Lego® Advent calendar overview with price comparison

For children, Christmas is certainly one of the highlights of the year - the anticipation of Christmas is great and is intensified even more with Lego® advent calendars. Whether Harry Potter, Marvel or Star Wars fan, the selection of Lego advent calendars is considerable. The little ones from the age of 5 will be delighted with 24 surprises from the Lego City or Friends Advent calendars. Lego advent calendars are the ideal gift for children and provide building and playing fun in the run-up to Christmas! Below you can find out which Lego advent calendars are available and when the perfect time to buy them is.
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Lego® advent calendar selection

Lego® Advent calendars are a highlight of the pre-Christmas season. In addition to pure fun, they offer the opportunity to brighten up the wait for Christmas Eve and make it something special. What could be better than waking up in the morning and unpacking and setting up one of the 24 surprises? 

Best of all, there's a Lego advent calendar for every age.

Lego® City Advent calendar

Little building heroes from the age of 5 expand their own personal miniature city made of bricks with the Lego® City advent calendar.

In addition to numerous minifigures and small vehicles, the Lego City advent calendar provides Christmas flair in the miniature city. Of course, Father Christmas is not to be missed.

Lego® Friends advent calendar

Girls aged 5 and over will have lots of fun with the Lego® Friends advent calendar. As a highlight, the advent calendars contain little animals and the popular mini dolls with which exciting adventures can be experienced.

Lego® Harry Potter advent calendar

Wizards take note: With the Lego® Harry Potter advent calendar, you can transform the magical world around Hogwarts Castle into a magical winter wonderland. 

Children and young people aged 7 and over can get a lot closer to their film stars with the Lego Harry Potter advent calendar and add to their Lego collection. The advent calendars are based on the films of the Harry Potter film series and draw on highlights from them. In addition to minifigures, the Harry Potter advent calendar contains many small minisets that make up a playset for 24 December. The minisets include, for example, the Chamber of Secrets known from the films or a Hogwarts Express in miniature format. Minifigures like Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort, magical Christmas decorations and many surprises are waiting to be discovered by you.

Lego® Star Wars advent calendar

May the Force be with you - The battle between good and evil never takes a break during the Christmas season. With the Lego® Star Wars advent calendar, space fans aged 6 and up can immerse themselves in a galaxy far, far away and transform it into a magical Christmas world. Festively dressed Star Wars figures and mini spaceships made of Lego bricks not only shorten the time of waiting, but also provide lots of fun. 

Lego® Star Wars Advent Calendar

Lego® Marvel advent calendar

Avengers, Batman or the Infinity Saga are just a few highlights of the Marvel Universe. The Lego® Marvel advent calendars are a must for every action fan from the age of 7 and promise pure adventure. With the Marvel advent calendars, you can bring your superheroes right into your home and recreate numerous scenes from the films. The LLego® Marvel advent calendars are based on different films of the Marvel series every year. These include, for example, Marvel's The Avengers or the series The Guardians of the Galaxy broadcast on Disney+. Behind the 24 doors are characters known from the films in the form of minifigures and numerous minisets such as spaceships or blasters. Highlights include the Avengers Tower in miniature format and Spider-Man as a minifigure.

Lego® advent calendar: FAQ

You want to know when is the perfect time to buy Lego® Advent calendars or when they are released? In our FAQ we answer the most important questions about Lego Advent Calendars.

When do Lego® Advent calendars be released?

From 1 September, the Lego® advent calendars are officially on sale. It is even possible to pre-order advent calendars from some retailers. This way you not only save money, but also have a suitable gift for the pre-Christmas season.

Which Lego® advent calendars are available?

The selection of Lego® advent calendars is large. For the little ones, there are advent calendars from the popular Lego City and Friends themes. Older children and teenagers enjoy Harry Potter, Marvel or Star Wars advent calendars and experience eventful adventures with their film heroes.

Where to buy Lego® Advent Calendars cheap?

The best offers can be expected 1 to 2 months after the release of the current Lego® advent calendars. Between October and November, retailers sometimes offer discounts of up to 30% off the RRP. 

Furthermore, there is occasionally the possibility to buy the calendars from the previous year at a discount. However, this is rare. Lego advent calendars are always released on 1 September and go EOL (End of Life) at the end of the same year. 

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