Lego® Technic Alternatives: The 5 best brands

🗓 Sun, 02 Oct 2022

In this guide, we present the 10 best Lego® Technic alternatives and introduce you to their manufacturers. The sets from our selection are suitable for both children and adults and appeal to a wide range of interests.

Lego® Technic alternatives are especially interesting for those who want to buy sets that are not available in the form at Lego itself. In addition, some Lego Technic alternatives can be controlled remotely without the need for subsequent installation of a motor. Many Lego Technic alternatives are also larger and cheaper than the original. 

The selection of sets is considerable, so the different manufacturers set individual thematic priorities. From remote-controlled excavators to battle tanks, everything is there. If you are interested in all Lego Alternatives you should have a look at our Lego Alternatives Knockoff Brands comparison.

In a concluding FAQ, we address the most important questions on the topic.

Mould King as Lego® Technic alternative

Unlike the sets from fischertechnik, the bricks from Mould King are compatible with those from Lego®. The Chinese manufacturer specializes in technology sets, among other things, and offers a large selection of building sets for small and large builders. 

Many Mould King vehicles can be controlled remotely via app. The corresponding motor is included in the respective kit. This is rarely the case with Lego itself.

Mould King 18001 Technic Off-Road Buggy

Mould King 18001 Technik Geländewagen Off-Road Buggy

With the Mould King 18001 Technic Off-Road Buggy, racers from 4 to 6 years experience fast-paced rides and gain their first experience with remote-controlled cars. The Lego® Technic alternative is drivable on different surfaces and protected by shock absorbers from damage that can be caused by excessive vibrations. 

The Off-Road Buggy can be controlled remotely with the smartphone via app as well as by the included remote control.

Mould King 17006 Technic Paddle Wheel Excavator

Mould King 17006 Technik Schaufelradbagger

Mould King delights youngsters aged 14 and up with its 17006 Technic Paddle Wheel Excavator. The Mould wheel excavator is fully motorized and can be controlled remotely via app. Conveyor belts, caterpillars, wheels and chains convey a realistic image of a construction site. 

The Lego® Technic alternative is cheap to buy with a number of 4,588 parts and 6 included motors.

Mould King 13112 Technic remote controlled Excavator

Mould King 13112 Technik Ferngesteuert Bagger

The Mould King 13112 Excavator has a remote-controlled bucket that can be used to simulate loading and unloading a truck, for example. The hull of the crawler excavator can be rotated 360 degrees using the remote control via app. This creates a realistic play experience and thrills young and old alike. More interesting sets you can find in our Lego VS Mould King comparison

Military models from CADA

The Chinese brick manufacturer Cada specializes in building Lego® Technic alternatives. Like Modbrix, Cada is active in the military model sector, which is popular with model builders. Detailed battle tanks provide fascination and can even be controlled remotely.

In addition, the Lego competitor is known for its racing cars made of engineering bricks. The bricks are compatible with those of the Danish brick company Lego.

CADA Master C61036W Humvee

  • Age recommendation: 14+
  • Number of parts: 3935
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Highlight: Based on the 1:8 prototype of the authorized HUMVEE off-road vehicle, featuring multiple remote control functions including turret rotation
  • Check here on Amazon 🇺🇸 UK 🇬🇧

CADA Master C61036W Humvee

Based on the 1:8 scale prototype of the authorized HUMVEE off-road vehicle, the CaDA C61036W features independent front and rear suspension, four-wheel drive and an 8-cylinder engine with linkage start. The kit includes a 7.4V lithium battery, remote control, motors and LED light components. With remote functions such as turret rotation, differential lock, and front winch, this model displays precise vehicle and cockpit details.

Consisting of 3935 high quality ABS parts, the model is safe, smooth and compatible with major block brands. Suitable for ages 14+, it comes with clear assembly instructions.

CADA Master C61042w 488 Sports Car

CADA Master C61042w 488 technischer Baustein Sportwagen

The Cada Master C61042w 488 Sports Car brings Italian motorsport into your home. The sports car is in the format of 1:8 based on the design of a Ferrari. A lighting kit included in the set is used to present the car in a display case, for example. The Cada Master C61042w 488 can be remote controlled, the necessary motors are included in the kit.

fischertechnik - Technic Alternative from Germany

The German Lego® Technic alternative fischertechnik is known for its diverse building sets and construction systems. With the fischertechnik construction kits, both children and adults dedicate themselves to demanding building challenges and discover physical phenomena such as chain reactions or pneumatic modes of operation. 

Unlike Lego, fischertechnik does not rely on the familiar axles, pins and hole beams. The German toy manufacturer uses construction methods that make it possible to connect individual building blocks to each other. Consequently, the Lego Technic alternative is not compatible with the sets of the original from Denmark. 

