The 15 best Lego® sets under $100: Our selection

🗓 Tue, 30 Jan 2024

Discover the world of Lego® with our comprehensive list of the 15 top Lego sets priced under $100. These sets provide a combination of creativity, education, and entertainment for children, adults, and Lego aficionados of all ages. From recreating renowned scenes in Star Wars and Avatar to delving into the mesmerizing realms of Harry Potter and the exquisite beauty of nature, our selection encompasses a wide array of themes and interests.

These sets not only serve as an introduction to engineering and design principles but also foster imagination and storytelling. As you continue to expand your Lego collection, it is essential to maintain and care for your bricks. Learn how to keep your Lego sets in top condition by following our step-by-step guide on cleaning your Lego. Whether you aspire to become a Jedi master, an architecture enthusiast, or a Marvel Super Hero fan, embark on a remarkable journey with our best Lego sets under $100 and unlock your creative potential.

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1. Lego® Star Wars 75362 Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle

An exceptional choice for under $100, the Lego® Star Wars 75362 Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle combines detailed design with movie-inspired excitement. Ideal for kids ages 9 and up, this set features a highly detailed model with an opening cockpit, retractable landing gear and interactive features such as stud shooters.

The inclusion of four new minifigures, including Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren, adds immense play value and collectibility, appealing to young fans and collectors alike. The set's compatibility with the Lego Builder app enhances the building experience, making it a top choice for engaging young Star Wars enthusiasts in creative play.

Embark on an extraordinary intergalactic adventure with this remarkable set and discover more exceptional Lego sets at the best Lego sets from movies and series.

2. Lego® Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft

Introducing the Lego® Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft, a fascinating and educational building challenge for children aged 10 and up. This model airplane toy set is inspired by real-life fire planes and offers a plethora of features that demonstrate how various functions work in harmony during firefighting operations. As one of the best Lego sets under 100, it provides great value for the level of detail and functionality offered.

The Firefighter Aircraft set offers an engaging project for children and adults to enjoy together. With adjustable landing gear, spinning propellers, and moving tail flaps, kids will delight in discovering the numerous functional details. The set also includes blue Lego elements for loading the firefighting aircraft with 'water,' enabling children to open the hatch and douse imaginary fires as they learn how firefighter aircraft extinguish fires.

This creative introduction to engineering allows young builders to explore realistic movement and mechanisms, offering an accessible and practical glimpse into the world of engineering. By downloading the Lego Builder app, users can experience a new level of building fun, featuring 3D model zooming and rotation, set saving, and progress tracking.

3. Lego® Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone

The Lego® Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone set is a perfect nostalgic gift for adult film and Lego enthusiasts. Faithfully recreate the Green Hill Zone's iconic elements, such as the palm tree, bridge loop, rings, TV screens, Dr. Eggman's Eggmobile, and the Super Sonic Jump spring. Positioned among the best Lego sets under $100, this model features a valuable Sonic minifigure and figures of Dr. Eggman, Moto Bug, and Crabmeat.

Customize the level layout and re-enact memorable scenes with limitless possibilities. Progress through the build and collect Chaos Emeralds, just like in the game, showcasing all seven on the provided stand with the Sonic minifigure.

4. Lego® Star Wars 75352 Emperor's Throne Room Diorama

One of the best Lego® sets under $100, the Lego Star Wars 75352 Emperor's Throne Room diorama set offers fans an exciting and immersive building experience. This set meticulously recreates the iconic scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where the climactic confrontation between Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine takes place. It features a specially designed Death Star window, Emperor Palpatine's rotating throne and three minifigures - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, both with lightsabers, and Emperor Palpatine with his Sith lightning elements - to add authenticity and dynamism to the display.

This set is specifically designed for adult fans of the Star Wars saga, which is reflected in the intricate details and complexity of the build. It is not just a toy, but a collectible piece of memorabilia that celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, as evidenced by the commemorative plaques included.

