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Building Lego® sets is always a fun activity. And if you are a huge fan of Lego like us, then you might already have tons of Lego sets stored in your room by collecting Lego throughout the years. While it is good to see your Lego sets displayed at home, you may be unaware that you no longer have enough space to keep them all and purchase new ones. Even with the best Lego storage ideas, you may still need to declutter your Lego sets to make way for new ones. This is when selling Lego comes in. By selling Lego, you can make extra cash while also making a room for you to store and display upcoming Lego sets you might be interested in.

But where can you sell your Lego sets? If youÔÇÖre unsure, then this guide will help. From where you can sell Lego to the best tips on selling them, we got you covered with all the information you need. So, letÔÇÖs dive in!

Where to sell new Lego® sets

Choosing where to sell your new Lego┬« sets is important so you can be sure that youÔÇÖre getting enough exposure and a higher chance of selling quickly. Choosing to sell through established places and methods also offers trust and convenience to your potential sellers.

Here are the best options to consider when selling your new Lego sets:

1. Online Marketplace

Selling online has become increasingly popular in recent years, and itÔÇÖs also one of the best options when selling Lego┬«. Selling through an online marketplace is very convenient for buyers and sellers alike. You sell your Lego sets without leaving the comforts of your home with just the help of a working camera and a reliable internet connection.

If you are not sure what established online marketplaces are available, here are our top picks:


eBay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces available. With millions of active users around the world, you can surely sell Lego® with ease.

eBay Logo


Founded in Japan but has now been popular in USA and UK, Mercari is an online marketplace available through their website and a mobile app. It is known for its user-friendly interface and easy listing process for sellers.

Mercari Logo


Amazon Marketplace is a popular platform for Lego® sellers who wants to reach a large customer base while also benefiting from Amazon's vast resources and infrastructure.

Amazon Logo

2. BrickLink

BrickLink is an online marketplace specifically for buying and selling Lego® products. Selling your new Lego in Bricklink is one of the best options because of its large community of Lego fans and collectors. It also includes a price guide, inventory management tools, and a forum for discussing Lego-related issues.

Selling is BrickLink is pretty easy. If you are unsure how, then you can check our guide where we the steps on how to sell on BrickLink.

selling Legos in BrickLink

3. Online forums or communities

The members of online forums dedicated to Lego®, such as Reddit's r/lego or Eurobricks, are often passionate about collecting and building with Lego, and may be willing to pay a premium for hard-to-find and new Lego pieces or sets.

Where to sell used Lego® sets

Most Lego® sets, like Lego Star Wars sets or Lego Creator Experts sets, often come up with more than thousands of pieces, and can take up a lot of space. Selling Lego can help you declutter your home and free up some space.

Here are the best platforms for selling your used Lego sets:

1. Online Marketplace

Aside from the popular marketplace like eBay, Amazon, and Mercari, here are other popular online marketplaces to sell your used Lego® sets:


Letgo is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell used items. It was founded in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence as a user-friendly platform for selling items locally.

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Facebook Marketplace

This online marketplace, operated by Facebook, allows users worldwide to buy and sell Lego® and other items with others.



Decluttr allows Lego® sellers to trade their used Lego online without having to pay listing or auction fees.

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With its user-friendly interface, Lego® sellers and buyers can easily use OfferUp to find the best Lego deals locally.

2. Auction Sites

Selling Lego® sets on auction sites is the best option especially for selling rare and high-valued Lego sets and pieces. It can be a great option for its competitive bidding environment. This drives up the selling price of the Lego sets and potentially results in a higher profit. For sellers who need to sell their Lego sets quickly, selling your Lego set through auctions can help sell quickly. As you can set an end time, which also creates a sense of urgency among bidders.

3. Local Classifieds

Local classifieds make it simple to sell your used Lego® sets without having to deal with shipping or online marketplaces. You can simply list your Lego sets for sale in your area and work out a pickup or delivery schedule with the buyer. This is particularly useful if you're selling large sets that would be costly to ship. There are also online options for local classified like Craigslist, one of the most popular online local classifieds platforms.

Where to sell used Lego sets

4. Thrift Stores

Selling used Lego® sets to a thrift store can be convenient if you don't want to deal with the hassle of finding individual buyers. But if you want to earn big, you may want to consider other options as some thrift stores will not pay much to resell your item.

5. Local Yard Sales

Yard sales are typically attended by people in your community, allowing you to tap into a local market of buyers who may be interested in purchasing your used Lego┬« sets. This also allows you to immediately receive the cash, which saves you time and effort in waiting for an online buyer to pay. And the best part, you donÔÇÖt even have to deal with shipping the Lego set.

Factors to consider before you sell Lego®

Before diving into the best options on where you can sell Lego®, it is important to understand the basics of selling Lego and other factors. Knowing what to think about before selling Lego is important because it can affect the potential profit you can make.

1. Condition of the Lego®

Is your Lego® set new or used? Is the box still intact or has it been damaged? Is your Lego set unsealed but the Lego pieces are not yet assembled? These are some of the questions you need to determine the value of your Lego.

Lego sets in mint condition, or those new Lego sets with boxes still sealed, often bag a higher price compared to sets that are in used condition. Lego sets in used condition are those that have already been opened and touched.

If you have a Lego set that has already been used, you have two options:

  • Sell it as a set - you can still opt to sell them as a whole as many Lego enthusiasts would pay even for used Lego sets especially for rare ones.
  • Part it out - parting out Lego sets means separating Lego pieces and selling them individually, rather than selling Lego sets as a whole. If you have a Lego set with a rare piece or Minifigure, then parting out is the best way to go.

