Lego® VS. Sluban: Which brick manufacturer is better?

🗓 Mon, 20 Nov 2023

After the Danish Lego® company's patent for clamping bricks expired in 2008, numerous toy manufacturers recognized the opportunity and have been producing interesting Lego alternatives ever since. The sets from Lego's competitors often offer better value for money. However, there are many other reasons why sets from other manufacturers could be of interest to many.

In this comparison, we take a closer look at the Dutch brick manufacturer Sluban. Lego itself has sets for every age group in its range, whether young or old. In addition to numerous theme worlds that are specially adapted to the needs of children and young people, there are also some theme worlds for older Lego enthusiasts. For example, there are some interesting Lego Technic sets for adults.

In contrast, the Dutch brick manufacturer Sluban has mainly focused on sets for adults and only offers a few sets for children. You can find interesting Lego alternatives for children in our Mega Bloks VS. Lego comparison.

Sluban has sets in its range that are not available from Lego in this form. These include tanks and warships. Military sets are not produced by Lego itself, as the Danish company wants to maintain its family-friendly approach.

In our Lego VS. Sluban comparison, we look at other differences between the two brick manufacturers and present interesting sets for adults.

Lego® VS: Sluban: The comparison

In the following, we take a detailed look at the two brick manufacturers Sluban and Lego®. We look at both the quality and the compatibility of the two brick manufacturers. Finally, we present some interesting sets from both manufacturers.

Quality & safety

One of the most important points is the quality of the clamping blocks. Both manufacturers rely on CE certification, which is one of the most important European safety standards.

The workmanship and accuracy of fit of the original clamping blocks from Denmark is consistently of a high standard.

Opinions on the Dutch clamping block manufacturer Sluban differ widely, with many speaking of varying quality. However, the quality of the manufacturer's clamping blocks and sets seems to have improved in recent years, according to reviews on Amazon, for example.

Compatibility of the clamping modules

The Sluban building blocks are compatible with Lego®, so it is possible to combine the different sets from the two block manufacturers. The minifigures contained in the sets are also compatible with each other and have a similar structure. The minifigures from the Dutch brick manufacturer Sluban usually depict soldiers; this type of figure is not available from Lego.

Set variety

As already mentioned, the selection of sets and theme worlds at Lego® is significantly larger than at its Dutch competitor Sluban. In addition to sets designed exclusively for adults, Lego also has a large selection of sets for children and young people.

Sluban mainly has military sets for adults in its range. One example is the Sluban SL95128 Mobile flak. This set represents a mobile anti-aircraft gun in miniature format and includes four soldiers as minifigures.

Sluban M38-B0302 Mobile flak

Mobile Flak
  • No. of parts: 306
  • Contains four minifigures in the shape of soldiers
  • Price: approx. $38
  • Average price per part: 8.7 ct/part
  • Check here on Amazon

You can find more interesting military sets in our Cobi VS. Lego comparison.

Lego also has many sets for adults in its range, but the selection is much more varied. The following Lego theme worlds are particularly interesting for adults:

  • Architecture
  • Ideas
  • Technic
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter

In contrast to the sets from Sluban, many Lego sets have a license. The best-known licenses include film franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars or brands such as Audi, Porsche and Liebherr. Licenses are often a reason why Lego sets are more expensive. The Danish brick manufacturer has to pay for the licenses itself.

A particularly popular licensed set among adults is the Lego Star Wars 75367 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser, which is part of the UCS (Ultimate Collector Series).

It can be used to build a piece of the Clone Wars with authentic details such as the distinctive red stripes, the command bridge and a detailed hangar with a Republic gunship model. At 43 inches long, the model is an eye-catcher in any room.

These sets are worthwhile

In the following section, we present interesting highlights from the two building block manufacturers in detail. The focus here is on sets for adults. Many of the sets are ideal for display, and it is also possible to combine the sets from both manufacturers without any problems.

Military sets from Sluban

Sluban has some interesting sets in its range for model building fans who want to expand their collection with military sets. One example is the Sluban M38-B0837 Armored Vehicle, which consists of 265 parts and includes two minifigures.

Sluban M38-B0837 Armored vehicle

Armored vehicle
  • Number of pieces: 265
  • Contains two minifigures in the shape of soldiers
  • Price: approx. $30
  • Average price per part: 7.5 ct/part
  • Check here on Amazon

The Sluban MI-24S combat helicopter could be an attractive choice for aviation fans. The combat helicopter has an opening interior and is a miniature version of the Soviet Mil MI-24S Combat helicopter from 1969. The average parts price of the set is around 7 ct/part.

Sluban MI-24S Combat helicopter

Sluban MI-24S Gunship 3-in-1 1/35
  • No. of parts: 893
  • Includes three minifigures in the shape of soldiers
  • Price: Approx. $50
  • Average part price: 7 ct/part
  • Check here on Amazon

Modellbau Sets von Lego®

In the Lego® Technic theme world there are some interesting sets for brick enthusiasts. These include some remote-controlled Lego Technic sets. The Lego Technic 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue helicopter is a direct competitor to the previously presented Sluban MI-24S Combat helicopter.

This has a battery-operated cable winch that can be extended and retracted. The motor can also be used to move the rotor blades.

The average parts price of the set is 10.5 ct/part, which makes it 50% more expensive than the Sluban model. However, the higher price can be explained by the fact that the Lego helicopter has an Airbus license and a motor function. The motor function in particular is a relatively expensive component.

For adult builders who want to build their own miniature city, the sets from the Creator Expert theme are worth considering.

Each year, the Danish brick manufacturer releases a modular set that can be integrated into a city. The largest modular set ever released is the Lego Creator Expert 10326 Natural History Museum, which consists of 4,014 parts. The set represents a realistic museum in miniature format and contains numerous highlights such as a dinosaur skeleton made of Lego bricks.

Lego® VS. Sluban: Our conclusion

In our comparison between Sluban VS. Lego®, it becomes clear that both manufacturers appeal to different target groups and have their own strengths. Lego is characterized by a wide range of themed worlds for all age groups, including licensed series such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Technic, which are particularly popular with adults. This is also reflected in the consistently high quality of the products, which justifies the higher price, which is partly due to license fees.

Sluban, on the other hand, focuses on military sets for adults, such as tanks and warships, a niche that Lego avoids due to its family-friendly image. Although Sluban sets are often cheaper, their quality varies in comparison to Lego. However, both brands meet CE certification, an important European safety standard.

Another advantage is the compatibility of the clamping blocks between the two brands, which makes it possible to creatively combine sets from both manufacturers. This is particularly interesting for adult collectors who want to make their own unique creations.

To summarize, there is not necessarily a better manufacturer, as Lego and Sluban serve different interests and needs. Your decision should therefore depend on your personal preferences, the value for money you want and the specific themes you prefer. Both brands offer unique experiences and sets designed specifically for adults.

Lego® VS. Sluban: FAQ

As you will have seen in our comparison, both Lego® and Sluban produce interesting sets for adults. In the following, we address the most important questions that arise when comparing the two brick manufacturers.

Does Sluban have sets that are not available from Lego®?

Yes, Sluban offers unique military sets such as tanks and warships, which are not produced by Lego® due to its family-friendly image.

Are Sluban clamping bricks compatible with Lego®?

Yes, the building blocks from Sluban are compatible with those from Lego®.

Does Sluban offer a similarly wide range of sets for adults as Lego®?

No, Sluban has a more limited selection, focusing mainly on military sets, while Lego® offers a wider range.

Are Lego® sets more expensive than those from Sluban?

Yes, Lego® sets are often more expensive, partly due to the license fees for well-known brands and franchises.

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