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Selling Lego® by pound: How it works

Selling Lego® by pound: How it works
Are you looking to turn your Lego® bricks into cash? Whether you're a collector looking to downsize your collection or a reseller looking to make a profit, selling Lego by pound can be lucrative.

Minifiguren: Original oder Custom?

Fake Lego® Minifigures: Find out if original or fake
The most expensive Lego® minifigures of all time are traded up to three-digit prices. For this reason, we want to devote ourselves today to the topic of original and fake minifigures in the Lego world.

How to Get Free Lego® Sets: Our top 10 Options

How to Get Free Lego® Sets: Our top 10 Options
In this article, we present 10 well-researched methods for acquiring free Lego® sets, focusing on verified promotions, official programs, and other fact-based strategies. Discover them now.

The best Lego® sets from movies and series

The best Lego® Sets based on movies
Lego® has been collaborating with some of the biggest movie franchises to create sets that appeal to fans of all ages. They have created new ways for fans to engage with their favorite films by bringing classic characters and scenes to life.

Parting out Lego® sets: Here's how

Parting out Lego® sets: Here's how
Aside from being a creative outlet, for some, Lego® can be a source of income. When investing in Lego, one of the easiest ways to make money from Lego is to part out the Lego sets.

The best Lego® presents: Our selection

The best Lego® presents: Our selection
In this guide, we'll share our top picks for the best Lego® presents, perfect for anyone on your gift list. From classic sets to the latest releases, from the tallest Lego sets to the smallest, this selection has something for every Lego enthusiast.

Cleaning Lego® - Our step-by-step guide

How to clean Lego® - Our step-by-step guide
Cleaning Lego® may seem daunting, but with the proper techniques and tools, it can be a simple and satisfying process. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the best and safest methods for cleaning your bricks, figures, and pieces.

What was the first Lego® set?

What was the first Lego® set?
In this article, we'll look at the brief history of Lego®. From its humble beginnings in 1932 as a wooden toy company to its current status as a cultural icon.

Lego® Masters: The first TV show about Lego

Lego® Masters: The first TV show about Lego
Lego® Masters is a popular TV show that has captivated audiences with its unique concept of combining the beloved childhood toy with the thrill of competition.


Legoland: From What Age?
Legoland is one of the most popular amusement parks for families with children. But why is this park so attractive to all age ranges? We will explain why the Legoland experience is great for kids of all ages!

The Best Lego Storage Ideas

The Best Lego® Storage Ideas: Our Highlights
Tired of your Lego® bricks being all over the place? Check out our Best Lego Storage Ideas to help you get organized!

lego therapy

Lego® Therapy: Why It Helps With Autism
Lego® therapy is a great way to help with autism. We explain how it works and why it can be so helpful for those with autism.

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