5. Lego® Avatar 75579 Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit

Explore the depths of Pandora's oceans with the Lego® Avatar 75579 Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit set, one of the best Lego sets under $100. This engaging set allows fans to readjust scenes from the film using the posable Tulkun figure, Crabsuit submersible, and exclusive Lo'ak, Tsireya, and Crabsuit Driver minifigures. For more Lego inspiration, check out the best Lego sets of all time. This 10+ Lego Avatar set is perfect for imaginative play and dynamic displays, appealing to both kids and film enthusiasts. Collect and combine Lego Avatar sets to expand play possibilities or build your own version of Pandora, immersing yourself in the captivating world of the Avatar movie series.

6. Lego® Creator 31120 Medieval Castle

Embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of chivalry, dragons, and daring adventures with the Lego® Creator 31120 Medieval Castle. This exceptional 3-in-1 set, one of the few medieval-themed offerings, enables young builders to construct a castle tower or marketplace, in addition to the main castle. The meticulously designed 2-floored castle features an opening gate, water mill, prison, king's room, three minifigures, a blacksmith and two medieval guards with formidable weapons and additional elements such as a dragon toy, three chickens, and a rat for an engaging storytelling experience.

The castle tower is equipped with a working catapult toy, while the medieval marketplace comprises a water mill, guard tower, and prison. This set is undeniably among the best Lego sets under $100.

7. Lego® Technic 42170 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Motorcycle

The Lego® Technic 42170 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Motorcycle is a remarkable example of a high-quality, affordable Lego set priced under $100.

It stands out as an exceptional choice for young Lego enthusiasts and budding engineers ages 10 and up. A faithful replica of the esteemed Kawasaki Ninja H2R, one of the fastest production motorcycles in the world, this 1:8 scale model is not only a tribute to the iconic original, but also an engaging and educational experience in mechanical engineering and technology.

This set stands out for its attention to detail and functionality. It features a variety of realistic features such as steering, suspension, 2-speed transmission and a meticulously crafted 4-piston articulated engine complete with supercharger. These elements not only mimic the mechanics of the actual motorcycle, but also provide an interactive and hands-on learning opportunity for kids. The special windshield element with custom decoration and the prominently displayed Kawasaki logo on both sides of the fuel tank add to the model's authenticity and visual appeal. Explore other best Lego presents to find the perfect gift for any event.

8. Lego® Harry Potter 76402 Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office

Introducing one of the best Lego® sets under $100: the enchanting Lego Harry Potter 76402 Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office. This magical playset, designed for witches, wizards, and muggles aged 8 and up, is brimming with features that inspire imaginative play.

The multi-level Hogwarts playset brings to life iconic movie moments with authentic details and realistic accessories. Including 6 minifigures, 3 of which are exclusive to this set – Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Argus Filch, and Madam Pince – young fans can recreate their favorite adventures. Highlights include Harry's Invisibility Cloak, the Pensieve memory keeper, the legendary Sword of Gryffindor, the celebrated Sorting Hat, and baby Fawkes rising from the ashes.

9. Lego® Ideas 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera

Step back in time and create a masterpiece of photographic history with the Lego® Ideas 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera Set. More than just a building experience, this extraordinary LEGO set is a nostalgic journey to the golden era of instant photography. Designed for adults who appreciate the art of photography, this set is an exquisite tribute to the iconic Polaroid OneStep SX-70 camera, celebrated for its revolutionary impact on photography. With intricate detail and interactive features, this Lego set is an unparalleled choice for enthusiasts and collectors, all under $100.

10. Lego® Harry Potter 76428 Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit

The Lego® Harry Potter 76428 Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit set is an exceptional choice for fans of the Harry Potter series, especially those looking for a high-quality Lego experience for under $100. This set meticulously recreates the beloved Hagrid's Hut from the Harry Potter universe, offering both authenticity and a richly detailed design. The removable roof and opening feature provide easy access to the interior, which is filled with intricate elements such as Hagrid's fold-out chair and a dragon egg to enhance the play experience.

A highlight of the set is the inclusion of seven Lego minifigures:

  • Harry Potter
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Rubeus Hagrid
  • Norbert the dragon
  • Fang the dog

Including 7 minifigures this set allows you to recreate classic scenes and expand your collection of the coolest Lego minifigures.

11. Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76285 Spider-Man's Mask

A standout set for under $100, Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76285 Spider-Man's Mask offers a unique and rewarding experience for adult fans of Marvel and Spider-Man. A perfect blend of collectible art and nostalgic play, this set brings the beloved character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a tangible form.

