The most popular sets from Lego® collectors in October 2022

🗓 Wed, 02 Nov 2022
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With the Brickfact app, Lego® enthusiasts can easily manage their collection. After the purchases and, if applicable, sales have been entered, you get a comprehensive overview of your own collection. For example, the number of bricks, sets, and themed worlds can be seen, as well as the monetary gain or loss that regularly occurs due to changes in the value of the sets in one's own collection. In this article, I took a look at the most popular sets of Lego collectors in October 2022. To find out, I have determined the top 10 most entered sets by users at Brickfact in October.

We will not only look at which sets are currently very popular with Lego collectors but also at how many euros on average had to be spent on the sets. To make this little analysis more meaningful, we filtered out purchases where the alleged purchase price is higher than the RRP of the set, as these are probably input errors.

1. GWP: Ray the castaway

Most Brickfact Lego® collectors added the GWP Ray the Castaway to their collection, which was available from Lego as part of a promotion.

The average purchase price was $0.15. Since a GWP is added to the cart at no extra cost, most collectors enter the set for a purchase price of $0. Another option is to deduct the value of the GWP from the purchased sets as a "discount" and enter the GWP for the MSRP. Both options are plausible and do not differ in the result. However, the low average purchase price shows that most collectors prefer the former option and enter the GWP for a $0 purchase price.

2. GWP: Spooky VIP Add on Pack

The fact that the second most popular set is once again a GWP is hardly surprising. After all, very many users get the same promotional GWPs during regular Lego® promotions. This GWP has added only a few users less than the frontrunner Ray the castaway. The average purchase price for this GWP was $0.37.

3. GWP: Mysterious Witch

Third place is also unsurprisingly occupied by a GWP. Here, the average registered purchase price was $0.74.

4. Clone Troopers

In fourth place, for the first time, there is no GWP, but a popular Star Wars set.

Here, collectors bought an average of 2.3 sets at once - the top value in this list! The average purchase price was $20.16.

5. GWP: Santa Claus front yard

A large number of Lego® fans added another GWP to their collection in October. The GWP was available as part of some promotions in the Lego online store. The average purchase price was $0.57.

6. AT-ST on Hoth

Another Star Wars set makes it into the top 10 most purchased sets by Brickfact users. Brickfact users achieved a very good average purchase price of $29.70.

With the help of the Brickfact Lego® Deals, some of you might have been able to get it for even less: We published the set for $29.41 as Amazon Deal.

7. Mandalorian Forge: (Part) Exclusive Set

A very popular set especially among collectors is the Mandalorian Forge, not least because of two exclusive minifigures. The D2C Lego® set is (partly) exclusively available at Lego with an RRP of $29.99.

With VIP points and GWP actions, the purchase price can be reduced, so that here an average purchase price of $26.12 can be booked with our collectors.

8. Batman mask

On average, our users bought these for $45.88. The purchase was especially attractive in October directly from Lego due to a 2x VIP promotion, which included the "Ray the Castaway" GWP.

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

The fact that Lego® Star Wars is the biggest themed world is also reflected in this top 10 list: 9th place among the most purchased sets is occupied by another Star Wars set. The average purchase price of our users was 20.08. Compared to the RRP, this is a very good purchase price. For example, this was possible with one of our deals, which informed us about a price of $19.32 at Amazon.

10. Scout Trooper Helmet

How could it be otherwise: The ranking is also rounded out by a Star Wars set, the Scout Trooper helmet. The helmet will probably go EOL at the end of the year and is therefore particularly interesting for purchases from Lego® investors. These were able to achieve an average purchase price of $34.12 in October. A really strong price.


For the first time, we analyzed the purchases of Lego® fans, collectors, and investors in more detail. Unsurprisingly, many GWPs appear in the top 10 list. After all, Lego® GWP promotions are very popular. It is striking that Brickfact users consistently achieve very good purchase prices. One reason for this may be our Brickfact Deals, which regularly inform our users about top prices and attractive promotions. Although this article can of course also be a bit of a comparison for the "goodness" of our own purchase prices, we should not forget that our beautiful hobby should first and foremost be fun.

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