Building Lego® houses: Step-by-step instructions

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Whether young or old, Lego® houses are popular among all age groups and it's hard to imagine cities made of bricks without them. In addition to the option of buying the cherished buildings, it is equally possible to build Lego houses yourself. 

Lego houses are available for both children and adult builders. For children, Lego houses represent a place to play and be creative. Adults build Lego houses themselves and use them to add to their miniature city made of bricks. 

In this guide we show you how to build Lego houses yourself and where to find the necessary building instructions. 

As part of a checklist, we show you what you should pay attention to when building Lego houses. Furthermore, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you, with the help of which you can build your first Lego house.

Lego® building houses for kids

Lego® houses are available for children of all ages. Building Lego houses themselves challenges and encourages children in areas such as creativity, adaptability and patience. In addition, the building process is a lot of fun. 

When children build Lego houses themselves, they don't have to follow fixed building instructions, but instead give free rein to their creativity and can test and implement their own building ideas as they see fit. This helps to discover and learn new building techniques. 

Lego brick boxes are particularly suitable for building Lego houses.

Lego® Classic 11717 Bricks Bricks Plates

  • Number of parts: 1.504
  • Highlight: Contains plates

Lego® 11717 Brick Box

11717 Bricks Bricks Plates

In the Lego® Classic 11717 Bricks Bricks Plates Box , in addition to numerous bricks, several plates are also included on which Lego houses can be built. If special bricks or door elements are needed, it is recommended to buy them on Lego marketplaces like BrickLink. In our buy Lego parts guide we show you how to order single parts on e.g. BrickLink.

Building instructions for children

One way to build Lego® houses is to give free rein to your creativity and start building without instructions. It is also possible to use existing building instructions or pictures as inspiration and copy Lego houses. However, care should be taken to ensure that the complexity of the building instructions is appropriate for the age of the children using them. 

Lego Friends houses are particularly popular with girls from around 6 years of age. For boys of the same age, it's Lego City houses. You can find building instructions for these and even more themed worlds at Lego Online Customer Service.

Instructions for building Lego houses are available for the most diverse types of buildings: 

  • Residential buildings
  • Schools
  • Houses

Photo platforms like Pinterest can also serve as inspiration. As a tip, you can print out pictures of Lego houses for your child. This way, the child can build houses out of Lego at will and has an aid. 

Lego® building houses for adults

Adult builders build Lego® houses for their personal city out of bricks and thus complement existing buildings such as modulars of the Modulars of the Creator Expert theme. In this Lego theme, there are many different Lego houses. However, if you are looking for houses that do not yet exist in this form or if you want to get creative yourself, you can build Lego houses yourself. 

There are many inspirations and building instructions. On the one hand, there is the possibility to view building instructions for building Lego houses at the Lego Online Customer Service and download them for free as PDFs.  

On the other hand, the photo platform Pinterest also serves as a source of inspiration.

For experienced builders, MOC houses are also an interesting alternative. Lego MOCs (My Own Creation) are Lego buildings that have been designed by fans. As a rule, the buildings are sophisticated and consist of many parts. You can find building instructions for Lego MOCs for building Lego houses on the following platforms, among others:

In our Lego MOC Guide we show you how to build your first MOC out of Lego bricks.

Building Lego® houses: Checklist

In our checklist we go into what you should pay attention to when building your Lego house. We will also show you two ways to build a Lego house.

Which Lego® house should be built?

First of all, it is important to clarify which Lego house will be built. The number of options for building Lego houses is considerable. There are Lego houses for toddlers, children, teenagers or even for adult builders. 

Once the question is answered, for whom the Lego house is intended, it should be decided what kind of building it should be. In addition to simple houses, there are equally more complex buildings such as shopping malls, apartment buildings or even tree houses. Other points that are relevant in the selection of the Lego house are, for example, the following:

  • Style 
  • Color 
  • Number of stones

Further, it should be decided whether the Lego house is intended for play or will serve as an exhibit. If you plan to build a Lego house for playing, the house should have, for example, an easy-to-open roof. An open front or back is also interesting, so the Lego house can be played with like a dollhouse.

The planning phase

Once it has been decided how the Lego® house is to be built and designed, the planning phase can begin. There are two possibilities for this, on the one hand you can create a concrete plan and pre-plan your Lego house in detail before you start building. On the other hand, it is also possible to give free rein to your creativity and start building the Lego house without pre-planning.

Building Lego® houses with plan

In advance, it can be helpful to gather inspiration for your own building project. At Lego Online Customer Service, you have access to numerous Lego house building instructions. Best of all, the building instructions can be downloaded free of charge. 

Other sources of inspiration can be found on photo platforms such as Pinterest. In case you want to build a large and complex Lego house, Lego MOCs are also interesting, as already mentioned. 

