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Ships inspire both young and old. This has also been recognized by Lego® and many other manufacturers of terminal blocks, who have corresponding sets in their product range. The selection of different types of ships is large:

  • Ships for kids
  • Iconic ships
  • Pirate ships
  • Warships
  • Research ships

One of the most famous manufacturers of clamp brick ships is the Polish Lego alternative Cobi. In our Lego VS. Cobi comparison we have already presented some highlights.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the 10 best clamp brick ships and go into their special features. In addition, we will show you how you can build your own clamp brick ship.

1. Lego® Creator Expert 10294 Titanic

Arguably one of the most iconic clamp building block ships ever is the Lego® 10294 Titanic. With a length of 53 inch, it is the longest Lego ship of all time. But this is not superlative enough, so the Lego Titanic is composed of 9,090 parts, making it one of the greatest Lego sets.

The Lego Titanic is built on a scale of 1:200 and is designed in great detail.

Below we compare the Lego miniature with the original, which went on her maiden voyage in 1912.

Number of lifeboats

The original Titanic had a total of 14 lifeboats and two so-called pinasses, which were simple tenders. It was already known at the time before the maiden voyage that the lifeboats would not be sufficient in the event of a capsize.

Titanic recording

The Lego® Titanic has a total of 16 lifeboats and thus has a historical incorrectness. Thus, it is 16 pure lifeboats and not 14 lifeboats and two pinasses as in the original. All 16 lifeboats are visibly attached to the Titanic. The two pinasses on the original are not visible, accordingly only 14 boats were attached to the ship.

Lego® Titanic front view

More details

In addition, there are many other points that are interesting for a reality check. For example, the original Titanic had over 1,200 portholes, whereas the Lego® version has 300 implied portholes.

The Lego Titanic is divided into three segments that can be separated from each other. Accordingly, it is possible to view the interior. As with the original, the Lego Titanic has a dining room, a smoking salon or the staircase known from the film. The interiors of the Lego Titanic are only hinted at and cannot be compared with the original, but this is also difficult to do with clamp bricks.

2. Mould King 13111 Pirate ship Black Pearl

Mould King 13111 Pirate ship building blocks
  • Price: Approx. $150
  • 2,868 parts
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

Another interesting ship made out of clamp bricks is the Mould King 13111 Pirate ship Black Pearl. Mould King is a Chinese Lego® alternative. With dimensions of 30 x 10 x 24 inch, this model reproduces the authenticity of the Black Pearl. Based on the prototype of the ghost ship, it impresses with realistic details such as cannons, sails and poles. You can find more interesting sets from the Chinese clamp brick manufacturer in our Lego VS. Mould King comparison.

3. Cobi Klocki Historical Collection Battleship Missouri

Klocki Historical Collection Battleship Missouri
  • Price: Approx. $180
  • 2,868 parts
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

Also the Polish terminal block manufacturer Cobi has interesting terminal block ships in its assortment. One example is the Cobi miniature model of the former USS destroyer Missouri. Known as the "Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo," the USS Missouri (BB-63) took part in battles such as Iwo Jima and Okinawa and witnessed the signing of Japan's surrender document in 1945. The highly detailed 1:300 scale model is made of 2,655 bricks (compatible with Lego®) and measures 36 inch long.

4. Lego® City 60368 Arctic Explorer Ship

This is followed by a research ship for explorers from 7 years: Realistic adventures can be experienced with the Lego® City 60368 Arctic Explorer Ship. The floatable model impresses with its detailed components, including a helicopter, an inflatable boat, an underwater drone and the wreck of a Viking ship. In addition, the set includes seven minifigures, a treasure chest and a killer whale.

5. Sitodian battleship

Sitodian battleship model building blocks toy
  • Price: Approx. $50
  • 811 parts
  • 1 large warship and 24 smaller models
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

The Chinese Lego® competitor Sitodian also has an interesting clamp building block ship for children in its range. With the Sitodian battleship, 25 different models can be assembled, which provide long-lasting building fun. This includes not only clamp building block ships, but also other models:

  • Helicopters
  • Combat aircraft
  • Dinghies
  • Buggies
  • Submarine

The set is suitable for advanced builders aged 6-12 years. The clamping bricks included in the set are compatible with those of Lego.

