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LEGO® Ideas 21332 The Globe

The Lego set The Globe with the Lego number 21332 is part of the LEGO Ideas theme and is recommended for ages 18+. Thus, the set is suitable especially for adults. The set was released in February of 2022. The model consists of a total of 2585 parts and we estimate it takes you around 6 - 7 hours to build it. The set was designed by Samuel Johnson.
The set weighs around 2.645 kg in total. Its dimensions are 14.9 x 18.9 x 4.4 inch( 37.8 x 48 x 11.2 cm). The recommended retail price is 229.99$.
Our Brickfact Lego price comparison compares prices from 2 shops for this set. Currently has the lowest price at 229.95$. This corresponds to a per piece price of 0.09$. With this offer, you save 0.04$ off the suggested retail price and get the set at a 0% discount.
You will also receive 1495 Insiders points if you decide to buy the set from the official Lego store. You can exchange them for discount coupons for future purchases.
The Part-Out-Value (POV) is the sum of all part prices paid on for this set. It is about 318.29$. You save around 88.34$ if you buy this set directly at instead of purchasing the bricks on Therefore, the current best offer has a POV rate of 1.38. The POV Rate is the ratio of Part-Out-Value to the current best price on

LEGO 21332 price comparison

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Lego 21332 product data

Set Information

Set ID
Samuel Johnson
Building Time
6 - 7 hours
Age Range


Retiring Status
Retiring Soon (12/2024)

Price Information

Insiders Points (for purchase at Lego)
Part Out Value


2.645 kg
Packaging dimensions
14.9 x 18.9 x 4.4 in

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Official Set Description for LEGO 21332 The Globe

Where do you want to go today? Dream of your next travel destination as you build The Globe (21332). Created by a fan-designer and brought to the world by the LEGO® Ideas team, this display model recreates the spinning movement of a vintage Earth globe with the help of LEGO Technic™ elements and features glow-in-the-dark tiles decorated with the names of continents and oceans. There are buildable ship and compass icons, plus ‘The Earth’ nameplate to complete a charming centerpiece to enhance the decor of any home or office.

Travel without moving
A journey of 2,585 pieces starts with a single brick, and illustrated instructions are included to guide every step of your building adventure. This collectible model makes the best gift for yourself or travel-loving friends.

Unplug, unbox and unwind
Welcome to LEGO sets for adults – a zone of zen for focused, hands-on creative building. From the wonders of the world to movie magic, pop culture icons and more, there is a LEGO set waiting for you.

  • Spinning Earth globe model for display – Explore the world as you build this The Globe (21332) set, a detailed LEGO® Ideas replica of a vintage Earth globe
  • Authentic spinning movement – Two LEGO® worlds collide to build this globe, with LEGO Technic™ elements to recreate the classic, spinning axis and LEGO System bricks to replicate the spherical shape
  • Glow-in-the-dark decoration – Light up the room with decorated tiles displaying the names of continents and oceans
  • Buildable ship and compass icons – Build vintage-style ship and compass icons to attach to the globe, and affix ‘The Earth’ nameplate to the base for a finishing touch
  • Gift idea for adults – Treat yourself or give this 2,585-piece LEGO® Earth globe model as a birthday, holiday or surprise gift for someone passionate about travel, geography, arts or decoration
  • Buildable home or office decor – This display piece measures over 16 in. (40 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) wide and 10 in. (26 cm) deep
  • Step-by-step guide – Includes an illustrated booklet featuring the set’s fan designer and LEGO® designers, plus illustrated instructions to guide your hands-on, mind-on building experience
  • The LEGO® fans’ choice – This construction model for adults is one of many LEGO Ideas sets, each created by a fan designer, voted for by LEGO fans and produced by the LEGO Group
  • Premium quality, no compromises – Since 1958, LEGO® bricks have met strict industry quality standards to ensure that they connect simply and securely
  • Safety assurance – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and carefully analyzed to make sure that they meet rigorous global safety standards

Building Instruction for LEGO 21332 The Globe

LEGO 21332 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the set number and name of the LEGO set being referred to in the text?
The LEGO set being referred to in the text is The Globe (21332).
How does The Globe (21332) model recreate the spinning movement of a vintage Earth globe?
The spinning movement of a vintage Earth globe is recreated in The Globe (21332) model with the help of LEGO Technic™ elements.
What is the size of The Globe (21332) display model?
The display model of The Globe (21332) measures over 16 in. (40 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) wide, and 10 in. (26 cm) deep.
What special features are incorporated into The Globe (21332) LEGO set?
The Globe (21332) LEGO set features glow-in-the-dark tiles decorated with the names of continents and oceans, as well as buildable ship and compass icons. It also includes a nameplate labeled 'The Earth' to enhance its charm.
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