Lego® Pick a Brick: Everything You Need to Know

🗓 Wed, 16 Nov 2022

Are you a Lego® lover or one of those enthusiasts that have almost all Lego® sets? Of course, you are! Did you know that you can buy individual Lego® bricks, so you can recreate Lego® City you've always wanted to complete without paying the full price? Here's everything you need to know about Lego® Pick a Brick.

Lego® Pick A Brick: What’s in it for Me?

Lego® Pick A Brick (PAB) allows you to choose Lego® the pieces you like by filling in a cup with all kinds of Lego® pieces you want. There’s no limit to the number of pieces so long that the store still has a supply and given that those pieces fit in the cup. There are no rules specific on how you stack them, but be sure to close the lid of the cup after filling them up.

Lego Pick A Brick Cup

Lego® Pick A Brick Instore Purchase

As you visit any Lego® store, you will be amazed by the Lego® Pick a Brick Wall that contains tons of different pieces such as plates, bricks, curves, and other elements from all colors and sizes.

Getting the pieces you want is very easy. Grab a cup and start filling them with the pieces you desire.

The cup comes in two sizes; small and large size. The small cup costs around $8.99, while the large is around $15.99.

Lego® Pick a Brick Cup: The Art of Stacking

Before stacking your cup with Lego® pieces, you must start figuring out what pieces you are getting. You don’t want to end up thinking, I should have done this or that!

To get your money’s worth, plan before heading to the checkout counter. Here are our tips on how to stack them up!

  1. Larger pieces, plates, and other large elements will be stacked in the middle part.
  2. Consider getting small pieces to fill the free space inside the cup.
  3. Don’t forget to tap lightly on the bottom of the cup to settle all the pieces inside.

But if you plan to purchase one kind of piece per cup, arrange the pieces by layering them inside. Make sure that all the gaps are filled in before closing the lid.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to fill the lid of the Pick A Brick Cup too!

Lego stacking

Lego® Pick A Brick: Online Purchase

These days, a lot of people prefer to purchase Lego® online for tons of reasons. Glad to know that it is possible to purchase Lego® Pick a Brick online but in a slightly different way.

Instead of filling up your cup, you will fill your online basket. (Of course, your stacking skills will not be practiced!)

Lego® pieces are purchased per piece and roughly cost as low as $.03 each. (depending on the Lego piece)

Explore their complete catalog online for the available Lego® pieces and fill your baskets with your heart’s desire. Always check your basket from time to time for the total accumulated costs before you checkout.

Service Fee

All orders are hand-picked, and it comes with a service fee for orders under $14. A separate service fee applies for Bestseller pieces at around $3.50 and around $7 for standard bricks.


With Lego® Pick A Brick online, you can have them delivered right to your doorsteps in a few days.

It normally takes five business days for shipping, and at times for the Standard pieces, it would take 28 days for the Lego® pieces to be delivered.

Pro Tip: Most Lego® enthusiasts purchase large Lego® pieces online, and smaller pieces are purchased in a cup.

Lego® Pick A Brick vs. Lego® Bricks & Pieces

If you are looking for the classic standard Lego® bricks or pieces at lower prices, then Pick a Brick is your best option. Most sought-after bricks are available here, which can be purchased for up to 999 pieces per brick. The great thing about Pick A Brick is that you are qualified for tracked promotions from the Lego shop.

On the other hand, Lego® Bricks & Pieces offer a wider selection of Lego bricks which also includes new and unique elements like Lego® Duplo Blocks. Orders per brick cannot be tracked. However, a limit of 200 pieces per brick is only allowed.

Lego® Pick A Brick vs. Bricklink: Which one is better?

Bricklink is unique from Lego® Pick A Brick since it is an online marketplace to sell and purchase new and used Lego® pieces. This includes individual Lego® pieces, complete Lego® sets, Lego® instruction manuals, and other Lego® branded items. Anyone from around the world can buy and sell Lego® items here. So if you are into vintage Lego® collection or used genuine Lego® pieces, then Bricklink can help you well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lego® Pick A Brick?

How many Lego® bricks are in a Pick a Brick Cup?

The number of Lego® pieces inside the cup would depend on the sizes of pieces you picked. If you want more Lego® pieces in your cup, you should pick smaller ones!

What is the price range for Lego® Pick a Brick Cup?

Lego® Pick A Brick small cup costs around $8.99, while the large is around $15.99.

Lego Cups

How long does it typically take for an order to be fulfilled through Pick a Brick?

Normally, an order will take five business days to be fulfilled, and sometimes 28 days for Standard Lego® pieces.

How can I purchase Lego® Pick a Brick?

Lego® Pick A Brick can be purchased both online and in-store.

How do I Track my Lego® Pick a Brick Order?

Order confirmation, including the shipping details, will send out to the email address you provided. You may check the delivery status on the shipping carrier’s website with the provided tracking number.


Lego® Pick A Brick surely excites Lego® enthusiasts from all around the world. If you're looking for the perfect Lego® set, Pick A Brick is a way to go. With Pick A Brick, you can choose exactly the pieces you want, so you'll never have to worry about ending up with pieces you don't need. Plus, with Pick A Brick's huge selection, you can find the perfect set for anyone! -Whether you are a seasoned Lego® fan or a first-time builder, check Lego® deals for more selections!

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