Best 5 Lego® Sets under $100 to invest in 2024: Retiring now

🗓 Mon, 01 Jan 2024

Would you like to invest in Lego® sets in 2024? In this article, we present five exciting Lego EOL sets under $100 that we think are very suitable for an investment.

You can find more interesting retiring sets in our article on the top 5 Lego investments under $50.

All of the sets in our selection are currently still available in stores and can usually be purchased at a discount. The sets presented come from different theme worlds and are suitable for a Lego investment in 2024 for different reasons.

Below you will find detailed investment analyses of our top 5 retiring Lego sets under $100.

1. Lego® Architecture 21057 Singapore

Sets from the Lego® Architecture theme are certainly among the classics of Lego investments for many. In 2024, the 21057 Singapore Skyline is another set that is interesting for a Lego investment.

The set was released in January 2022 and is expected to retireat the end of the year.

The set has an RRP (recommended retail price) of $59.99, but it can be bought much cheaper on offer. The set has a POV (Part Out Value) of around $80, which is not a good value in relation to the RRP. It is therefore important to look out for good deals.

Target group: Travelers & Lego® fans

The target group for Lego® Architecture sets is not limited to fans of the brick manufacturer from Denmark, as is often the case with many other theme worlds. Architecture sets, for example, are of interest to architecture enthusiasts who would like to have certain buildings or even the skyline of a city as a miniature for their home.

In contrast to Lego collectors, they may come across Architecture Sets by chance. The same applies to travelers who are looking for a suitable souvenir or memento.

The Singapore skyline takes up well-known sights of the city. One example is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Lego® Singapore VS. Original

Reference set with considerable increase in value

Anyone who has bought Lego® Architecture sets at a good discount in recent years has consistently enjoyed good value development.

One example is the Lego Architecture 21052 Dubai Skyline, which retired at the end of 2021 and has an RRP of $59.99. However, the set was regularly on offer for under $45.

Value Increase 21052 Dubai Skyline

In 2024, the set already has a market value of over $68. In relation to the offer price, this corresponds to an increase in value of almost 79%. The annual return was around 38%, which is a good value.

This example shows that the purchase price is very important for future performance. The Singapore Skyline can regularly be bought for less than $45, which in our opinion is a good purchase price.

2. Lego® Star Wars 75347 TIE Bomber

A TIE Bomber is a starship of the Galactic Empire that is used for bombing and destruction missions. It mainly appears in "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back".

The Lego® Star Wars 75347 TIE Bomber was released in early 2023 and is expected to disappear from stores by the end of the year. The set is offered at an RRP of $64.99 but can be bought on offer for under $50. The part out value of just over $85 is good if not bought at RRP.

Biggest TIE Bomber of all time

Since 2003, Lego® has only brought four other TIE Bombers onto the market. These sets are all smaller than the 2023 model and have less detail.

Three of the four sets are also models that were included in Lego magazines, among other things, and consist of a maximum of 60 parts.

As a result, the 75347 TIE Bomber is the largest set of its kind to date (625 parts). The first TIE Bomber from 2003 consists of 231 parts and today has a market value of over $170. The set was offered at an RRP of $29.99 at the time.

The fact that no comparable TIE Bomber has been commercially available to date and that the set from 2023 is the largest TIE Bomber ever released makes the set particularly interesting for a Lego investment.

Jedi Knight anniversary print

Another highlight on the packaging of the Lego® Star Wars 75347 TIE Bomber is a print commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Return of the Jedi, which could make the set particularly interesting for collectors in the future.

The set also contains four valuable Star Wars minifigures, three of which are exclusive. Together, the minifigures are already worth more than $20, which is good value.

3. Lego® Star Wars 75304 Darth Vader Helmet

Since 2020, 11 sets have been released to date as part of the Star Wars Helmet Collection. This is a collector's series in which the heads of well-known characters from the Star Wars universe appear in the form of a Lego® set.

The Lego Star Wars 75304 Darth Vader Helmet is the fourth set in the series. It was released in spring 2021 and is expected to go EOL at the end of the year. The market life of over three years is relatively long, which must be taken into account in the investment analysis.

The RRP of the set is high at $79.99 and is not in good proportion to the part-out value, which is only $76. Accordingly, attention should also be paid to offers for this set, as the Darth Vader helmet can occasionally be bought for less than $65.

High collection potential

In general, the sets from the Star Wars Helmet Collection have a high collection potential and are interesting for both Lego® enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. According to current information, the Star Wars Helmet Collection is finished and therefore there will be no new sets in the future.

