Mould King VS. Lego®: Technic sets in comparison

🗓 Wed, 18 Oct 2023

The Lego® Technic theme is popular with both young and older physics enthusiasts. Children discover and understand complex physical phenomena with the help of the sets and adults marvel at detailed miniatures of well-known racing cars or cranes. For many terminal block enthusiasts, the original from Denmark is too expensive; the Chinese manufacturer Mould King has possible Lego Technic alternatives in its range.

Mould King was founded in 2012 after Lego's patent rights expired. Since then, the Chinese Lego alternative has been offering clamp brick sets. The manufacturer's focus is on Technic sets. In our Mould King VS. Lego comparison, we look at the two manufacturers in detail and present interesting sets.

Mould King VS. Lego®: The comparison

Both Lego® and Cobi have a variety of interesting Technic sets in their assortment, but they differ in some points. Many Lego enthusiasts often miss corresponding electric motors with which the models can be controlled remotely. In the Chinese Lego Technic alternative, these are already included in the set and do not have to be purchased separately. In the following, we will go into further differences.

Brick compatibility

The compatibility of the respective bricks is particularly important for fans of the clamping bricks. The good news is that Mould King bricks are compatible with Lego®. Accordingly, it is possible to combine Mould King sets with Lego without any problems. Also compatible with Lego are the sets from Mega Construx. You can find interesting sets in our Lego VS. Mega Construx comparison.

Quality of the sets and bricks

Both Lego® and Mould King sets are of high quality. The sets from both manufacturers meet the usual safety standards and have, for example, CE certification.

However, it must be noted that Mould King sets are not suitable for children, as there is a choking hazard due to the size of the bricks. Lego itself offers with Lego Duplo special sets for toddlers from 1 ½ years. Interesting Lego Duplo alternatives can be found in our Lego VS. Mega Bloks comparison.

Remote controlled models

The Lego® Technic Alternative Mould King is especially known for its motor-driven and app remote-controlled models. The corresponding motors are often already included in the sets or can be purchased at a reasonable price. Sets in which the motors are already included are usually more expensive than sets without motors. This is due to the fact that the motors are the most expensive parts.

Remote controlled cranes

Remote-controlled cranes are particularly popular with terminal block enthusiasts. A particularly popular remote controlled Mould King set is the Mould King 17015 Crawler Crane LR13000. The crane reaches an impressive total height of 82,67 inch with its arm extended.

Mould King 17015 Crawler Crane LR13000

Mould King 17015 Technik Kran Klemmbausteine
  • Total height of 2.1 m
  • Remotely controllable
  • 4,318 parts
  • Approx. 0,064 USD/part
  • Price: Approx. $250
  • View here

The Danish brick manufacturer Lego also has a comparable model in its range, but it is considerably more expensive. The average parts price for the Mould King Crawler is 0,064 USD/part. For the Lego Crane, this amounts to about 0,16 USD/part. So in this case, the Lego set is more than 2 times as expensive. Accordingly, it is important to look out for good deals.

The Lego 42146 Technic Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane reaches a maximum height of 39 inch, making it one of the tallest Lego Technic models of all time. Likewise, it is one of the best remote-controlled Lego Technic sets that have been released so far.

As already mentioned, it is important to pay attention to appropriate offers. Ideally, the set can be bought for under $500. Compared to the Mould King excavator, the Lego version is almost twice as expensive. This is despite the fact that the functions are similar and the Mould King variant reaches twice the maximum height and also has significantly more parts.

Remote controlled excavator

In addition to the cranes already presented, excavators are also very popular. Here, too, we present a direct Lego® VS. Mould King comparison. A popular model from Mould King is the Mould King 13112 RC Excavator. This excavator is composed of 1,830 parts and can be remote controlled. On sale, the set can be purchased for under $140.

Mould King 13112 RC Excavator

Mould King 13112 Technik
  • 1,830 parts
  • Contains motors
  • Remotely controllable via app
  • Price: Approx. $140
  • View here

A comparable model from Lego Technic is the Lego Technic 42144 Material Handler. Unlike Mould King, this one cannot be controlled remotely and is also smaller with 835 parts. The highlights of the set are the 360-degree rotating upper arm and the air pressure operated functions. On sale, the excavator can be purchased for under $120. However, compared to the Mould King 13112 RC Excavator, the set is not remote controllable at a similar price level and also has fewer parts.

Themes and licenses

As already mentioned, the Chinese brick manufacturer Mould King has specialized mainly in Technic sets. In contrast to the sets from the Danish original, Mould King does not have any licenses. Lego® sets do, however, so there are Lego Technic models that are miniatures of well-known racing cars or excavators. Well-known licenses include, for example:

  • Audi
  • Mercedes
  • Ferrari
  • Bugatti
  • Porsche
  • Liebherr

Lego itself pays for being allowed to use the licenses, which in turn is also reflected in the price. Accordingly, especially licensed Lego Technic sets are more expensive than comparable models from Mould King.

A particularly popular set from Lego is the Lego Technic 42155 The Batman - Batcycle, which is Batman's personal means of transportation in miniature.

In addition to Technic models, Mould also has a few other sets in its range, but these also do not have a license. One interesting set is the Mould King 13138 Dutchman Sailboat. With 3,653 parts, this is an impressive building challenge for pirate fans aged 8 and up.

Mould King 13138 Dutchman Sailboat

Mould King 13138 Dutchman Sailboat
  • 3,653 parts
  • 33 inch long
  • Detailed replica of a pirate ship
  • View here

Lego® VS. Mould King: Our conclusion

Lego® Technic, the original from Denmark, impresses terminal block lovers of all ages with its detailed models and the ability to recreate physical phenomena. Mould King, the Chinese alternative founded in 2012, specializes primarily in Technic sets and offers a lower-priced alternative, including already integrated electric motors for remote-controlled models. Both brands offer high-quality sets, although Mould King is not recommended for young children due to the choking hazard posed by small components.

In terms of value for money, Mould King sets often have the advantage, offering more parts and functionality for a lower price. For example, the Mould King 17015 Crawler Crane is significantly larger and less expensive compared to the Lego 42146 Technic Liebherr. However, Lego has the advantage of being able to offer licensed sets with famous models like Bugatti or Batman's Batcycle, which translates into a higher price.

Those who value money, advanced features and larger models should consider Mould King. For lovers of licensed sets, Lego might be the better choice.

FAQ: Mould King VS. Lego®: Technic sets in comparison

Do you have questions about the difference between Mould King and Lego® Technic sets? In this FAQ section, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the two brands of clamp bricks.

What is Mould King and how is it different from Lego®?

Mould King is a Chinese brick manufacturer, founded in 2012 after some Lego® patents expired. Unlike Lego, many Mould King Technic sets already include electric motors that can be used to control the models remotely.

Is Mould King compatible with Lego®?

Yes, Mould King bricks are compatible with Lego® and can therefore be combined without any problems.

Is the quality of Mould King comparable to that of Lego®?

Both brands, Lego® and Mould King, offer high quality sets that meet common safety standards. However, Mould King sets are not suitable for children due to small components, unlike certain Lego sets such as Lego Duplo.

Is Mould King cheaper than Lego®?

Yes, Mould King often offers better value for money as their sets usually offer more parts and features for a lower price. For example, the Mould King 17015 Crawler Crane is significantly cheaper compared to the Lego® 42146 Technic Liebherr, even though it is larger and has more parts.

Are there advantages of Lego® over Mould King?

Yes, both Lego® and Mould King offer high quality sets that meet safety standards. However, Mould King sets are not recommended for children due to small components, unlike some Lego sets such as Lego Duplo.

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