Lego® VS. Cobi: What You Need To Know

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Clamp brick enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about military sets are left empty-handed by the Danish original Lego® and have to look for appropriate Lego alternatives. Lego has always not produced sets that could be used to re-enact war scenarios in order to preserve family and child friendliness.

The Polish manufacturer Cobi has taken this fact as an opportunity and has been producing military sets such as tanks or warships made of terminal blocks since 1992. However, Cobi has not only military sets, so the range is constantly expanding. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the two terminal block manufacturers from Denmark and Poland and present interesting sets. If you are interested in Lego alternatives, our Mega Construx vs. Lego comparison might be interesting for you.

Lego® VS. Cobi: These are the differences

The two clamp brick manufacturers differ in more than just the selection of sets or themes. There are also fundamental differences in the target group and the intended uses. In the following, we will go into detail about the most important differences and present interesting sets from the two manufacturers.

The clamp bricks

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Cobi's clamp bricks are compatible with those from Lego®. However, there are still some differences, for example, the colors used differ. Among other things, this is due to the fact that Cobi's product range does not include any terminal bricks for pure building (e.g. brick boxes), but rather these are only included in the sets.

Furthermore, the clamping bricks of the Polish manufacturer are not angular like the original, but rounded. The rounded design of the Cobi bricks enables, for example, new types of construction.

Lego® Vs. Cobi Steine im Vergleich

Lego enthusiasts repeatedly criticize the fact that the sets of the clamp brick manufacturer contain sticker sets that are supposed to give the bricks a certain design (e.g. an airplane cockpit).

In contrast, Cobi prints exclusively on its clamp bricks. This looks much higher quality and it does not require any extra effort. The bricks of the original are also partially printed, but not always and appropriate stickers are needed.

In general, it can be said that there is not much difference in quality between the two manufacturers. The clamping bricks of both manufacturers have a good quality.

However, the clamping force of the two manufacturers is different. With Cobi, this is higher than with Lego. In general, the clamping force of Cobi is a bit too strong. Compared with other manufacturers, Lego has a medium clamping force, which is appreciated by many.


The minifigures included in the sets of the two manufacturers are very similar, so the basic structure is identical and Cobi minifigures are compatible with those of Lego®.

Lego® VS. Cobi Minifgur im Vergleich

One difference is that Cobi's figures are designed more realistically. As a rule, they represent soldiers. Accordingly, the majority of Cobi figures are also adapted to the military theme. The variety of different minifigures is significantly greater in the Danish original.

There are minifigures for a wide variety of themes. These include, for example, minifigures that recreate a wide variety of movie characters. The best-known examples include characters from the Harry Potter and Star Wars films. Some of these figures are among the most expensive Lego minifigures of all time.

Lego® Harry Potter Minifiguren

Cobi figures are interesting, among others, for those who want to build a realistic army of minifigures. Cobi figures often recreate soldiers from the Second World War. Further, it is not mandatory to buy large sets to get the minifigures. Thus, they are also sold in small packages.

Cobi COB02048 Small US Army

COBI COB02048 Small US Army Figures
  • Replica of US soldiers
  • Three minifigures included
  • View here

With its Star Wars Battle Packs, the Danish terminal block manufacturer Lego offers similar sets for fans of the space saga. With Battle Packs it is possible, for example, to build a Clone Trooper army.

Target group and themes

The themes offered by the terminal block manufacturers are probably one of the most important arguments when it comes to buying a corresponding set. As already mentioned, the Polish clamp brick manufacturer Cobi has specialized in the production of military sets and accordingly appeals mainly to young and adult model building fans. The sets from Cobi are not suitable for children, especially since the clamping force of the bricks is also very high.

Interesting Lego® alternatives for kids can be found in our Lego VS. Mega Bloks comparison. In contrast, Lego has sets for every age group in its range and is therefore much more versatile.

Furthermore, it can be said that Lego sets are suitable both for playing and for display. Whereby the sets from Cobi are mainly intended for display.

A popular set to display Lego is the 76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds, which is the setting of the famous Harry Potter film adaptations.

Cobi Klocki Battleship Bismarck

COBI Klocki Battleship Bismarck
  • Detailed replica of the Bismarck from WW2.
  • Includes board for display with exact designation
  • View here

Popular sets from Cobi & Lego®

After we have looked at the two terminal block manufacturers in detail, we will introduce you to interesting sets at this point. Since the sets are not comparable with each other, we present them separately. The purchase decision mainly depends on what kind of sets you are interested in.

Military sets from Cobi

As already known, the Polish terminal block manufacturer has specialized in military sets. One popular set is the detailed replica of the US supersonic jet F-14A TOMCAT.

Cobi 5811 TOP GUN: F-14A

COBI 5811 Bausteine
  • Features retractable landing gear and rotating wheels
  • Miniature of the F-14A TOMCAT in scale 1:48
  • View here

An equally popular model is the COBI-2292 howitzer, which includes a detailed soldier figure.

Cobi 2292 howitzer

Cobi 2292 Bausteine
  • Includes detailed soldier as a minifigure
  • Howitzer model from WW2 in scale 1:35
  • View here

Lego® sets for model and miniature building fans

Considered one of the most iconic Lego® sets, the 10294 Titanic, released in 2021, is one of the greates Lego sets ever, measuring 53.14 inch in length.

The Lego Architecture theme is also particularly interesting for miniature fans. In this famous skylines or landmarks appear in miniature format to display for your own home. One of the most famous sets is probably the 21058 Cheops Pyramid.

Lego® VS. Cobi: Our conclusion

A comparison between the terminal building block manufacturers Lego® and Cobi shows that both companies have their own strengths and target groups. While Lego is characterized by a variety of sets for all age groups and themed worlds such as Harry Potter or Star Wars, which are suitable for both play and display, Cobi focuses primarily on military sets, which are designed mainly for youth and adult model building fans for display. Cobi sets are not suitable for children.

There are no significant differences between the two manufacturers when it comes to the quality of the plug-in bricks, with Cobi standing out for its printed bricks and realistic minifigures, especially in the military sector. Lego fans appreciate the partially printed ones as well as the variety of minifigures, ranging from movie characters to a variety of other themes.

So if you prefer military models and realistic minifigures, Cobi is the place to go. However, if you're looking for a wider selection of themes and sets to use for both play and display, Lego is the way to go.

FAQ on the clamp brick comparison: Lego® vs. Cobi

Many terminal block enthusiasts are often faced with the question of which manufacturer is right for them - Lego® or Cobi? This FAQ section is intended to help answer the most important questions about these two manufacturers and thus facilitate a purchase decision.

Is Cobi compatible with Lego®?

Yes, Cobi's clamping bricks are compatible with those of Lego®.

Where is Cobi manufactured?

Cobi is a Polish terminal block manufacturer.

Why doesn't Lego® produce military sets?

Lego® has always not produced sets that could be used to re-enact war scenarios in order to maintain family and child friendliness.

What is the difference between Cobi's clamping bricks and Lego®'s?

While both manufacturers produce compatible bricks, Cobi's bricks are rounded, which allows for novel building methods. In addition, Cobi prints its clamp bricks, whereas Lego® sometimes uses stickers.

Are the Cobi and Lego® minifigures similar?

Yes, the basic design of the minifigures is very similar for both manufacturers. However, Cobi figures are more realistic and often military-oriented, while Lego® offers a wider range of characters from different themes.

Who are Cobi sets mainly intended for?

Sets from Cobi are designed primarily for display and are aimed primarily at youth and adult model building enthusiasts. They are not suitable for children.

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