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LEGO® Monkie Kid 80028 The Bone Demon

Monkie Kid
The Lego set The Bone Demon with the Lego number 80028 is part of the LEGO Monkie Kid theme and is recommended for ages 9+. The set was released in 2021. It contains 5 minifigures. The model consists of a total of 1375 parts and we estimate it takes you around 3 - 4 hours to build it. The set was designed by Justin Ramsden, Xiaodong Wen.
The set weighs around 1.700 kg in total. Its dimensions are 14.9 x 18.9 x 3.7 inch( 37.8 x 48 x 9.4 cm). The recommended retail price is 119.99$.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about 233.96$.

Lego 80028 product data

Set Information

Set ID
Justin Ramsden, Xiaodong Wen
Building Time
3 - 4 hours
Age Range


Retiring Status
Retired (12/2022)

Price Information

Insiders Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value


1.700 kg
Packaging dimensions
14.9 x 18.9 x 3.7 in

LEGO 80028 price trend


Minifigures from 80028 The Bone Demon

The The Bone Demon set includes 4 different minifigures, 3 of which are unique to this set. The combined value of the minifigures is 29.40$, which is ~25% of the RRP of this set.
Thumbnail of minifigure mk051
Bone Spirit
Monkie Kid
# mk051
Thumbnail of minifigure mk042
Monkie Kid
# mk042
5 sets
Thumbnail of minifigure mk052
Monkie Kid
Monkie Kid
# mk052
Thumbnail of minifigure mk050
White Bone Demon
Monkie Kid
# mk050

Official Set Description for LEGO 80028 The Bone Demon

Youngsters can build the story of thrice defeating the Bone Demon with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ toy (80028). First they build 2 Bone Spiders, then the White Bone Demon’s crypt where Monkie Kid and Mei take on the Bone Spirits and a Bone Scuttler, then a Bone Scorpion. Finally, all builds are combined to create the Bone Demon model. This playset includes the most glow-in-the-dark elements of any LEGO set to date and 5 minifigures. Monkie Kid has a battle mech and Cloud Board, Mei has a winged jetpack, and each has buildable toy weapons that can be upgraded as their challenges get tougher.

Creative building fun
Step-by-step, illustrated instructions are included so even LEGO newcomers can build with confidence and enjoy the experience.

Educational play
Buildable LEGO Monkie Kid sets make great gifts for youngsters, helping educate them about Chinese culture and the legend of the Monkey King while nurturing their creativity.

  • A crypt, 2 Bone Spiders, Bone Scuttler and a Bone Scorpion combine to create the Bone Demon as kids build the classic story of thrice defeating the Bone Demon with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ toy (80028).
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Monkie Kid, Mei, White Bone Demon and 2 Bone Spirits with toy weapons. Monkie Kid’s and Mei’s buildable weapons can be upgraded as their challenges get tougher.
  • Children will love the glow-in the-dark LEGO® elements (more than in any other LEGO set to date) that are incorporated into the crypt model, 2 Bone Spirits and the ultimate Bone Demon combi-model.
  • This premium-quality toy playset also features Monkie Kid’s posable battle mech and Cloud Board and Mei’s winged jetpack, inspiring children to create their own heroic missions.
  • Offering hours of fun, creative building and play, this 1,375-piece toy playset makes an awesome birthday gift, holiday present or surprise treat for trend-setting kids aged 9 and up.
  • The ultimate Bone Demon model measures over 15.5 in. (40 cm) high, 11.5 in. (29 cm) wide and 6 in. (16 cm) deep. It makes an impressive display piece and is sure to be the talk of the playground.
  • Thinking of buying this set for a child who is new to building with LEGO® bricks? No problem. It comes with illustrated, step-by-step instructions so they can build with confidence.
  • Inspirational LEGO® Monkie Kid™ building toys reimagine the Chinese legend of the Monkey King for the modern day, helping children to develop their optimism, bravery and resilience while having fun.
  • LEGO® components meet strict industry standards, which guarantees secure connections and robust builds – it’s been that way since 1958.
  • LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to ensure that they meet rigorous global safety standards.

Building Instruction for LEGO 80028 The Bone Demon

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