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🗓 Fri, 12 May 2023
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The BrickLink Designer program is entering a new round. In 2021, the program already took place in a total of three rounds but was then paused for the time being. According to the Lego® marketplace BrickLink, the Designer Program will now take place three times a year.

Recently, the BrickLink team announced the five finalist models. Some of these designs could be the best Lego sets ever. The selection covers a variety of themes, from knight castles to trains to Western and city themes. Here's a detailed look at the finalists and what you can expect from this exciting program.

The finalists: Diversity and Creativity in Lego® form

The five finalists in the latest Bricklink Designer Program Series 1 came from a selection of 375 different fan models that were up for a vote. While the number of votes was an indicator of the BrickLink team, the finalists were not chosen based on popularity alone. They also considered the models' feasibility and avoidance of overlap with future Lego® sets.

Mountain Fortress from SleeplessNight

Mountain Fortress
  • Number of parts: 3,986
  • Designer: SleeplessNight

With an impressive 3,986 parts, the "Mountain Fortress" is an amazing ice fortress. The designer's creativity is evident in the hinged design of the castle, which allows for high playability.

Parisian Street by NicolasCarlier

Parisian Street
  • Number of parts: 3.465
  • Designer: NicolasCarlier

Parisian Street" consists of 3,465 pieces and presents a charming Parisian street in modular building form. Despite the apparent complexity of the design, the back of the buildings is open, providing an interesting insight.

The Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick

The Old Train Engine Shed
  • Number of parts: 2.298
  • Designer: Mind_the_Brick

The "Old Train Engine Shed" is a nostalgic engine shed consisting of 2,298 parts. The designer has paid special attention to detail, from the trolley to the vegetation, offering a wealth of possibilities for discovery.

The Snack Shack from Skeletuhr

The Snack Shack
  • Number of parts: 548
  • Designer: Skeletuhr

The "Snack Shack" is the smallest of the finalist models with 548 parts. Despite its size, this model features a charming little snack bar that would fit in any Lego® City or beach diorama.

General Store - Wild West by Lucky

General Store – Wild West
  • Number of parts: 1,848
  • Designer: Skeletuhr

The "General Store - Wild West" brings the Western theme back into the Lego® world. Consisting of 1,848 parts, this model represents a small store, similar to a corner store.

Next Steps: Crowdfunding and Production Plans

Crowdfunding for the finalist sets will begin in February 2024, and each set that reaches the crowdfunding threshold of 3,000 orders will be produced in limited quantities. The maximum production quantity will be 20,000 copies per set, a significant increase from the maximum production quantity of 10,000 copies in 2021.

BDP Series 2 and Beyond

On May 15, the BrickLink Designer Program will begin accepting designs for the next round. This demonstrates BrickLink's commitment to continuing the program and encouraging creativity and innovation within the Lego® community. Future participants should review the updated guidelines before submitting their designs. Three BDP rounds per year are now planned, which means we can look forward to a continuous wave of new and exciting fan models.

Conclusion and Outlook

The selection of finalists for the BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 promises an impressive variety of themes and designs. From the icy heights of the Mountain Fortress to the cozy charm of the Snack Shack, there's something for every Lego® fan. Some of these models may even become Lego Investment sets in 2023.

Regardless of which model ultimately reaches the crowdfunding goal, the quality and diversity of the finalists show that the future of BrickLink Designer has much to offer. As far as crowdfunding goes, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. In particular, the prices of the sets are currently unknown and will surely be determined by the responsible parties in the coming months. It remains to be seen how the Lego community will react to the different models and which sets will finally be released for production.

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