The 10 best Lego® Technic sets 2023: Our selection

🗓 Sat, 23 Sep 2023

Lego® Technic sets have been inspiring young and old since their introduction in 1977. Children and teenagers learn about the world of physics with the help of these sets and have a lot of fun with remote controlled Lego Technic sets. But adult terminal block fans also get their money's worth, so there are numerous 18+ sets designed especially for advanced builders. In addition to detailed miniatures of well-known car brands such as Ferrari or Peugeot, there are also numerous excavators and cranes, which are among the largest Lego Technic sets of all time.

In this article, we present our highlights. In our selection, we have paid special attention to the fact that there are suitable sets for both young and older Lego Technic fans. In addition, all presented sets are still available at good prices in stores.

1. Lego® 42155 The Batman – Batcycle

The Batman movies thrill action movie fans of all ages. The Danish clamp building block manufacturer Lego® has taken this as an opportunity and released the Batcylce known from the movie XY in miniature format as Lego Technic sets.

The Lego 42155 The Batman - Batcyle is one of the best Lego Technic sets of all time. For children as young as 9 years old, this set offers plenty of building and playing fun.

The set features a detailed chain drive, the operation of which can be marveled at and discovered. With an included stand and a height of 16 cm, length of 33 cm and length 11 cm, the set can be easily displayed.

2. Lego® Technic 42146 Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000

With a height of 99 cm, the Lego® Technic 42146 Liebherr L 13000 crawler crane is not only the largest Lego Technic set, but also one of the best Lego Technic sets in recent years.

The Liebherr crawler crane in miniature format has realistic functions and can be controlled remotely using the CONTROL+ app. For example, it is possible to remotely control the crawler steering or even the luffing grid tip.

The set was specially designed for adults 18 years and older, which is also reflected in the complex construction techniques that are required to build the crawler crane.

3. Lego® Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft

With the Lego® Technic 42152 Firefighting Plane, children aged 10 and older can take on the role of a pilot and simulate extinguishing forest fires. However, the set is also suitable for older builders.

The Lego Technic firefighting plane has a variety of realistic functions:

  • Retract and extend landing gear
  • Open hatch to drop water elements
  • Movable propeller

With the help of the hatch installed on the aircraft, refueling water can be recreated, which gives young people a lot of fun and increases the educational value of the set. Accordingly, it is possible to simulate dealing with the danger of a forest fire.

With dimensions of a height of 18 cm, length of 59 cm and width of 60 cm, the 42152 firefighting plane is a detailed model.

4. Lego® 42157 John Deere 948L-Il Skidder

The Lego® 42157 John Deere 948L-II Skidder is one of the best Lego Technic sets released to date due to its impressive feature set. The John Deere 948L-II Skidder is one of the largest models of the tractor manufacturer from the USA.

Like the original, the miniature version of Lego has numerous functions. Among other things, pneumatic functions can be used to move the grapple, the driver's seat or the steering. The set is primarily suitable for John Deere fans and children over 11 years who are enthusiastic about Lego Technic sets or are interested in forestry.

5. Lego® Technic 42154 2022 Ford GT

For fans of super sports cars, the Lego® Technic 42154 Ford GT 2022 represents the ideal model. The Ford GT 2022 in miniature format is one of the best Lego Technic sets that have appeared on the market in recent years.

The set has numerous impressive features, these include:

  • Hinged doors and hood
  • Realistic front wheel steering
  • Extendable rear wing
  • Impressive V6 engine

The V6 engine miniature installed in the set resembles that of the original, so the pistons can be moved and the independent suspensions are also present. The dimensions are:

  • Height: 9 cm
  • Length: 39 cm
  • Width: 18 cm

The Lego Technic 42154 Ford GT 2022 is suitable for adults 18 years and older and thanks to the format of 1:12 is ideal for display.

