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The world of Lego® Duplo will be enriched by an enchanting novelty this summer: The launch of the Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets on June 1, 2024. These sets are an exciting addition for fans of the popular children's TV series Peppa Pig and offer preschoolers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the colorful world of their favorite piggy family.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of everything worth knowing about the new sets, the theme areas of the theme park and the associated developments. We also take a look at whether the Peppa Pig sets are among the best Lego sets of all time.

A new era for Lego® Duplo and Peppa Pig

The collaboration between Lego®, the well-known Danish toy manufacturer, and Hasbro, the rights holder of Peppa Pig, is an important milestone. This partnership brings to the market for the first time Lego Duplo sets based on the popular animated series Peppa Pig. This cooperation opens a new chapter in the world of learning and development games for pre-school children. The Peppa Wutz sets also contain cool Lego minifigures.

What is Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig, also known as Peppa Wutz in Germany, is a popular British animated series for pre-school children. It tells the adventures of the little pig girl Peppa, her family and her friends. Peppa Pig promotes social skills and the discovery of the world through humorous stories based on the everyday lives and emotions of young children

Target group and educational approach

The new Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets have been specially developed for children aged 2+ and aim to develop both emotional intelligence (EQ) and cognitive skills (IQ) through play. The sets encourage role play and creativity, with the ability to recreate the well-known characters and scenarios from the series. Lego Duplo and Peppa Pig share the philosophy of learning through play, which supports children in their development as they play out their favorite moments from the series.

The new Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets

In June 2024, Peppa Pig fans can look forward to four new Lego® sets that recreate different buildings and scenes from the popular series. The sets have an RRP (recommended retail price) of $19.99 to $69.99 and are suitable as both a small surprise and a great gift.

1.Lego® Duplo 10431 Peppa Garden with Tree House

Lego® Peppas Garten mit Baumhaus
  • RRP: $19,99
  • Number of pieces: 20
  • Experience nature with Peppa: Growing a sunflower promotes an understanding of plant care
  • Creative tree house play: Movable window and hiding places in the tree trunk encourage role play
  • Versatile accessories: Includes watering can and spading fork for realistic gardening simulation
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This set is an ode to nature and invites children to grow a sunflower in the garden together with Peppa and Schorsch. With accessories such as a watering can and digging fork, little ones can practise their dexterity and sorting skills. The tree house offers a quiet retreat and playing with the figures encourages the development of caring and an understanding of nature.

2. Lego® Duplo 10434 Peppa Pig Supermarket

Lego® 10434 Peppa Pig Supermarkt
  • RRP: $69,99
  • Number of parts: 70
  • Realistic supermarket scene: With self-service checkout, shopping cart and freezer for lifelike role play
  • Popular characters: Includes Peppa, Schorsch, mom and dad for versatile family role play
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With this set, children become part of the Peppa family and go shopping. With four minifigures and a car, little fans can play role-play games and at the same time train their fine motor skills by putting groceries in the shopping cart or operating the freezer. The set is perfect for playing out everyday situations and teaching important social skills.

3. Lego® Duplo 10432 Peppa Pig Boat Trip

Lego® 10432 Peppa Pig Bootsausflug
  • RRP: $29,99
  • Number of pieces: 23
  • Promotes learning and play fun for preschool children by recreating scenes on the beach with Peppa and Grandpa, including a swimming boat
  • Offers a creative building and rebuilding experience with a wide range of accessories, supports the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Extends the play experience into the water with an actual floating boat, ideal for interactive play in and out of the water
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A boat trip with Grandpa and Peppa becomes an educational adventure with this set. It encourages children to build sandcastles on the beach, search for shells or relax in the shade of the parasol. The floating boat extends the play area into the water and playfully promotes children's hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

4. Lego® Duplo 10433 Peppa Pig Birthday House

Lego® Peppa Pig Geburtstagshaus 10433
  • RRP: $44,99
  • Number of parts: 59
  • Learning through play: Promotes fine motor skills, emotional intelligence and social skills
  • Details true to the series: Includes familiar characters and elements from Peppa Wutz
  • Creative role play: Enables a variety of play activities with functional room and accessory parts
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A party with Peppa and her friends becomes a reality with this set. The birthday house offers many playful functions, from preparing the birthday cake in the kitchen to washing hands in the bathroom. The play set helps children to act out real life, portray the typical course of events at a party and learn about their feelings and correct social behavior through play.

Peppa Pig Parks 

As part of the partnership with Merlin Entertainments, the operator of the Legoland® parks, special Peppa Pig areas are being set up. The first of these areas will open at Legoland Billund, followed by Europe's first stand-alone Peppa Pig theme park in Günzburg, next to Legoland Germany. These parks will bring the world of Peppa Pig to life and offer visitors unforgettable experiences.

Lego® Peppa Pig: Conclusion

The introduction of the Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets is more than just an expansion of the toy range. It is a tribute to 20 years of friendship, adventure and learning fun that Peppa Pig has brought to children around the world. The sets not only offer new play ideas, but also the opportunity to learn and grow through play. The theme parks and digital app extend the Peppa Pig and Lego® Duplo play experience, so families can immerse themselves in a world of creative and educational play together.

FAQ: All about the new Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets

Are you interested in the new Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets and want to find out more about them? Whether you're wondering what age group the sets are suitable for, what themes they cover or how they can contribute to your child's development - you'll find answers to frequently asked questions here.

What age are the Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets suitable for?

Yes, the Lego® Duplo Peppa Pig sets are specially designed for children aged 2 and over.

Are there different themes within the Peppa Pig sets?

Yes, the sets include various themes, including Peppa's garden with tree house, Peppa's supermarket, Peppa's boat trip and Peppa's birthday house.

Can the sets be used in water?

Yes, the "Peppa's boat trip" set in particular includes a floating boat that is suitable for water play.

Are the Peppa Pig sets compatible with other Lego® Duplo® sets?

Yes, all Lego® Duplo® Peppa Pig sets are fully compatible with other Lego Duplo sets.

Will the sets be available in Legoland parks?

Yes, the sets are expected to be available in Legoland parks, especially earlier than the rest of the retail market at the time of the Peppa Pig park opening.

When will the Lego® Peppa Pig sets be available?

The Lego® Peppa Pig sets will be available from June 1, 2024.

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