Top 5 Lego® Investment Sets 2022 under 200€

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Would you like to start investing in Lego® or expand your existing portfolio? With our Top 5 Lego Investment Sets under 200€ you have the possibility to build up a diversified investment portfolio. If you have a smaller budget, our Top 5 Investments Sets under 50€ are very suitable. 

Lego sets that will be going EOL (End of Life) in the foreseeable future and can still be bought cheaply are suitable investments. 

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In the following investment analyses, you will learn why we assume a good performance and what the investment potentials of the respective sets are.

1.Lego® Ideas 21324 123 Sesame Street

Ernie, Bert or the Cookie Monster - the characters of Sesame Street, first broadcast in 1972, are still very popular today. With theLego® Ideas 21324 123 Sesame Street Lego® specifically addresses the AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) target group, but also fans of the cult series. This target group already accounts for 1/10 of the annual turnover of the Danish block manufacturer and is considered to be a strong buyer.

Sesame Street fans as a target group

The 21324 123 Sesame Street is available at a fair RRP of 119,99€. The part out value is very good in relation to the RRP and the average part price is favourable at 8.78 ct/part. The highlight of the set are the exclusive minifigures included. They are unique in their kind and, according to Bricklink, already make up more than ⅖ of the RRP at around €50. 

The 21324 123 Sesame Street is a D2C set (Direct to Customer). D2C sets are often only distributed by Lego® itself during the 3 months. At a later date, they are also available from exclusive partners such as Amazon or Galeria. Because of the exclusive marketing, Sesame Street can rarely be bought with discounts. It is a good idea to buy Lego sets of the Ideas theme in combination with VIP points and GWPs. In the case of double VIP point campaigns, you even get 10% of the purchase price credited in the form of VIP points.

2.​​Lego® Star Wars 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser

Star Wars is one of the most popular Lego® themed worlds ever. The 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser is known from the 2nd season of the Disney series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The Lego Star Wars set was released in August 2021 and is expected to go EOL in 2022.

Investment potential through exclusive minifigures

The 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser has a Star Wars licence, which is a positive feature for an investment. The RRP of €159.99 is acceptable in relation to the part out value. Typical for a licensed Lego set is the high parts price of almost 12 ct/part. The Star Wars set is sold exclusively by Lego® and some exclusive partners. 

From an investment point of view, the fact that this is the first Lego Light Cruiser is positive. As mentioned at the beginning, the Light Cruiser is an integral part of the second season of "Star Wars: The Mandalorian". The series is available to stream exclusively on Disney+. The series is known worldwide and is very popular with fans of the Star Wars saga. Accordingly, the sales market is large, which is positive for the time after EOL, as a high demand can be assumed.

Another highlight of the Lego Star Wars set are the included minifigures. The 2 exclusive minifigures have a value of €80.30 according to Bricklink. With the remaining 4 non-exclusive minifigures, the set has a total value of 122.46€. This is more than ¾ of the RRP. 

Due to the very good key data of the Light Cruiser, we assume a very good performance after EOL. With regard to the exclusive minifigures, however, the risk of a re-release of the minifigures included in the set must be taken into account. In addition, Lego may re-release the exclusive minifigures in another set at a later date. 

Due to the exclusive marketing, the 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser can rarely be bought below RRP. Buying below RRP is possible at in combination with VIP points or GWPs. How to buy exclusive and part-exclusive Lego sets at best prices, we have summarised for you in theGuide Buy Lego cheap .

3.Lego® DC Comics Super Heroes 76161 1989 Batwing

The Batman film adaptations are known worldwide and have a large fan community. As part of the Lego® DC theme, the 76161 1989 Batwing was released in 2020.

Film sets as investment

The76161 1989 Batwing is available at a fair RRP. The POV of just under 470€ is considerable and the average parts price for a licensed Lego® set is reasonable. The Batwing is distributed by Lego® as an 18+ set. The target audience is mostly fans of the DC movies and the AFOL community. There are 3 minifigures included in the set, 2 of which are exclusive. According to the Lego marketplace Bricklink, they have a value of over 90€. In addition, the kit includes a wall mount and a nameplate with the most important facts and figures of the Batwing. These factors make the 76161 1989 Batwing particularly interesting for collectors. 

