Lego® Fire Brigade price comparison

With the Lego® Fire Brigade, you can extinguish fires in your city from bricks and save the lives of minifigures in distress. In combination with the Lego Police sets, a high level of safety is ensured. In addition to large fire stations, the sets of the Danish brick company contain both minifigures and a variety of different vehicles such as cars, boats or helicopters. Lego Fire Department sets are available for firefighters of all ages. The youngest children from 2 years learn with the fire department sets of Lego Duplo in a playful way how to deal with danger. Children from 5 years experience exciting adventures and extinguish fires with the Lego City Fire Brigade. Older builders have the opportunity to devote themselves to sophisticated building techniques and learn about the workings of vehicles with firefighter sets from Lego Technic. In the following, we show which firefighter sets are available and for whom they are best suited. In addition, you will learn how it is possible to build a Lego Fire Department MOC. In a subsequent FAQ, we clarify the most important questions about Lego firefighters.
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