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Children love to discover the world - the Danish toy manufacturer Lego® creates the basis for playful building, discovering and exploring with its colourful bricks.

The selection of Lego sets is large: "But which building set is right for my child?". Lego assigns the Lego sets to different themes, so there are theme worlds that are particularly suitable for children. These include, for example, Lego Creator or Lego City. Before buying a Lego set, pay attention to the age recommendation, not every Lego set is suitable for every age.

The age range for Lego products varies depending on the set and its level of complexity. While Lego Duplo sets are suitable for children as young as 1 ½ years old, most sets are geared towards ages 4 and up, with some sets designed for even older builders (18+). Additionally, Lego offers sets specifically designed for teens and adults, with more complex building challenges and advanced building techniques. These sets are usually recommended for people above the age of 18. In the following paragraphs, we will show you when Lego is suitable for your child. 

Lego® Duplo Age: From which age is it suitable?

The Lego®Lego Duplo theme is suitable for children from 1 ½ years. Duplo bricks are twice the size of conventional Lego bricks and are therefore already suitable for toddlers. The larger pieces have the advantage that they cannot be swallowed. In addition, it is essential to observe the age recommendation, as there is a risk of swallowing if the bricks are too small.

Another advantage of Duplo building blocks is that toddlers can build and play with them more easily. The complexity of the building sets is low and child-friendly. With the large Duplo bricks, toddlers develop their motor skills and are not overtaxed with bricks that are too small. It is also important to consider stamina and motivation for building. Lego sets in the Lego Duplo theme consist of only a few pieces and are quick to assemble. Buildings made of conventional Lego bricks are usually more complex.

Lego® Duplo Sets

The Lego® Duplo theme covers the different interests of the smallest builders. The focus is on building, and the 10913 Brick Box is an attractive introduction. With 65 pieces, children from 1 ½ years can give free rein to their creativity and create their own buildings.

The 10875 Cargo Train is suitable for children up to 5 years and promises lots of fun with 105 parts and an electrically operated track. 

It is not possible to generalise when Lego Duplo is no longer suitable for children. This depends on the individual interests of the child. You can find out which Lego themed worlds are suitable for children from the age of 4 in the following paragraphs..

Lego® for children from 4 years

From the age of 4, children discover the world of classic Lego® bricks. The age recommendations of the individual themes often overlap. 

The Lego Classic theme is recommended for beginners. This theme world focuses on creative building and the building sets are suitable for older children or young builders. The 10696 Medium Creative Brick Box encourages the creativity of little builders and offers building and playing fun. The children can give free rein to their creativity and design their own buildings or copy various small sets. The corresponding building instructions are part of the Creative Brick Box.

Lego® City from 4 years

With Lego® City, children from the age of 4 can design their own city out of sticky bricks. The themed world includes topics such as police, fire brigade or vehicles and is best suited for children between 4 and 9 years.

For the smallest Lego City builders, the 60346 Barn & Farm Animals is suitable from 4 years. In addition to sheep and pigs, the kit contains a tractor and a small stable.

A classic Lego City set is the 60316 Police Station, which is suitable for ages 6 and up. The kit includes the named police station, police cars and a police helicopter.

Lego® Friends for girls from 4 years

The Lego® Friends theme is thematically adapted to the interests of young girls aged 4 and over and, like the Lego City theme , promises lots of building and playing fun. Among other things, the kits contain the popular mini dolls.

The 41441 Horse Training and Trailer is suitable for young horse fans. With horses in miniature format and 2 riders, there is no room for boredom with this Friends set. 

Lego® Creator from 6 years

Children from 6 years experience creative building fun with the sets of the Creator theme. The best thing is that the Creator 3 in 1 sets come with 3 sets of instructions. The little builders have the possibility to convert the sets and experience new play adventures. 

The 31118 Surfer Beach House can be converted into a lighthouse or a pool house, for example.

Lego® sets for older children and teenagers

As mentioned at the beginning, the Danish terminal block manufacturer offers sets for children of all ages. Among the most popular themed worlds for older children and teenagers are Lego Technic and Lego sets of the Star Wars Saga. In general, it can be said that Lego sets in these theme worlds are much more small-step and complex. So that the little builders are not overwhelmed, it is recommended to consider the following theme worlds from an age of approx. 8 years.

Lego® Technic: Learning through play

With Lego® Technic, children and young people from the age of 6 learn about the world of mechanics and technology. The theme world is largely geared to the interests of young people. Complex physical topics such as the functioning of gears are presented in a simplified way.

The 42134 Monster Jam Megalodon is recommended for the youngest technology enthusiasts. From the age of 7, the monster truck is suitable for playing and discovering the Lego Technic world.

In addition, some Lego Technic vehicles such as the 42129 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck can be controlled remotely. The trial truck is suitable for youngsters aged 12 and over.

Just as interesting for youngsters is the 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck , which is suitable for ages 11 and up. As a highlight, the heavy-duty tow truck has a detailed 6-cylinder engine in miniature format.

The Lego Technic sets challenge young builders and offer a great variety. Some sets can be rebuilt or combined with each other. We have summarised which Lego Technic sets are suitable for this in our Lego building instructions Guide.

Lego® Star Wars

The Lego® Star Wars theme is interesting for children, teenagers and adults. Most of the kits are geared to the interests of young builders from the age of 9.

The selection of sets is large. Small Star Wars sets like the 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack are available for as little as €20. The Snowtrooper Battle Pack allows you to build an army of Star Wars minifigures.

In addition to small Star Wars sets, there are also larger kits such as the 75288 AT-AT. The AT-AT, known from the Star Wars film "The Empire Strikes Back", is suitable for youngsters aged 10 and over and available at an RRP of €149.99.

Lego sets from the Harry Potter or Ninjago theme are also popular with children and young people.


The Danish clamp building block manufacturer Lego® offers building and play sets for builders of all ages. The entry into the world of building is possible from 1 ½ years with sets of the Lego Duplo theme. From 4 years, for example, building sets from Lego Classic, City or Friends are suitable. 

Lego Technic combines the factors of playing and learning. The building sets are suitable for older children and teenagers from approx. 8 years. Fans of the Star Wars space saga will enjoy Lego sets from the Star Wars theme of the same name.   

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