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Collect cashback on every Lego® purchase - This is just one possible function of credit cards. Using a credit card allows you to increase your liquidity and to react more flexibly to Lego offers. As a rule, you are billed monthly via direct debit from your current account. 

There is a large selection of credit cards. In addition to free versions that only have a payment function, there are also paid credit cards that have other advantages.

Credit cards: Collect cashback & points

The possibility of collecting cashback mentioned at the beginning is particularly interesting for Lego® investors. Cashback allows you to reduce the purchase price of Lego sets with every purchase. The form of cashback depends on the credit card used. With some credit card providers, such as N26, the collected cashback is credited to your account monthly. 

With other providers, cashback is collected in the form of points or miles. These can later be redeemed for rewards.

In addition to the option to collect cashback, some credit cards offer extensive travel insurance cover or free access to airport lounges.

Credit card comparison: Our 4 best credit cards

The choice of the right credit card depends on personal factors, such as the expected volume of sales for chargeable credit cards. The purchases for which the credit card is to be used should also be taken into account. Mastercard and Visa credit cards are the most widely accepted. Cards from American Express, on the other hand, are not accepted as a means of payment in all places. However, acceptance is increasing and it is possible to link a PayPal account to the card. This expands the possibilities of use at many online shops.

Below we present 4 credit cards and the services included in the price.

Free credit card with cashback

The American Express Blue Card is permanently free of charge and often available as a special offer with a starting credit of €35. The card is billed monthly and the amount is debited from the current account. As a highlight, the Amex Blue has an optional cashback function with which points can be collected with every purchase. Cashback can be collected for an annual fee of €30. The cashback is available in the form of Membership Rewards points. For every €1 spent, the cardholder receives 1 Membership Rewards point.

  • Costs/month: Free of charge 
  • Cashback: Can be activated for 30€ per year
  • Special feature: Points Turbo

Premium redemption

American Express pays a flat-rate tax on the monetary benefit. This means that Membership Rewards points can also be used privately. The collected points can be converted into Payback points at a ratio of 2 to 1, for example. Payback is a free bonus programme in which the points collected can be redeemed, for example, for non-cash rewards. It is also possible to have Payback points paid out.

One Payback point has a value of 1 cent. A better exchange ratio exists, for example, with the transfer of points to airlines. Ideally, a value of up to 5ct/point can be achieved, which corresponds to a cashback of approx. 2.5%.

More cashback with the Points Turbo

With the Points Turbo you get 50% more Membership Rewards points. For every 2 euros spent on your card, you will be credited with 3 points. Converted into Payback points, this results in a cashback of 0.75%. The additional function can be activated on the American Express website for an annual fee of 15€. If the points are transferred to Payback and paid out in euros, an annual card turnover of 30,000€ (2,500€/month) with the points turbo results in a cashback of 225.00€.

The American Express Blue Card combines the function of a credit card with the collection of cashback and is profitable from a monthly turnover of €500 without using the points turbo.

Travel insurance possible with this credit card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card has the same benefits and features as the free Blue Card. With a monthly card fee of €55/month, it is more expensive but comes with more benefits. 

  • Costs/Month: 55€ 
  • Cashback: Membership Rewards Programme
  • Special feature: Insurance package & lounge access

After completion, you have the option of applying for a Platinum partner card free of charge. Points can be collected with both cards at the same time. The Amex Platinum credit card can be taken out regularly with a bonus of 75,000 Membership Rewards points. 

The bonus is available after a card turnover of €6,000, which must be reached within the first 6 months after conclusion. When converted to Payback points, the minimum converted value of the points is €375.

Lounge access and travel insurance

Benefits of the Amex Express Platinum include status benefits at international hotel chains such as Hilton or Marriott as well as free access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. The Priority Pass is valid for the cardholder and one accompanying person and has an equivalent value of €399/year. With the additional card, it is also possible to apply for a Priority Pass, which allows lounge access. In addition, the Amex Express Platinum card has extensive travel insurance cover.

