Lego® Boat price comparison

Discover the vastness of the seas - With boats from Lego®, this is exactly possible. The true-to-detail boat structures made of bricks are available for both small and large seafarers. With them, it is possible to build a fleet of boats and integrate them into your own harbour. The youngest children from 2 years go on eventful sea adventures with floatable Lego Duplo boats and learn how propellers and sails work. Older children and teenagers aged 7 and up take on demanding building challenges with Lego Technic boats and put their technical understanding to the test. As a special highlight, some of the Lego Technic boats are floatable. Especially interesting for adult seafarers are container ships from Lego. Replicas of boats from the Danish shipping company Maersk provide pure fascination and inspire Lego and shipbuilding fans alike. In a FAQ, we address, among other things, the question of how a Lego ship can be built and which models are floatable.
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