Lego® BrickHeadz 75317 The Mandalorian™ and the Child Review and Investment Analysis

🗓 Thu, 12 May 2022

The Mandalorian and Grogu have caused a stir for their appearance from episode 5 of the new Star Wars series "The Book of Boba Fett". Episodes 5 and 6 are the best of the entire season, according to users of the Internet Movie Database IMDB. The good ratings come from the enthusiasm for the two characters. The same enthusiasm for the series "The Mandalorian". This enthusiasm makes the Lego set "The Mandalorian and the Child" particularly exciting for collectors and that is why we want to take a closer look at the set in this review.

Do Lego® BrickHeadz have the greatest collecting potential?

The first BrickHeadz appeared exclusively at San Diego Comic Con in July 2016 and have enjoyed great popularity among collectors ever since. Due to the exclusivity and the now popular series of BrickHeadz, the prices of the first models have risen to an incredible 1000€. An example is the 2nd BrickHeadz model 41491 Batman & The Joker.

The BrickHeadz Theme World

The specifications of the Lego® Brickheadz models are all similar and can be summarised as follows:

  • Bricks: 100 to 300
  • RRP: 15 to 25€ 
  • Frequently licensed products: DC Universe, Marvel, Star Wars 
  • Seasonal BrickHeadz themes: Easter, Halloween or Christmas

The price development of BrickHeadz sets is usually very good and an increase in value to 25€ to 50€ 1-2 years after End of Life is realistic. In addition, the low prices make it easy to build up a diversified portfolio in the beginning. Another advantage is the good storability of the sets, due to the small size of the BrickHeadz sets. However, the fixed shipping costs come into play when selling. All in all, BrickHeadz is a very good theme to start investing in. Later, however, you should add larger sets as diversification.

Facts: Lego® BrickHeadz 75317 The Mandalorian™ and the Child

The best prices for this set are around 12€. This results in a part price of about 4 cents! The part out value is currently 32€. This gives you a very good POV rate of just under 3. 

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Star Wars Series "The Mandalorian"

The Lego® Star Wars 75317 The Mandalorian & the Child set is from the 2019 Star Wars series "The Mandalorian". Lucasfilm has been working with Lego® since 1999. The cooperation has now been successfully releasing Lego sets for over 20 years. 

The series "The Mandalorian" is a highlight of the last few years for all Star Wars fans and was very successful. Especially the audience favourite Grogu was able to conquer the hearts of the fans. The main character, the Mandalorian, and Grogu are both included in this BrickHeadz set. The successful Lego Star Wars series and the recent series success with "The Mandalorian" lead us to hope for a very strong performance of this set.

Unique piece in the Lego® collection with potential to increase in value?

Comparable sets to this one are few and far between, as the series is still very new, but that can also be a great opportunity. The first sets of a series are often particularly sought after by collectors. 

The bounty hunter Boba Fett, who also wears Mandalorian armour, got a Brickheadz in 2018 with the number 41629. The BrickHeadz has some external similarities to the Mandalorian and the set has increased significantly in price from an RRP of €10 to around €50.

Lego 41629 price trend

The interest in the Mandalorian can also be seen very well in the price development of the
Lego® Star Wars™ 75292 The Razor Crest™. The set was hard to get before Christmas 2020, due to low availability on and Amazon, and so the price rose from 129,99€ RRP on eBay and Bricklink to about 230€. And that's for a set with only 1023 pieces! 

Lego 75292 price trend

The high prices show how popular the set and the series are. When the set became available again more often, the market price dropped back to the RRP. Even though there are no directly comparable sets, both sets speak for a good value development of the Mandalorian and the child.

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Due to the popularity of Lego® Star Wars, the series "The Mandalorian" and the child Grogu, the target group for the set is very large and the next seasons of the series are expected to ensure even greater popularity. The large target audience could ensure an equally large demand for the End of Life, which could see the price rise very quickly.

When the End of Life set will go is still unclear. We think 2022 or 2023 is realistic. We assume a value increase to 30€ to 50€ 1-2 years after End of Life and thus give it a clear buy recommendation.

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