6. Lego® Creator 31109 Pirate Ship

For little pirate fans, the Lego® Creator 31109 Pirate Ship is particularly interesting. The detailed 3-in-1 set features a classic pirate ship with movable sails, cannons and a cabin. In addition to the ship, three minifigures, a shark and a parrot are included. But the set offers even more: It can also be transformed into a rustic pirate tavern or a mysterious pirate island and thus ensures varied play fun.

Lego® 31109 3-1 Set

7. yzvey pirate ship

yzvey Pirate ship building blocks
  • Price: Approx. $100
  • 2,010 parts
  • From 8 years
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

Another highlight for pirate fans is offered by the Chinese terminal block manufacturer yzvey. The yzvey Technik Pirate Ship is a detailed model with 2,010 parts. Equipped with adjustable catapult cannons and authentic design including quick release deck and rotating rudders, the model brings pirate fun directly to your home.

8. Mould King Flying Dutchman Pirate ship

Mould King Pirate ship building blocks
  • Price: Approx. $200
  • 3,653 parts
  • From 8 years
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

The Chinese Lego® Technic alternative has another highlight in its range: the Flying Dutchman. There are numerous myths surrounding this pirate ship, which we will briefly discuss at the end.

The ship in detail

The Flying Dutchman from Mould King consists of 3,653 parts and is suitable for children from eight years. The ship has 38 movable cannons and numerous sails. The Flying Dutchman is 24 inch high, 6 inch wide and 34 inch long.

Myth of the Flying Dutchman

The pirate ship "Flying Dutchman" is a myth deeply rooted in maritime history and folklore. The ghost ship, which can never enter a harbor and sails the seas forever, is said to have been piloted by Captain Hendrick van der Decken. The latter, against the will of God, attempted to round the Cape of Good Hope in a storm. Since then, the "Flying Dutchman" has been an omen for many sailors and appears in numerous stories and cultural works.

9. URGEAR Ideas Pirate ship

Bottle kit Flying Dutchman Ship
  • Price: Approx. $70
  • 1,100 parts
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

The clamp building block and model manufacturer URGEAR has a special ship in its range: the pirate ship "Flying Dutchman" in a bottle. It is a small pirate ship that can be displayed in a bottle, which is also made of clamp bricks. Small blue stones in the bottle give the appearance that the ship is in the water.

10. Reobrix 66011 The Sun Pirate ship

Reobrix 66011 The Sun Pirate ship
  • Price: Approx. $200
  • 3,162 parts
  • Compatible with Lego┬«
  • View here

Reobrix The Sun pirate ship is a particularly colorful model. The ship is 28 inch high and 34 inch long and has numerous details. For example, the ship has cannons and detailed sails.

Build your own clamp brick ship

Do you want to build your own clamp building block ship? This is possible, for example, with the help of Lego® MOCs (My Own Creation). MOCs are self-built structures made out of clamp bricks. In the following, we will introduce you to two ways in which you can build MOCs.

Buy clamp building block ship building instructions

The first variant to build a Klemmbaustein ship MOC is to buy ready-made building instructions from other Klemmbaustein enthusiasts. Corresponding building instructions can be purchased on the following marketplaces:

For example, a particularly popular model is the shipwreck of the terminal brick fan supersick.

Fer Maiden Frigate Lower Hull and Stand

Corresponding parts lists are included with the building instructions. The required bricks can be purchased, for example, on the Lego® marketplace BrickLink.

Klemmbaustein Schiff selbst entwerfen

Another way to build a clamp brick ship is to plan and build it yourself. This variant is especially interesting for experienced brick builders. The BrickLink Studio allows to plan and design corresponding building projects.

Clamp brick ships: Our highlights

For ship lovers and fans of clamp bricks, both Lego® and alternative manufacturers offer a wide range of impressive models. The Lego 10294 Titanic impresses with its unparalleled size and detail, albeit with minor historical inaccuracies. Chinese manufacturers such as Mould King and Sitodier offer high-quality models that are also compatible with Lego.

Lego City's research ship is great for kids ages 7 and up, while Sitodier's set offers a variety of models for more advanced young builders. Pirate fans have a choice between the detailed Mould King Flying Dutchman and the unique URGEAR Pirate Ship in a Bottle. Those who are enthusiastic about building their own models can explore the world of MOCs and develop their own creations. Overall, there is something for everyone - from beginners to professionals, from children to adults.

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