This could lead to an increase in demand in the near future, as collectors want to complete their collections or new collectors join them.

Darth Vader is one of the most well-known Star Wars characters, which makes the set particularly interesting as a Lego investment in 2024.

Performance of comparative sets

The sets from the Star Wars Helmet Collection have already performed well over the past two years. The Lego® Star Wars 75274 TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet, which retired at the end of 2021, had the greatest value development.

Today it has a value of over $290, whereas the RRP was only $59.99. However, it should be noted that the set was only sold by Lego itself and was rarely available. It is also the first helmet in the series.

Value Increase 75274 TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet

Another realistic example is 75277 Boba Fett helmet, which retired at the end of 2022 and was also on sale for more than two and a half years. The helmet was regularly available for under $40 and today has a market value of just under $70, which corresponds to a very good 75% increase in value.

To summarize, we also expect the Lego Star Wars 75304 Darth Vader helmet to perform well after EOL. As the example of Boba Fett shows, it is important to achieve a good purchase price. You can find more exciting Star Wars sets in our article on our Top 5 Lego Investments Sets 2024 under $30.

4. Lego® Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol

The Lego® Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol was released in March 2023 and will go EOL at the end of the year according to current information. Although the set has an RRP of $150, it can occasionally be bought for less than $100 and is therefore one of our top 5 Lego EOL sets under $100 for 2024.

The set has a part out value of just under $225, which is good value.

Set for the movie

The set appeared as part of the film "Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune", which was released in 2023, but depicts a scene from the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark". This was first released in 1981 and, according to the IMDb film database, has a rating of 8.4/10 points, making it one of the most popular films ever released.

The popularity of the film could be a decisive factor in the future performance of the 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol. The popularity of Indiana Jones sets is also reflected in the current market prices of the first wave of sets.

In the period from 2008 to 2009, there were a total of 17 Indiana Jones sets, all of which performed very well.

Detailed structure

The Lego® Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol is richly detailed and, as already mentioned, depicts a scene from the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark". The highlights sets also include five minifigures, four of which are exclusive. With a value of $36, the minifigures account for almost ¼ of the RRP.

The set is aimed at the adult target group and is marketed by Lego itself as an 18+ years set. It is therefore an ideal display piece for collectors and fans.

In summary, the Indiana Jones set is an exciting Lego investment for the year 2024. The reference to the well-known Indiana Jones film from 1981 and the focus on adult film fans are positive from an investment point of view.

5. Lego® Avatar 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls

The Lego® Avatar 75574 Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls was released in October 2022 at an RRP of $149.99. The set is always on sale for under $100 and is therefore one of our top 5 Lego investments for under $100.

The part-out value of just under $180 is not particularly good, which is why it is also important to buy this set at a discount.

Most successful movie of all time

The Lego® set depicts a scene from the movie "Avatar - Departure to Pandora", which was released in 2009. The movie is one of the most successful films of all time and was produced by James Francis Cameron.

The film is popular with both children and adults and therefore the target group for 75574 Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls is also large, which is important for its future performance.

According to current information, there will be no further Lego sets based on the first Avatar film in 2024. However, the theme world is expected to continue and there will be sets depicting film scenes from the second part "Avatar: The Way of Water" from 2022.

Exclusive Avatar minifigures

The set contains four expensive Lego® minifigures, which together with a value of $31 already account for more than 20% of the RRP. One of the exclusive minifigures is Jake Sully, who is one of the main characters.

Another special feature of the Lego Avatar 75574 Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls is that it is the largest Lego set from the Avatar theme world to date.

Overall, we consider the 75574 Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls to be an exciting Lego set in the year 2024. If you want to invest in the set, you should look out for offers under $100.

Lego® Investments under $100: Our conclusion

In 2024, there are many opportunities to invest in Lego® EOL sets under $100. Our top selection includes sets from different theme, each with their own specific strengths.

Sets such as Lego Architecture 21057 Singapore Skyline and Lego Star Wars 75347 TIE Bomber offer good opportunities to increase in value due to their thematic diversity and exclusivity.

The importance of the purchase price is particularly noteworthy: the profitability of these investments depends heavily on whether the sets can be purchased at a favorable price.

The appeal of these sets is also enhanced by their broad target group and their thematic links, e.g. to popular film franchises or iconic buildings. These aspects make them interesting for Lego enthusiasts as well as for a wider audience.

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