The experimental kits and ball tracks are particularly popular with children and young people who like to experiment and can be used to make a wide range of discoveries.

fischertechnik 559890 ADVANCED Funny Reactions

  • Age recommendation: From 8 years
  • Number of parts: 682 parts
  • Remote control: No 
  • Highlight: Representation of chain reactions
  • Check here on Amazon

fischertechnik 559890 ADVANCED Funny Reactions

The fischertechnik 559890 ADVANCED Funny Reactions Construction Kit was awarded the German Toy Prize in 2021 and promises lots of building and playing fun. With the help of this Lego Technic alternative, chain reactions can be triggered and observed. The construction set of the German Lego competitor challenges and promotes the reaction skills, creativity and coordination of children from 8 years. Best of all, the marble run can be built individually and is also compatible with other sets from fischertechnik.

fischertechnik 536618 ADVANCED Universal Starter

  • Age recommendation: From 7 years
  • Number of parts: 255 parts
  • Remote control: Upgradeable 
  • Highlight: 15 models included
  • Check here on Amazon

fischertechnik 536618 ADVANCED Universal Starter

The fischertechnik 536618 ADVANCED Universal Starter Set allows you to recreate a realistic harbor. 15 different models can be built from the 255-piece construction kit. The functionalities of cranes or winches can be discovered. Worth mentioning is the option, for example, to remotely control the crane with the help of a retrofittable electric motor

Detailed step-by-step building instructions guarantee both small and large building successes for technology enthusiasts of all ages.

fischertechnik 533874 PROFI Pneumatic Power Bagger

fischertechnik 533874 PROFI Pneumatic Power

The fischertechnik 533874 PROFI Pneumatic Power Excavator is an attractive Lego® Technic alternative. With the help of the excavator from fischertechnik, physics enthusiasts discover the phenomenon of pneumatics and learn about the unlimited fuel of air. Detailed valves and cylinders provide fascination for young and old.  The 533874 PROFI Pneumatic Power Excavator is very well suited for recreating a construction site.

Vatos remote control vehicles

The Lego® Technic alternative Vatos from China specializes in the construction of remote-controlled vehicles and has corresponding models for every age group in its range.

The kits already include electric motors, which are required for remote control. With the Danish original, these are not always part of the scope of delivery. Similar to Lego®, many Vatos vehicles are 2-in-1 sets and can be converted on the basis of an additionally enclosed building instruction.

VATOS Remote Control STEM Building Toy Construction Crane Truck

  • Age recommendation: 6-10+
  • Number of parts: 513 pieces
  • Highlight: Compatible Lego®; can be assembled as either an Excavator or Drilling Car: 2-in-1 set 
  • Check here on Amazon

VATOS Remote Control STEM Building Toy Construction Crane Truck

The VATOS 2 in 1 Excavator is a 513-piece STEM-based building set that includes a brick separator and an instruction booklet. Compatible with major brand bricks, it offers two assembly options: Excavator or Drill Car.

This educational toy encourages manual dexterity, creativity, and logical thinking. Unique design features allow the assembled toy to move forward on carpets, with multiple rotating parts for added flexibility. Designed specifically for children ages 6-10+, it not only enhances their understanding of technology and engineering concepts, but also promotes critical thinking and self-confidence.

Modbrix: German Lego® Technic Alternative

The brick manufacturer Modbrix has its headquarters in Rhineland-Palatinate and has become known primarily for military models such as tanks. Lego® itself does not serve this segment, as according to their own statements they want to offer family-friendly toys only. 

In addition to a variety of military models, Modbrix also offers Lego Technic alternatives. Of particular interest here are racing cars from well-known car manufacturers. Despite similar construction, the racing cars from Modbrix are considerably cheaper than the models from the Danish competitor Lego.

For example, the Lego Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 has an RRP of 449.99$.

Modbrix offers a similar model with an RRP of 74.95$. On the one hand, the lower price is due to the number of installed parts. At 1,696 parts, the Modbrix set is about half the size of the Danish original. On the other hand, Lego sets are often more expensive due to the licenses. The Modbrix Technik LP610 Racing Sports Car is similar to the Lego Technic Lamborghini, but does not have a Lamborghini license. 

Bricks from Modbrix are compatible with those from Lego.

Modbrix Technic LP610 Racing Sports Car

  • Age recommendation: From 9 years
  • Number of parts: 1,696 parts
  • Remote control: No 
  • Highlight: Opening engine hood 
  • Check here on Amazon

Modbrix Technik Bausteine Auto LP610 Racing Sportwagen

Racing adventure at home: This promises the Modbrix Technic LP610 Racing Sports Car. The racing car is suitable for children from the age of 9 and has highlights such as an opening hood. With dimensions of 44 × 19 × 11 cm, the racing car is suitable for both play and display.

Lego® Technic Alternatives FAQ

You want to know which Lego® Technic alternatives are available and how good they are? In the following FAQ, we will go into the most important facts about Lego Technic alternatives and show you how to find the right set for you.

What is similar to Lego® Technic?

The selection of Lego® Technic alternatives is considerable. There is a suitable set for every age. Among others, the sets of the following manufacturers are compatible with Lego Technic parts: 

  • Mould King
  • Modbrix
  • Vatos
  • Cada

Which Lego® Technic Alternative is the best? 

Not every Lego® Technic alternative meets the requirements of every builder. For miniature building fans, for example, kits from Cada or Modbrix are suitable.

Children, young people and adults who are enthusiastic about physical phenomena will be delighted with construction kits from fischertechnik. You can find more interesting sets in our Lego VS Cobi comparison.

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