If you have new Lego sets but the boxes are opened or damaged, don't worry because you can still sell these at a fair price, as long as the Lego pieces have been untouched. These Lego sets are still as good as commercially-sold Lego sets.

2. Rarity and Demand of the Lego®

The price of a Lego® set is influenced by two important factors: rarity and demand. In general, rare Lego sets and rare Lego pieces are more expensive because they are in higher demand than more common sets. Rare sets are also easier to sell because you can target collectors and enthusiasts who are specifically looking for that set. You can also emphasize its rarity and desirability to attract potential buyers.

3. Market Trends

Prices for specific Lego® sets can fluctuate over time, so it's critical to conduct market research before setting a sale. Keeping an eye on the trend is essential so you can know the fair market value of your Lego set. Understanding the market trend for your Lego set can also assist in determining the best time to sell. If you have Lego Advent Calendar sets, then you may want to wait for the holiday season to sell these sets. As these are in high demand during this time and you can maximize your profits.

Factors to consider before you sell Lego

Best Practices for Selling Lego® Sets

Selling Lego┬« is not an easy task and a sale doesnÔÇÖt just happen overnight. Choosing the best platform where to sell your Lego sets is also not enough to guarantee a sale. Even when using the best selling platforms, looking for buyers for your Lego sets can still be difficult, as some collectors are looking for specific sets or themes. It may also take some time to find the right audience for your sets, which can make selling even more challenging. But even with all these challenges, it doesnÔÇÖt mean that you will not be successful in selling Lego.

Here are the best practices you can do when selling Lego to guarantee a sale, regardless of the condition of the Lego sets you have.

Clean the Lego® sets before selling them

Dirty Lego® sets often give out a bad impression to potential buyers, as most Lego collectors prefer clean and undamaged Lego sets. Clean Lego sets are more attractive to buyers and gives you a higher chance of making a sale.

Before proceeding with selling Lego, make sure to clean your Lego sets thoroughly first. But remember to be careful when cleaning as the last thing you want to happen is damage your Lego sets. Use only a soft cloth and mild soap when cleaning. You can also check our guide for cleaning Lego sets to ensure that you only apply the best cleaning practices for your Lego sets.

Make sure the Lego® set is complete

Most Lego® collectors prefer a complete Lego set, with the original box and all the Lego building instructions included. Complete sets boast a much higher price compared to sets with missing pieces and manuals. If only a few parts are missing, they can often be purchased cheaply from Bricklink. The extra charge for these parts is worth it, because a complete set is worth much more than an incomplete one - regardless of the number of missing parts.

However, if your Lego set is in new but damaged box condition, make sure to use clear plastic bags to sort the pieces and put them in safe storage to protect them during shipping.

Research prices

One way of knowing much you can sell your Lego® set is by searching for the prices of a similar set that has been sold recently. You can check the online marketplaces we have mentioned above like eBay or BrickLink to determine the price of your set.

Take only high-quality photos

When selling Lego® online, showing buyers what they are actually getting is important. But make sure to take only high quality ones as these can easily catch the attention of potential buyers. You can take photos from different angles and highlight some parts for attention. If you are selling used Lego, make sure to also take a picture of parts with stains or damages.

Best Practices for Selling Lego® Sets

Write an accurate description

Include all relevant details when selling Lego® online. Always be honest about the condition of your Lego sets and if there are flaws like missing pieces or scratches, make sure to disclose them as well.


Selling Lego┬« can be a rewarding experience, especially once you see that extra cash coming in. whether youÔÇÖre looking into entering Lego reselling as a business or simply want to declutter your home, there are various options on where you can sell Lego. Knowing these options is important so you can be sure of getting only the best price for your Lego set.

By following the best Lego selling practices, you can also increase your chances of selling your Lego sets. With a little effort and persistence, you can find the right buyers for your Lego sets and turn them into cash or trade them for other sets you've been eyeing.

Need more Lego selling tips? Check this guide on investing in Lego to know more about how you can earn money while enjoying your passion for Lego building. You want to buy Lego sets at a bargain price? In the Brickfact price comparison you can choose from a variety of providers and save money. The Brickfact app informs you via push notification as soon as a new Lego deal is available. The Brickfact app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

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Selling Lego®: FAQ

Selling Lego® sets can be a wonderful way to make room for something new while still turning a profit. Whether you're unsure where to sell, which platforms are best, or how to best determine the value of your set, we've compiled answers to the most common questions about selling Lego sets for you.

Why should I sell my Lego® sets?

Selling Lego® sets can help you earn extra money while making room for new sets.

Can I sell my new Lego® sets online?

Yes, there are several online marketplaces such as eBay, Classifieds, Amazon and BrickLink where you can sell new Lego® sets.

Can I also sell used Lego® sets?

Yes, you can sell used Lego® sets on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, auction sites, and local classifieds.

How do I determine the value of my Lego® set?

The value of your Lego® set depends on factors such as condition, rarity, demand, and market trends. The value of a new set can be determined with the Brickfact app. For used sets, the following values can be used as a basis for the calculation:

  • Opened, with OVP/instruction: 85%.
  • Opened, without OVP/instruction: 80%
  • Opened, incomplete: 70%

Is there anything I should consider when selling my Lego® sets?

Yes, it is important to clean your Lego® sets before selling, take clear photos and promote them in the right platform or group.

Are there special online groups for Lego® fans where I can sell?

Yes, there are online forums like r/lego on Reddit or Eurobricks where Lego® fans and collectors are active.

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