Lego® GWP promotion April 2024 - 40684 Fruit Store

🗓 Thu, 11 Apr 2024

Just in time for the start of spring, Lego® fans can look forward to an interesting GWP (Gift with Purchase).

From April 1, 2024, you will receive the Lego 40683 Flower Trellis Display GWP with your purchase from an order value of $150. The GWP is expected to be available until April 14 both in the Lego Online and in the Lego Stores.

Lego® 40683
  • Creative flower trellis set for nature fans aged 12 and over
  • Lego flowers in spring colors on detailed trellis
  • Care-free flower decor, can be presented standing or hanging

From April 15, the GWP flower trellis will be replaced by the Lego 40684 Fruit Store. You will receive this GWP with your purchase from a minimum purchase value of $200.

But it gets even better: from April 1, the popular Lego novelty, the Lego Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: The Saga of the Red Dragon set, will be available to pre-order.

In the following, we go into detail about the numerous Lego promotions in April 2024 and present sets that are particularly interesting in combination with the GWP.

Continuation of the Lego® store series

As already mentioned, the Lego® store series will continue in mid-April with Lego® 40684 Fruit Store. In our opinion, the set has attractive collection potential, so it is already the second set in this series. Previously, the Lego flower store was available as a GWP for purchase in March.

Lego® 40684 Fruit Store
  • Modular design: Two floors or floors next to each other for flexible presentation
  • Full of detail: Architectural details and colorful fruit display with living area on top
  • Customizable: Stickers for individual store sign design

Detailed design of the Lego® 40684 Fruit Store

In addition to the fruit display next to the entrance door, the Fruit Store, which is 12 studs wide and decorated with an eye-catching red and white awning, has a specially designed upper floor. This is divided into two halves in different colors, with a sales area extending across the entire width and two implied bedrooms on the upper floor - one with a sofa and one with a bed. The open back of the model allows easy access to the interior details.

Expansion of the Lego® collection in 2024

In addition to the fruit store, which is part of the four-part Lego® Shop 2024 series, Lego is expanding the collector's range with four Ninjago City Micro models, which serve as exclusive rewards for Lego Insiders. With the flower store and the fruit store, two of the four planned sets have already been unveiled, which together form a multi-faceted and colorful world of small Lego stores. This series not only offers unique building challenges, but also a special opportunity for collectors to enrich their Lego cityscape with creative and detailed models.

Sales launch: Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons

From April 1, 2024, Lego® Insider members can officially pre-order the new Lego Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: The Saga of the Red Dragon set. The set will be delivered from April 4, 2024.

Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons
  • First Lego set from Forgotten Realms: Specially designed for D&D® fans
  • Playable and displayable: With removable structures and movable dragon figure
  • Own D&D® campaign: Exclusive, downloadable content from Wizards of the Coast
  • Check out here

The Lego Ideas set 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: The Saga of the Red Dragon takes you into the world of the Forgotten Realms. The detailed set features a playable tavern with removable roof and upper floor, a dungeon and a tower with the movable figure of Tinder Howler, the Red Dragon. Six minifigures are included, including four adventurers, an innkeeper and a dragonborn, as well as enemies such as a guard and an owlbear.

A highlight is the exclusive campaign by the D&D team, which provides additional fun and invites you to discover magical items and Easter eggs. Ideal for adult Dungeons & Dragons fans.

What is Dungeons & Dragons?

"Dungeons & Dragons" is a fantasy role-playing game that was developed in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Players create characters who experience adventures in a mythical world under the guidance of a game master, the Dungeon Master. The dynamics of the game are determined by dice rolls and a rule-based system. It has significantly influenced the development of video games and pop culture and enjoys an active fan base worldwide.

Mimic cube chest as exclusive GWP

To coincide with the launch of the Lego® Ideas set 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: The Saga of the Red Dragon, you will receive the Mimic dice chest as an exclusive GWP with your purchase. It should be noted that the GWP is only available in combination with the purchase of the Dungeons & Dragons set.

Lego® 5008325

You will also receive the Lego 40683 GWP Flower Trellis Display with your purchase.

Lego® 40703 micro model of the Ninjago City harbor as an insider bonus

The Danish brick manufacturer recently presented a new micro model of the Ninjago City harbor. Like the Lego® Ninjago City micro model, this will also be available in the Reward Center for an estimated 2,700 Insider points. However, the date has not yet been confirmed.

Lego® 40704
  • Detailed miniature model of the NINJAGO® harbor with market, houses, tea room and arcade
  • Can be combined with 3 other sets to create a complete miniature NINJAGO® City model
  • Specially designed for ninja fans aged 10 and over, offers a scaled-down version of the original NINJAGO® City Harbor

Flower Trellis Display GWP: Top options

Would you like to receive the Lego® 40683 GWP flower trellis with your purchase? Below we present the best sets with which you can reach the minimum order value of $150.

The sets presented are mainly those that, according to current information, will retire in 2024. Accordingly, they also represent interesting Lego Investments sets under $200.

1.Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: The Saga of the Red Dragon

Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons
  • Published: April 2024
  • Highlight: Playable tavern with removable roof
  • Check out here

2. Lego® Star Wars 75313 AT-AT

Lego® Star Wars™ 75313 AT-AT
  • Published: November 2021
  • Highlight: Part of the UCS Series
  • Check out here

3. Lego® Ideas 21318 Tree House

Lego Ideas 21318 Baumbaus
  • Published: August 2019
  • Highlight: Customizability of the tree's leaves (depending on the season)
  • Check out here

4. Lego® Creator Expert 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Lego® Creator Expert 10320 Eldorado-Festung
  • Published: July 2023
  • Highlight: Homage to the 6276 Eldorado fortress from the 1980s
  • Check out here

You can find more exciting sets in our article on the best retiring Lego sets under $100.

Lego® GWP promotion April 2024: FAQ

In the following FAQ we answer the most important questions about the Lego® GWP promotion in April 2024. We will also show you how to get the most out of your purchase and save money.

Can I get the Lego® 40683 Flower Trellis GWP online and in-store?

Yes, the Lego® 40683 Flower Trellis GWP is available both online and in Lego Stores while stocks last. It is available from an order value of $150.

When will the Lego® 40684 Fruit Shop be available?

The Lego® 40684 Fruit Shop will be available as a GWP from April 15, 2024.

When does the pre-order for the Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons set start?

Pre-order for the Lego® Ideas 21348 set begins on April 1, 2024, with delivery starting on April 4, 2024.

Is the Lego® 21348 Dungeons & Dragons set playable and displayable?

Yes, the set is both playable and displayable, with removable structures and a movable dragon figure. It offers a complete gaming experience for D&D® fans.

Do I only get the Mimic dice chest GWP when I buy the Dungeons & Dragons set?

Yes, the Mimic Dice Chest GWP is only available with the purchase of the Lego® Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons set. An exclusive GWP for Dungeons & Dragons fans.

What is a Lego® GWP?

A Lego® GWP is a small set that you receive as a bonus when you make a purchase via the website or in a Lego® store. These special sets are often awarded when customers exceed a certain purchase value or buy a specific Lego set.

Can I redeem rewards with my Lego® Insider points?

Yes, your collected Lego® VIP points are the key to many exclusive benefits. You can use these points to take part in special competitions, secure additional points or special offers at exclusive VIP events and exchange your points for vouchers in the Rewards Center.

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