The 487-piece model is a detailed and authentic representation of Spider-Man's iconic mask, a symbol instantly recognizable to fans around the world. Standing over 7.5 inches tall on a sturdy stand with a nameplate, it captures the essence of Spider-Man's character, making it a striking display piece. The set's appeal extends beyond its visual accuracy; it's a rewarding challenge that offers a challenging building experience that immerses modelers in comic book history.

12. Lego® Creator Expert 10298 Vespa 125

Celebrate the spirit of Italian design with the Lego® Creator Expert 10298 Vespa 125. This sophisticated set is inspired by the iconic 1960s Vespa Piaggio and features a stunning pastel blue color, which includes some rare Lego pieces. In collaboration with the lifestyle brand, Lego designers crafted an immersive build for adults to mark Vespa's 75th anniversary.

The model showcases authentic details, such as the front wheel mounted on one side, two seats, a brick-built engine with a removable cover, a functioning kickstand, and working steering. Additional touches include the Vespa logo, a classic 1960s Italian license plate, a spare wheel, a helmet, and an accessories basket with a flower bouquet. With a Part out Value of about $190, this set offers great value for both collectors and hobbyists, especially those interested in parting out Lego sets.

Designed for Vespa enthusiasts and Lego collectors alike, this elegant build is considered one of the best Lego sets under $100. Stimulate creativity and concentration while assembling this stylish display piece for the home or office.

13. Lego® Creator Expert 10313 Wildflower Bouquet

Embrace the beauty of nature with the Lego® Creator Expert 10313 Wildflower Bouquet. This innovative and timeless gift is part of the Botanical Collection and is considered one of the best Lego sets under $100. The Wildflower Bouquet offers a unique and engaging building experience for budding florists and flower enthusiasts alike.

This set features eight species of wildflowers on adjustable stems, including cornflowers, lavender, Welsh poppies, cow parsley, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies, larkspur, and lupins. The intricate Lego pieces allow for hours of building and exploring, while the completed bouquet can be displayed in a favorite vase as a stunning piece of home decor.

The Lego Botanical Collection is designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating several elements made from plant-based plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane.

14. Lego® Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle

Immerse yourself in the world of Batman with the Lego® Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle, a thrilling building experience for fans aged 9 and up.

As one of the best Lego sets under $100, this set is inspired by the 2022 THE BATMAN movie and allows builders to recreate Batman's iconic motorcycle in Lego Technic form.

This authentic scale model is packed with features, such as steering, suspension, and a chain drive that connects the articulating H4 engine to the back wheel. A kickstand is also included, so kids can proudly display their collectible model. The Batcycle is perfect for both play and display, showcasing the passion for Batman.

15. Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76248 The Avengers Quinjet

The Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76248 The Avengers Quinjet is a fantastic building experience for kids aged 9 and up. As one of the best Lego sets under $100, this set allows young builders to recreate the iconic Super Hero aircraft from the Marvel movies, fueling endless Avengers adventures.

This impressively detailed and reconfigurable Quinjet features an opening cockpit, passenger area, rear section, retractable undercarriage, and adjustable wings. The set includes 5 iconic minifigures - Black Widow, Thor with his hammer, Iron Man, Captain America with his shield, and Loki with his scepter - with 4 of them being exclusive to this set. Kids can choose to decorate the Quinjet with either Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. insignias using the 2 provided sticker sheets.

The 15 best Lego® sets under $100: Our conclusion

In conclusion, our curated selection of the 15 best Lego sets under $100 caters to a diverse range of interests and age groups. These sets not only offer hours of entertainment and imaginative play but also serve as valuable learning tools for engineering, architecture, and design concepts. By engaging with these sets, builders can develop essential problem-solving, creativity, and storytelling skills. With our recommendations, you can find the perfect Lego set to captivate and challenge both seasoned enthusiasts and novice builders. For those interested in exploring the investment potential of Lego sets, discover the best retiring Lego investment sets 2024. Remember to maintain your Lego collection by following proper cleaning techniques, ensuring your bricks remain in pristine condition for years to come. So, delve into the exciting world of Lego and unlock endless possibilities for creativity and entertainment.

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