Lego® Ninjago 71799 City Markets - The Biggest Ninjago Set in Review

🗓 Mon, 15 May 2023

The wait is finally over: Ninjago City keeps growing! The 71799 Markets of Ninjago City set adds an exciting expansion to the vibrant, colorful Lego® Ninjago City. Rich in detail and featuring 21 minifigures, the set will be available in June 2023 for $369.99. With 6,163 pieces, it deserves a place in the top 10 greatest Lego sets of all time.

General information and sales launch

Ninjago City, the fictional mega-metropolis from the Ninjago universe, gets a major expansion with 71799 The Markets of Ninjago City. The new set, which could be one of the best Lego® sets ever, can be presented individually or combined with all three predecessors. With a price of 6 cents per piece, the set will be available from June 1, 2023.

Ninjago City Markets are two buildings connected by a yellow gondola on a base of 32×64 studs.

Each part of the building shows the characteristic three levels that make up every Ninjago City model.

The biggest Ninjago set in detail

All Lego® Ninjago City models represent the three different levels of the city, which are characterized by different features. These have also been adopted for the Ninjago City markets. The different levels make it possible to recreate different scenes and adventures from the Ninjago TV series.

The biggest Ninjago Set in detail


Ninjago City markets are populated by 21 minifigures, including Lloyd, Nya, Detective Zane, Blacksmith Kai, Urban Arin, Urban Sora, Miss Demeanor, Houndog, McBrag, Chamille, Dareth, Cyrus Borg, Racer Seven, Gayle Gossip, Vinny Folson, Sushimi Chef, Baker, Boat Vendor, Street Vendor, Borg Store Employee, Tea Vendor, and Dojo Kid.


Urban Arin and Urban Sora are new in their current outfits and represent the urban dwellers of Ninjago City. Miss Demeanor and Houndog are also new characters, appearing in Lego® form for the first time.

Features & Highlights

Ninjago City Markets s a versatile building set that depicts the lively hustle and bustle of Ninja City. The set is built on two 32x64 studded base plates and reaches a width of 51 cm. With a height of 46 cm, the set is slightly smaller than previous Ninjago City sets. Each floor of the building shows a different level of Ninjago City, starting with the bottom level, which represents the oldest and most traditional parts of the city, through the middle level, which represents the modern and urban parts of the city, to the top level, which represents the futuristic and technologically advanced parts of the city.

Each level has a lot of detail, from the small shops and stalls on the lower level to the various restaurants and offices in the middle, to the technologically advanced apartments and facilities on the upper level. A yellow gondola connects the two main buildings in the set, providing a fun way for the minifigures to move around the city.

Conclusion: An impressive Lego® set for Ninjago fans

Lego® 71799 The Markets of Ninjago City is an impressive set that is fun to build and play with. With lots of details and features, it is a great set for fans of Lego and Ninjago. The variety of minifigures included ensures there is always something new to discover, and the ability to combine the set with the other Ninjago City sets expands the play possibilities even further.

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