All new Lego® sets from June 2023 at a glance

🗓 Thu, 18 May 2023
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Both January and June are considered particularly interesting months for fans of the Danish brick manufacturer, as most of the new releases appear in stores during these periods. Traditionally, as every year, many new Lego® sets are released in June.

This June we can look forward to almost 60 new Lego sets from a wide range of themes.

Highlights include the biggest set yet from the Ninjago theme. Lego Ninjago City gets an impressive expansion with the 71799 Markets of Ninjago City set.

Lego® NINJAGO® 71799 City Markets

The detailed 6,163-piece set and 21 minifigures reflect the city's bustling activity on three different levels - traditional, modern and futuristic. A yellow gondola connects two buildings, highlighting the versatility of this new expansion. It is one of the top ten biggest Lego sets of all time and will be available in June 2023 for $369.99.

Below is an overview of all the new Lego releases coming in June 2023.

The biggest Lego® Batman set of all time

Fans of the Batman movies can look forward to the biggest Batman set ever. The 76252 Batcave will be available for VIP members to pre-order on June 5th and will be officially released in the Lego Online Shop on June 8th. Featured in the 1992 film Batman Returns, the Batcave serves as both a display piece and playset, and includes 7 minifigures. As the largest Batman set ever, the Batcave is also an interesting investment. You can find the best Lego investment sets for 2023 in a separate article.

New sets for Disney fans

In the Disney Theme, 6 new Lego® sets will be available from June 1. Players can recreate scenes from the movies or create their own stories. - The new sets are suitable for both young and old movie fans and offer lots of building and playing fun.

The latest Lego® BrickHeadz for collectors

BrickHeadz fans can also look forward to new releases. This June, 3 new Harry Potter theme BrickHeadz will be released. Our favorite is the Harry Potter & Cho Chang BrickHeadz, which, as the name suggests, contains Harry Potter.

Lego® Friends new products for girls

Lego® Friends sets inspire young girls and immerse them in a magical world. The 41757 Botanical Garden has a rotating function that moves 4 butterflies. In the greenhouse, children can discover the diversity of vegetation and learn about new plants.

Magical Lego® Harry Potter new products

There are also some new products in the Harry Potter theme that will be released in early June. The sets cover different price ranges and areas of interest. Of particular interest is the newly released Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station. The set includes 8 minifigures and consists of 1,074 parts.

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary

The year 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie from 1993, and in keeping with this, numerous Jurassic World sets will once again be released to re-enact famous movie scenes. The 76961 attack of the T. rex and the raptor on the visitor center is with 693 parts the largest Lego® Jurassic World set, which will be released in June 2023.

New Lego® Minecraft keychain

There are no new sets in the Lego® Minecraft theme this June. However, on June 1, 3 new keychains will be released featuring popular characters from the Minecraft world. The keychains make great gifts.

Lego® Marvel new products in June 2023

Superheroes and fans of the Marvel movies have 3 new releases to look forward to. The June 2023 Lego® Marvel sets are smaller sets designed for younger action fans. The RRP of the new sets ranges from $15 to just under $40.

Expansion of the Lego® Monkie Kid theme

Fans of the Lego® Monkey Kid have 4 new items to look forward to. With 2364 pieces, 80049 Dragon of the East Palace is one of the largest Lego Monkie Kid sets ever. 8 minifigures provide lots of fun.

The biggest Lego® Ninjago set of all time

As mentioned at the beginning, the biggest Ninjago set ever will be released on June 1, 2023, with the Markets of Ninjago City. In our review of the 71799 City Markets, you can learn all the important details about the set. In addition, 13 other Lego sets from the Ninjago theme will be released. These include both smaller and larger sets based on the world of ninjas.

Lego® Technic new products 2023

The Lego® Technic theme is particularly popular with young people and adults who love physics. They can look forward to 2 new products, each with a different theme. The 42157 John Deere 948L-II Skidder adds another forestry vehicle to the Lego Technic theme.

New Lego® Star Wars Set

A new Lego® Star Wars theme set will be released in June 2023. More new releases are expected throughout the year. These include this year's Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set.

Other Lego® June new products

In addition, 6 Lego® sets will be released in June 2023 that are not assigned to a specific theme. The 40641 Birthday Cake, for example, makes a great birthday gift.

Lego® new sets June 2023: Our conclusion

As in previous years, many new Lego® sets will be released in June 2023. Among our highlights are the 71799 Ninjago City Markets. Also of interest is the 76252 Bathroom Cave, which will be available to Lego VIP members on June 5, 2023.

There are also many new Lego sets in the other themes that we think are interesting. The new edition of the Hogwarts Express should please those who were unable to purchase the already EOL Lego Hogwarts Express at R or on sale.

From experience, we can say that new Lego sets can be bought on sale at good prices after only a few months.

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