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LEGO® Architecture 21042 Statue of Liberty

The Lego set Statue of Liberty with the Lego number 21042 is part of the LEGO Architecture theme and is recommended for ages 16+. The set was released in May of 2018. The model consists of a total of 1685 parts and we estimate it takes you around 4 - 5 hours to build it. The set was designed by Rok Zgalin Kobe.
The set weighs around 1.440 kg in total. Its dimensions are 7.5 x 13.9 x 4.6 inch( 19.1 x 35.4 x 11.8 cm). The recommended retail price is 119.99$.
Our Brickfact Lego price comparison compares prices from 3 shops for this set. Currently has the lowest price at 116.82$. This corresponds to a per piece price of 0.07$. With this offer, you save 3.17$ off the suggested retail price and get the set at a 3% discount.
You will also receive 780 Insiders points if you decide to buy the set from the official Lego store. You can exchange them for discount coupons for future purchases.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about 127.90$. You save around 11.08$ if you buy this set directly at instead of purchasing the bricks on Therefore, the current best offer has a POV rate of 1.09. The POV Rate is the ratio of Part-Out-Value to the current best price on

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Lego 21042 product data

Set Information

Set ID
Rok Zgalin Kobe
Building Time
4 - 5 hours
Age Range


Retiring Status
Middle of Life (12/2025)

Price Information

Insiders Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value


1.440 kg
Packaging dimensions
7.5 x 13.9 x 4.6 in

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Official Set Description for LEGO 21042 Statue of Liberty

Celebrate a monumental blend of architecture and sculpture with this LEGO® Architecture 21042 The Statue of Liberty set. America’s iconic symbol of freedom stands more than 305 feet above Liberty Island in New York harbor, welcoming seafarers from around the globe. This impressive LEGO interpretation faithfully reproduces the monument's harmonious blend of sculpture and architecture with its intricately detailed shield-lined pedestal, brick detailing and columned balconies. The beautifully crafted Lady Liberty statue features a flowing robe, broken shackles, 7-ray crown, iconic tablet and an upraised arm bearing a golden torch. Finished with an authentic sand-green and beige color scheme, and a decorative nameplate, this model delivers a highly satisfying building experience to all with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design, and makes a truly symbolic centerpiece for the home or office.

  • LEGO® Architecture interpretation of the real-world architectural landmark, the Statue of Liberty.
  • Features an intricately detailed pedestal with shield & brick detailing, columned balconies, and a Lady Liberty statue with a flowing robe, 7-ray crown, iconic tablet and golden torch.
  • The included booklet contains information about the design, architecture and history of the building (English and French languages only. Other languages available for download at
  • LEGO® Architecture celebrates the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick, and is developed for all with an interest in travel, architecture, history and design.
  • This set includes over 1,685 LEGO® pieces.
  • Enjoy a pleasantly challenging and rewarding building experience with this LEGO® Architecture set.
  • Measures over 17” (44cm) high, 5” (14cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.

Building Instruction for LEGO 21042 Statue of Liberty

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