The past has proven that DC themed sets are extremely popular among the Lego fan community. The 76139 1989 Batmobile went EOL at the end of 2021 and has already increased in value by 40% in relation to the RRP by the beginning of July 2022. Since the sets are similar in nature, we assume a similar value development for the 76161 1989 Batwing.

Value Increase Lego® 76161 1989 Batwing

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The 76161 1989 Batwing is a D2C set. The Batwing is on sale for under 180€. Since the EOL date is approaching, good discounts are becoming rarer. Alternatively, you can buy the DC set directly at in combination with VIP points or GWPs, so you can easily buy it for less than the RRP. 

4. Lego® Star Wars 75255 Yoda

With the 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser, there is already a Lego® Star Wars set to choose from that is suitable for children as well as adults. The 75255 Yoda, on the other hand, is aimed primarily at adult fans of the Star Wars saga and the AFOL community. Yoda is also expected to disappear from the market in 2022. 

Iconic Star Wars character

The average part price of the 75255 Yoda is pleasantly low compared to other sets in the Lego® Star Wars theme. In contrast, the part out value is not particularly good, but still acceptable. The Yoda set is very suitable as a display item and the demand for the set has been high in the past. After all, it is one of the most famous film characters of the space saga. In the offer a purchase between 70 to 90€ is possible. We recommend that you don't wait too long before buying, as prices are already rising.

5.Lego® Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender

The 42110 Land Rover Defender is the first Lego® Technic set to make it into our Top 5 Investments! This iconic model was released in 2019 and will also leave us in 2022.

Lego® Set for car fans

The key data of the 42110 Land Rover Defender are good. The set is suitable for teenagers or adult car fans. Accordingly, the target group is large, which is positive for an investment. 

In the case of Lego® Technic sets, the purchase price is particularly important for the subsequent performance. Discounts of over 30% are not uncommon and necessary for a successful investment. The 42110 Land Rover Defender is still on sale for just under 120€. 

Brickfact price comparison helps you buy Lego sets at the best price and choose from a list of retailers.

Bonus Investment Tips for 2022

In selecting our Top 5 Lego® investment sets, we are convinced of a good to very good performance. In exceptional cases, it can also happen that sets increase in value only slowly or not at all for any reason. However, the past has shown that such cases are an exception. 

As a highlight, we have prepared 3 more Lego sets that only just missed our top 5. Of course, we don't want to withhold these from you. In the following, we briefly present the respective sets and share our assessment of their investment suitability..

Lego® Creator Expert 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

After a short market run of not quite 1 ½ years, the 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van leaves the trade. Despite a long availability of more than 9 years, the predecessor model has convinced with a good value development until today. Whether this scenario will also apply to the 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van remains exciting. This model is also one of the most famous cars in history. The VW brand has a large fan community, which is interesting from an investment perspective.

On offer, the T2 Camper Van can be bought for under 130€. For a D2C with an RRP of 159.99€, this is an acceptable price.

Lego® Ideas 92176 LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V

Lego® surprised its fan community at the end of 2020 with the 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V. It is the new edition of the popular 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V, which went EOL at the end of 2019. The 2 identical sets differ only in the set number.

Lego® surprised its fan community at the end of 2020 with the 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V. It is the new edition of the popular 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V, which went EOL at the end of 2019. The 2 identical sets differ only in the set number.

Lego® 21309 price trend

How the value development of the two rockets will look after EOL remains exciting. Due to the exclusive marketing by Lego, the 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V can rarely be bought cheaply. A purchase in combination with VIP points and GWPs seems to be the most attractive.

Lego® Creator Expert 10275 Elf Club House

Lego® sets from the Winter Village Collection are very popular. They are especially in demand during the Christmas season. The individual buildings of the series can be put together to create an individual Christmas village. At a good purchase price, the sets of the series are very suitable for an investment. Examples include the 10267 Gingerbread House, which went EOL in 2019, or the 10249 Winter Toy Shop from 2015.

The 10275 Elf Club House continues the series and is expected to go EOL in 2022. It should be noted that the ideal time to sell is at winter time. Currently, the 10275 Elf Club House is still available below the RRP of 89,99€.


The opportunities to build a diversified Lego® portfolio are great. Don't wait too long to buy, the prices of many sets with an EOL date of 2022 are already rising. 

For further diversification, our Top 5 Investment Sets under 100€ are very suitable. 

Are you interested in more investment tips? In the Brickfact app you can explicitly filter for Lego sets that are worth investing in. The Brickfact app is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

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