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Building instructions are the tools of every Lego® master builder. It is not possible to build Lego sets without the appropriate instructions. You want to rebuild a Lego set that was dismantled years ago and stored in the box, but the instructions are missing? This is only one possible case in which new building instructions are needed.

With e.g. Lego Technic or Creator 3 in 1 sets, there are further building instructions for alternative building methods in addition to the main instructions. This increases the fun of building and ensures more playfulness for both young and old Lego fans.

In this guide, we will show you where to find instructions for alternative building methods. We also explain why Lego Duplo sets usually don't come with building instructions and how you can rebuild Lego sets from the 80s and 90s.

Lego® building instructions: Download as PDF

Have you lost your Lego® building instructions? You can search for building instructions on the Lego customer service website and then download them as PDF files free of charge.

To do this, enter the number or name of the set in the "Building instructions" field.

Set Number

You can then download the building instructions as a PDF file and build your Lego sets.

Select Building Instruction

It is irrelevant how old the Lego set is. Building sets from the last 20 years can usually be viewed easily and free of charge.

Free Lego® building instructions app

In addition to the option to view and download building instructions on the customer service page , there is the Lego® Building Instructions App for iOS and Android. The free app also allows you to search, view and save Lego building instructions. Lost instructions are no longer an obstacle. No matter whether you are at home or on the road.

Free mini model building instructions

In the years from 2015 up to and including 2019, the Lego® stores in Germany ran a monthly promotion for the monthly mini model. The campaign was popular with children, but was discontinued. The monthly mini models are small Lego buildings such as vehicles or animals.

You can also find the instructions for all mini models on the Lego customer service website. To do this, enter either the set number or the abbreviation MMB in the search field.

Lego® Promotional 40332 Penguin

App for interactive building instructions

The Lego® Instructions PLUS app interactively accompanies the building process and motivates children to continue building, even when difficult building steps are ahead.  

You can find building sets that are compatible with the Lego Building Instructions app on the website of the block manufacturer.

Instructions PLUS App

The Instructions PLUS app makes it possible to follow each building section step-by-step. In this way, it is easier for children to master complex building sections without the need for adult help.

On the outside of the Lego boxes or in the instructions, you will find a barcode for compatible sets, with which you can call up the interactive Instructions app.

Additional Lego® Technic building instructions: Here you find them

Alternative construction methods can also be found in many Lego® Technic sets. Small models such as the 42133 Telehandler usually come with the alternative suggestion. The telescopic loader can be converted into a tow truck.

42133 Telehandler

Alternatively, you can find the additional building instructions at the Lego customer service.

Additional building instructions for large Technic sets

The larger Lego® Technic sets do not always come with additional building instructions. However, it is also possible to convert large Technic sets. On the one hand, it is possible to convert the set, just as with the smaller Technic models. The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane can be converted into a mobile free-fall hammer. You can find the appropriate building instructions at Lego customer service.

Lego® Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

On the other hand, Lego Technic sets can be combined with each other. The result is a large set. For this reason, the sets often come with more parts, which are intended for the large assemblies. You can also find the corresponding building instructions at Lego customer service. All you have to do is enter the number or name of the set and then you can download the additional building instructions.

Lego® Classic building instructions: Get creative

Sets from the Lego® Classic theme are suitable for children from 4 years and encourage creativity.

Creativity is in the foreground and therefore only exemplary building methods are included in the kits. The aim is for the children to become creative themselves and build their own structures.

Lego® Classic Brick Boxes

The Lego® Classic brick boxes are very popular. In addition to themed variants such as the 11022 XXL Space Mission, there are standard brick boxes with included building blocks.

The Lego Classic bricks are compatible with those of other themed series.  

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Lego® Duplo without building instructions! Is this an oversight?

Children love to give free rein to their creativity - for this reason, Lego® Duplo sets do not contain building instructions. However, inspirations for building are shown on the respective packaging. In addition, the constructions are simple, so that the illustrations are sufficient and no instructions are needed.

Even large Lego Duplo sets such as the 10956 Amusement Park are simply designed so that no instructions are required. Instructions are occasionally included with building sets. You can check which Duplo sets have instructions on the Lego customer service website. To do this, enter the number or the name of the set in the search field "Building instructions".

Lego® Duplo inspirations

As mentioned before, only a few Lego® Duplo sets have building instructions. In case you want to inspire your child, we have prepared a few recommendations for you.

The building instructions for the 4624 brick box take up the theme of pets and include inspiration for building boats or obstacles.

A highlight is the two building instructions for the 10913 brick box. In addition to buildings and animals, these plants are also included.

The building instructions can be downloaded free of charge from the Lego customer service.

Lego® building instructions from the 80s and 90s

You want to rebuild Lego® sets from the 80s or 90s, but you can't find the building instructions again? The Lego customer service database rarely goes back that far.  

However, it is also possible to view the building instructions for old Lego sets.

On the Lego marketplace BrickLink you can search specifically for building instructions. To do this, enter the corresponding set number in the search and filter for "Instruction". In this case, the instructions are not free and must be purchased.

Lego® Anleitungen auf BrickLink kaufen

Alternatively, it is possible to buy building instructions on the eBay marketplace.

Free Lego® retro building instructions

On the Brickfactory website, Lego® retro building instructions from the 80s and 90s can be viewed and downloaded free of charge.

It is not possible to filter by set number or name. In the upper part of the website there is a box which has to be clicked. The Lego sets are sorted in steps of 200.

Brickfactory Lego® Set suchen

For example, you can call up set 6362 by selecting the number sequence 6300-6399. Then scroll down the website until you find the corresponding set. 

It should be noted that not all Lego building instructions from the 80s and 90s are available or complete on Brickfactory.


Whether you are looking for a replacement for lost Lego® building instructions or inspiration for new buildings. The possibilities for viewing building instructions are great. 

Lego® sets from the last two decades can in most cases be downloaded free of charge from Lego customer service. There you can also find alternative building methods for Lego Technic sets or inspiration for Lego® brick boxes.

It is not possible to get Lego building instructions from the 80s and 90s from Lego itself. However, there is the option to buy retro building instructions on e.g. BrickLink. Some building instructions can be viewed for free on the Brickfactory website.

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