New Lego® Icons Theme: What's changing?

Published: Wed, 22 Jun 2022
By: Brickfact
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Lego® Creator Expert becomes Lego Icons - This was announced by the Danish company in a press article at the end of May 2022. Since the Creator Expert theme was discontinued in 2020, Lego has marketed the sets without a theme designation.

New packaging design

New building sets from the former Lego® Creator Expert theme have been marketed as "18+" sets since the theme was abolished. In the Lego Online Shop, the designation has remained until now. The packaging has a plain black design. Lego also uses this new design for 18+ sets of the themes:

Lego® Creator Expert 10297 Boutique Hotel

"18+" labelling

With the "18+" label, Lego® is particularly targeting adult builders who are looking for detailed and large Lego sets. On the official Lego website, the adult sets are advertised with the slogans "Adults Welcome" and "Lego for adults".

Lego® Adults Welcome logo

Lego® Icons theme from the beginning of 2023

On 01 January 2023, the time will come and the new designation will officially appear on the Lego® website and on the corresponding packaging. 

All "18+" sets will be marketed as Lego Icons sets from this point on. Lego sets that are marked "18" but are already assigned to a theme world will not be unnamed. These include, among others, building sets from the themes mentioned above. 

All Lego sets that can still be found on existing Creator Expert theme pages will then be grouped together under the new name Lego Icons. This also includes the sub-theme worlds:

  • Botanical Collection 
  • Vehicles 
  • Fairground Collection
  • Modular Buildings 
  • Space Sets
  • Winter Village Collection

Reason for the renaming

Lego® itself justifies this approach by saying that it should make it easier to find Lego sets that have been specially designed for adults. 

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