorder Lego bricks.

Lego® Fire Brigade: Build your own

Lego® Fire Station MOC
Looking for a fun building project that the whole family can enjoy? Why not build your own Lego® fire brigade? With this MOC (My Own Creation), you can design and build your own fire station, truck, and firefighters to play with.


Legoland: The perfect Age range
Legoland is one of the most popular amusement parks for families with children. But why is this park so attractive to all age ranges? We will explain why the Legoland experience is great for kids of all ages!

The best Lego® remote controlled cars

The best Lego® Remote Controlled Cars
In a world where countless toys are vying for attention, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. But when it comes to remote control cars, there's one clear winner: Lego® Technic.

Remove Lego Stickers

Remove Lego® Stickers without Damage: 7 Options
If you're a Lego® fan and you may even have a new set with Lego® stickers, you know that those pesky stickers can be tough to remove. Worry no more! We will show you 7 effective ways to remove Lego® stickers without damaging your bricks or the box.

The 13 best remote controlled Lego® Technic sets

The 13 best remote-controlled Lego® Technic sets
In this article we present you the 13 best remote controlled Lego® Technic sets. Whether for young or old - there is a suitable set for everyone.

Lego® Instructions

Lego® Building Instructions: Find for every set | Guide
Have you lost your Lego® instructions or are you looking for alternative building methods? In this guide we introduce you to all the ways to view Lego instructions.

Lego® Plan Your Own City and how to build it

Lego®: Plan Your Own City and how to build it
If you're an adult who loves Lego®, there's no reason why you can't build your own Lego city! It's a great way to relax and unwind, and it's also a lot of fun. Plus, it's a great way to show off your creative side.

Lego® Build houses

Building Lego® houses: Step-by-step instructions
Building Lego® houses made easy - In our step-by-step instructions, we show you how to build houses from Lego bricks.

Lego® kleben

Glueing Lego® bricks: Best glues in comparison
Would you like to glue Lego® sets together? In this detailed guide, we'll show you what to look out for when choosing a Lego glue and how to glue Lego together correctly.

The top 10 rare Lego® pieces - All you need to know

The top 10 rare Lego® pieces - All you need to know
For most AFOLs, rare Lego® pieces can make a build truly unique and hold a whole new level of fascination. In this article, we will look at the top ten most valuable Lego pieces, their history, and what makes them so valuable to collectors.

Where to sell Lego®? The best options

Where to sell Lego? - Guide to the best places
By selling Lego®, you can make extra cash while also making a room for you to store and display upcoming Lego sets you might be interested in. But where can you sell your Lego sets? If you’re unsure, then this guide will help.

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