6. Lego® Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP

The Lego® Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP is one of the best Lego Technic sets ever. The miniature version of the most powerful motorcycle from the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer's Hyper Naked category is an interesting choice for adult motorcycle fans aged 18 and older.

The model has impressive features that allow you to discover how a motorcycle works. Among other things, the Yamaha MT-10 SP from Lego Technic has a working handlebar and stand, the latter of which can be used to display the model.

In addition, the motorcycle features a working suspension on the front and rear wheel. In addition, details of the installed 4-cylinder engine can be admired. With dimensions of a height of 25 cm, length of 44 cm and width of 15 cm, the set can easily be displayed in a showcase.

7. Lego® Technic 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron

The Audi RS Q e-tron, familiar from the Dakar Rally, has been recreated in miniature model form by the Danish terminal block manufacturer. The Lego® Technic 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron is one of the best Lego Technic sets released in recent years.

Special Lego tires were designed for the model to faithfully recreate the design of the original. As a special feature, the rally car can be controlled remotely with the CONTROL+ app, so it is possible to maneuver the model in all directions.

The Lego Technic 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron is suitable for children aged 10 years and older, but is also an interesting set for adult Audi and Lego fans. The Audi is 15 cm high, 37 cm long and 19 cm wide, making it easy to display.

8. Lego® Technic 42156 Peugeot 9x8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar

The 24 Hours of Le Mans race is famous among motorsports fans worldwide and infamous for its specially designed supercars. The Lego® Technic Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hypercar recreates one such supercar in Lego set form.

The model was released as part of the 100th anniversary of the race series in France and, with dimensions of a height of 13 cm, a length of 50 cm and a width of 22 cm, is suitable for both play and display. The model has a For functioning steering and hinged doors, which makes the set look realistic.

As a special highlight, the set has Lego Technic light elements, which makes the Peugeot a highlight in any collection. The Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hypercar is one of the best Lego Technic sets of all time and suitable for adults aged 18 years and older.

9. Lego® Technic 42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

For space fans, the Lego® Technic 42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance is an interesting choice. With the miniature version of the NASA Mars Rover Perseverance, kids aged 10 and up can explore Mars and take on the role of a scientist with the help of an augmented reality function.

In addition, the set has 360-degree steering and can be controlled remotely. Details such as antennas and cameras give the set a high degree of realism. NASA Mars Rover Perseverance is the best Lego Technic set for space fans.

10. Lego® Technic 42162 Bugatti Bolide Agile Blue

The Lego® Technic 42162 Bugatti Bolide Agile Blue is especially suitable for the entry into the world of Lego Technic. The set is suitable for children aged 9 and up and can be moved by hand after assembly. Movable steering and hinged scissor doors make the set look particularly detailed.

Furthermore, Lego Technic fans can observe the operation of the installed W16 engine. With dimensions of a length of 31 cm, a width of 13 and a height of 8 cm, the Bugatti is also suitable for display.

The best Lego® Technic sets: Our conclusion

The Lego® Technic theme world has been delighting fans of all ages since 1977 and is one of the best Lego themes ever. Whether children who want to discover physics through play or adults who try their hand at complex models - there is something for everyone. The models presented range from "The Batman - Batcycle", which is suitable for children as young as 9, to the complex "Liebherr L 13000 crawler crane" for adult builders aged 18 and over.

While sets like the "NASA Mars Rover Perseverance" appeal to space travel fans and enable exploration of Mars with the help of augmented reality, other models like the "Bugatti Bolide Agile Blue" offer an introduction to the world of Lego Technic. Detailed miniatures of well-known brands such as Ferrari, Peugeot or John Deere are just as much a part of the range as feature-rich models that replicate realistic mechanisms and technologies.

Particularly noteworthy is the variety of sets available, which are suitable for both young beginners and advanced builders, always keeping in mind the price-performance ratio. Whether action movie, motor sports, space travel or technology in general - the presented Lego Technic Sets 2023 offer an impressive range of possibilities to develop creatively and learn something in the process.

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