Lego® Architecture 21042 Statue of Liberty Review and Investment Analysis

🗓 Tue, 05 Apr 2022

Built in 1886, the Statue of Liberty in the United States in New York City is definitely one of the most iconic structures in the world.

Statue of Liberty

After the 93-metre-high statue was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984, an admittedly smaller milestone followed in 2018: Lego® released a replica of the famous Statue of Liberty under set number 21042 within the Architecture theme.

High discounts in the Architecture theme

The Architecture theme has been around since 2008 and is therefore still comparatively young, but has also existed long enough to regularly prove its investment suitability. 

As the name suggests, famous buildings are depicted within the Lego® Architecture theme. Like all other Architecture sets, the Lego Statue of Liberty is not exclusive and can therefore be purchased from various retailers. There are often high discounts of up to 40% on Architecture sets. This offers you as an investor a good opportunity to buy at low prices.

Fantastic value increases

For investors and collectors, this has often proved to be very positive in the past. If you look at some of the price increases in the Brickfact database, you can see that sets in the Architecture theme world generally develop magnificently in price.

For example, after the EOL at the end of 2015, the price of the21015 Leaning Tower of Pisa doubled within 2 years in relation to the RRP of 34.99€. Currently, the set is even being traded on secondary marketplaces for just under €160.00 (as of 13.04.2022).

Sales Lego® 21015 The Leaning Towe of Pisa

Lego® 21042 Statue of Liberty: Facts & Figures

The average parts price of 5.90 ct/part is pleasantly low compared to other sets in the Architecture theme.

4th largest set in the Architecture series

Another special feature is the number of parts: At this point in time (as of 13.04.2022), the set is ranked 4th among the largest architecture sets of all time. This special feature should definitely be highlighted as positive when analysing the Statue of Liberty as an investment.

Exclusive Lego® parts

Due to the special requirements, not least because of the sand-green colour, the set includes some exclusive parts. This is another positive indicator of investment suitability. There are also no stickers and a print on the base of the statue with the words "Statue of Liberty".

Lego® 21042 Statue of Liberty

The Architecture Statue of Liberty has no licence and no minifigures. Neither is an option for such a model. From a pure investment perspective, however, these would be positive factors that are unfortunately missing here.

Comparable sets to the Lego® 21042 Statue of Liberty

Since the Statue of Liberty is popular all over the world, it is not surprising that this building is represented by Lego. In fact, the Danish company published a Statue of Liberty with 2899 parts under the set number 3450 in 2000.

Lego® 3450 Statue of Liberty

Although the set has almost twice as many parts as the 21042 Statue of Liberty and the building techniques are also different, it is still the best comparison that can be made in this case.

Lego® 21042 Statue of Liberty brings back memories

For collectors, the then 3450 Statue of Liberty is a very positive indicator: the set was originally released for $199.99 RRP. Today, the set is traded in used condition for well over 1000€ on eBay. Those who still have the set in new condition can ask for much more: On the marketplace Bricklink, sets in new condition are being traded for over 2000€.

The Statue of Liberty is a great set

  • Large and detailed set 
  • Moderately demanding building techniques 
  • Building fun guaranteed 
  • Many positive reviews from fans and reviewers
  • Exclusive sand green bricks

However, the "flat" face of the Lego Statue of Liberty was controversially discussed and criticised by many as being too "simple". Judging by the response, however, this is the only shortcoming of an otherwise great display model at a fair price. 

However, there are already many creative ideas in the Lego® community to improve the face of the statue.

Target group: AFOL community

The AFOL (adult Lego fan) community is a growing target group for Lego. All in all, it can be said that the set was received very positively by a large majority. For the sake of form, it is worth mentioning that the 21042 Lego Statue of Liberty is a set that is aimed more at adults, as it does not have any play functions. 

This set is likely to be very popular with a broad target group of collectors and enthusiasts in the future, which speaks for a good investment.

Lego® Statue of Liberty EOL in the near future?

Lego's® Lady Liberty has been on the market for a longer than average period of time. It is expected to disappear from the market at the end of 2022 or 2023, so Lego collectors and investors still have some time to buy the set for a good price. 

But you shouldn't be too late: shortly after the EOL date, the price of architecture sets will rise sharply. Therefore, if you want to have a profitable investment, you should get in before EOL, but never miss the time.

How cheap can you buy the Lego® Statue of Liberty?

As already mentioned, heavy discounts are not uncommon within the Lego® Architecture theme. The Statue of Liberty set can be bought for 65 to 75€ with good availability. This should already be a good purchase price for long-term investors. Economy foxes can speculate on acquiring the set with up to 50% discount. 

This has already been possible on Architecture several times and is not excluded here either. In our opinion, the set is definitely worth buying for 65€ or less.

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Conclusion: The Lego® Statue of Liberty is a good investment

The Lego® Statue of Liberty is one of the better investments in the already attractive Architecture theme world. If you compare the set with other sets from the theme series, you can assume a rapid doubling of the RRP within 2-3 years. Considering the other advantages, such as the number and exclusivity of the parts, even more is conceivable here. Successful building techniques and good reviews round off this set. A clear recommendation for collectors and investors.

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