Red Bright Blue and Yellow Wall Hanger Set 5005870
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LEGO® Gear 5005870 Red Bright Blue and Yellow Wall Hanger Set

The Lego set Red Bright Blue and Yellow Wall Hanger Set with the Lego number 5005870 is part of the LEGO Gear theme. The set was released in 2020.
The recommended retail price is 11.99$.
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Official Set Description for LEGO 5005870 Red Bright Blue and Yellow Wall Hanger Set

With this Iconic 5005870 Red, Bright Blue and Yellow Wall Hanger Set, LEGO® fans will love keeping their room tidy! The 3 wall hooks look like giant LEGO studs – making them a practical and fun gift for kids. With these colorful wall decorations, kids will be happy to hang up their bags, coat, bathrobe, or anything else that's cluttering up their room!

  • Includes 3 different-sized giant studs in 3 different colors: small (yellow), medium (blue) and large (red).
  • A universal mount hook on the back of each stud is suitable for use with a range of screws (screws not included).
  • Decorative as well as functional.
  • Diameters measure over 1” (4cm) for the small stud, 2” (7cm) for medium, 3” (9cm) for large.
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