In our Lego MOC Guide, we specifically go into how you can plan and build a MOC out of Lego bricks. 

Before you start building your Lego house, you should have enough Lego bricks available. Special Lego bricks in larger quantities can be bought on online marketplaces like BrickLink. In our Lego parts guide, we have recorded how you buy Lego bricks best. 

As part of the planning phase, it is also helpful to pre-plan the Lego house virtually. This is exactly what you can do with the freeBrickLink Studio. With the help of the planning program, you can prebuild your Lego house and adjust it if necessary before you start with the actual construction.

Build Lego® houses by creativity

In addition to the previously mentioned option of building a Lego® house according to a plan, it is also possible to give free rein to your creativity and start building without pre-planning. In the following section we will show you how to build a simple Lego house. 

Lego® house building: Step-by-step

You have decided to build a Lego® house and let your creativity run wild? In the following, we will show you how to build a Lego house with step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: The base

First of all, you need a foundation on which you can build your Lego® house. A smooth surface such as a table is suitable for this purpose. A better option, however, is Lego baseplate, on which you can build a wide variety of structures from bricks. Lego baseplates are available in different sizes and colors.

Step 2: The basic structure

To make the construction of the Lego® house a success, you should start by building the outer walls. Here it can be helpful to mark the area with Lego bricks that is to be built on. This is important in case you want to add a garden later on, for example. 

When building the outer walls, make sure that the Lego bricks are not placed exclusively on top of each other. If possible, you should place the individual Lego bricks on top of each other in a staggered manner so that the construction is more stable.

Lego® Haus Außenwände

Step 3: The interior

Before you start decorating your Lego® house, you should build the interior walls. These can be placed individually. You also have the option of integrating doors

When the interior walls are ready, you can start with the interior design. As possible furnishings you can build, for example, a bed, a wardrobe or even a sofa out of Lego bricks.

Step 4: The roof

To prevent your minifigures from getting cold in the Lego® house, you should build a roof. On the one hand, you can build a roof that is loosely attached to the Lego house. This is recommended if you want to play with the house. On the other hand, you can also build a Lego house with a fixed roof. 

Step 5: The final touch

Last but not least, you can embellish your Lego® house with decorative elements. For the outdoor area, there is the possibility of fencing the Lego house to make it appear realistic. Further you can equip the garden with Lego plants. 

Of course, the Lego house can be rebuilt at will even after construction is complete. Long building and playing fun are guaranteed.

Build Lego® houses: Our conclusion

There are numerous ways to build Lego® houses. For both children and adult builders, there are different building instructions and sources of inspiration that can be of help during construction. At Lego Online Customer Service and platforms such as Pinterest can also be of help when building Lego houses. 

In our checklist, we have recorded which points should be considered before starting to build. The step-by-step instructions will help you to build your first Lego house yourself. 

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Building Lego® houses FAQ

Lego® houses are very popular with both children and adults. They are a great way to develop creativity and building skills. In the following FAQ, we answer frequently asked questions about building Lego houses to help you get started.

Are Lego® houses also suitable for adults?

Yes, adults often build Lego® houses as an addition to their miniature cities. Lego houses offer a creative and relaxing activity for adult builders.

Are there special Lego® sets for building houses?

Yes, Lego® offers sets such as the "Lego 11717 Extra Large Brick Box", which contain a particularly large number of bricks and building plates. These sets are ideal for building Lego houses.

Where can I find building instructions for Lego® houses?

You can find building instructions at Lego® online customer service, on photo platforms such as Pinterest, and in YouTube videos. These sources offer a wide range of instructions and inspiration.

Can I build Lego® houses without instructions?

Yes, you can build Lego® houses without instructions. This encourages your creativity and allows you to test and implement your own building ideas.

Can I help my child build Lego® houses?

Yes, you can support your child by showing them pictures of Lego® houses for inspiration or by going through building instructions with them. Lego brick boxes, which contain many components, are also particularly suitable.

Where can I buy special Lego® parts?

Yes, you can buy special Lego® parts on marketplaces such as BrickLink. There you will find a large selection of bricks and door elements.

What are Lego® MOCs and where can I find building instructions for them?

Lego® MOCs (My Own Creation) are creations designed by fans. You can find building instructions on platforms such as BrickLink, Rebrickable, MocsMarket and Custombricks.

What materials do I need to build a Lego® house?

You need Lego® bricks and building boards as a base. A stable base such as a table is also helpful. Special building boards and individual parts can make building easier.

Should I plan my Lego® house in advance or build it spontaneously?

That depends on your approach. You can plan your Lego® house in detail in advance or give free rein to your creativity and build spontaneously. Both methods have their advantages.

Is there a step-by-step guide to building a Lego® house?

Yes, in our step-by-step guide we show you how to build a simple Lego® house. The instructions will help you to build and design the foundation, walls, interior and roof.

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