Acceptance points

The best thing is that with American Express credit cards you can collect cashback at popular Lego® shops such as itself or It is also possible to link your credit card to a PayPal account and collect points in this way.

AMEX Platinum: For whom is it worthwhile?

Without taking into account the bonus of 75,000 points and the use of the points turbo, the Amex Express Platinum credit card is profitable from a monthly turnover of approximately €10,000. The additional benefits such as lounge access should be included in the calculation.

Credit card to earn miles

The Miles & More Mastercard from Lufthansa allows you to collect cashback in the form of award miles. Similar to the American Express credit cards, the points of the Miles & More credit cards can be redeemed for various rewards. For every 2 euros spent, 1 mile is credited. The exchange ratio to Payback points is 1 to 1. The Miles in More credit card miles therefore have the same exchange value as American Express points.

  • Cost/month: €4.58 or €9.16
  • Cashback: Miles & More programme
  • Special feature: Points Turbo

In addition to an optional points turbo, which can be used to generate more cashback, the Miles & More Gold Card has a comprehensive insurance package. The monthly card price is €9.16.

Collect cashback at low cost

The Miles & More Blue Card is a cheaper alternative. With a monthly card price of €4.58, it is half the price of the Gold Card. However, an insurance cover package is not included.

Mastercard credit cards are more widely accepted than American Express cards. You collect cashback on even more Lego® purchases and can thus reduce the purchase price. The Miles & More Blue Card is worthwhile from a monthly turnover of approx. 500€.

Credit card with current account

The N26 Business Standard is a current account with an integrated Mastercard credit card. Unlike the previous credit cards, the N26 Business Credit Card has a debit function.

  • Cost/month: Free or €16.90
  • Cashback: 0.1% or 0.5%
  • Special feature: Integrated current account

Debit credit cards do not have a credit limit. The amounts are withdrawn from the N26 current account shortly after payment. Therefore, they are not suitable for every credit card user. There is no short-term increase in liquidity.

Integrated current account & cashback

The N26 Business Standard Card has an integrated current account with German IBAN. The current account is suitable as a business account for your Lego® business. With the free N26 Business Standard Card, you collect 0.1% cashback on every purchase with the Mastercard. 

In addition, N26 offers the N26 Business Metal Card, a business account with 0.5% cashback. The monthly costs are €16.90. You also get a physical MasterCard and a comprehensive insurance package.

The N26 Business Metal Card is worthwhile from a monthly turnover of at least €3,380/month. Please note that the cashback is only credited if the payment is made with the Mastercard and not with the IBAN account.

Which credit card is best for me?

There is a wide choice of credit cards. Before choosing, the future purpose of use should be taken into account. In Germany, MasterCard and Visa credit cards have the most points of acceptance. If purchases are made mainly on the Internet, American Express credit cards are also a good choice.

Those who want to apply for a credit card based on liquidity should note that it is not a debit or prepaid card. 

The biggest difference between free and chargeable credit cards is the scope of services. If only the monthly turnover and the profitability of the credit card are considered, the following recommendations result: 

500€ card turnover/month

  • American Express Blue 
  • Miles & More Blue 

1.000€ card turnover/month

  • Miles & More Gold

3.500€ card turnover/month

  • N26 Business Metal Card 

10.000€ card turnover/month

  • Amex Express Platinum

When choosing, it is not only the profitability in terms of cashback that should be taken into account. Even with small turnovers, the Amex Express Platinum credit card, for example, is an attractive way to save money in everyday life. In addition to the possibility of collecting cashback, the card has travel insurance cover. For frequent travellers, the access to over 1,300 airport lounges is interesting.

If you're looking for a business account, we recommend the N26 Business Standard Card. With the free Mastercard, you earn 0.1% cashback on your purchases and have access to a current account.

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