The most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures of all time: Top 10 List

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The Star Wars film saga has enjoyed worldwide popularity for years. The associated sets from the Danish stick-builder Lego® are just as popular. Many of the sets are among the most expensive Lego sets and contain the most expensive Lego minifigures ever.

In our overview, we look at them in detail. In our selection of the most expensive Lego Star Wars minifigures, we have referred to current market prices of the sales platform BrickLink. In addition, there are even more expensive Star Wars minifigures, but we have not included them in our list because there are no current offers.

Below you can find the most expensive Star Wars minifigures and short explanations why they are valuable.

1.Yoda - NY I Heart Torso

Yoda - NY I Heart Torso
  • Minifigures No.: sw0465a
  • Value: Approx. $5,070
  • Special feature: Gift for the opening of the Toys R Us store in Times Square

The first place of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures is occupied by an exclusive version of the character Yoda, known from the space saga. The minifigure was released in 2013 and was given away as part of the opening of the US toy store Toys R US in Times Square in New York. The minifigure can be classified as very exclusive, so it was produced only 1,000 times. The current market value of Yoda is about $5,070.

2. Boba Fett Cloud City

Boba Fett Cloud City
  • Minifigures No.: sw0107
  • Value: Approx. $1,852
  • Special feature: part of the set Cloud City from 2003

In the Star Wars themed world there are many variants of the character Boba Fett. The most expensive Lego® Star Wars Boba Fett minifigure is part of the Cloud City set, which was released in late 2003. In mint condition, the minifigure has a value of approximately $1,852.

The 10123 Cloud City Star Wars set also includes other expensive minifigures.

Lego® Cloud City minifigures

The market value of the set is about $7,257.25, which makes it a very valuable Lego set. The high value can be attributed on the one hand to the age of the set. Thus, it can be attributed to the initial phase of the cooperation between the Danish terminal block manufacturer and the Star Wars saga.

3. C-3PO - Chrome Gold (SW 30th Anniversary Edition)

C-3PO - Chrome Gold
  • Minifigures No.: 4521221-1
  • Value: Approx. $1,630
  • Feature: Made of chromed metal

The C-3PO - Chrome Gold Lego® Star Wars minifigure was released as part of the 30th Star Wars anniversary in 2007 and was not officially available for purchase. The minifigure is made of chrome-plated metal and appeared in a small edition.

Due to the previously mentioned points, the C-3PO - Chrome Gold Star Wars minifigure is one of the most expensive ever released. It was raffled off as part of a sweepstakes.

If you want to buy the C-3PO Chrome Gold minifigure, you have to calculate a cost of about $1,630.

4. Resistance Bomber Pilot - Finch Dallow

Resistance Bomber Pilot - Finch Dallow
  • Minifigures No.: sw1005
  • Value: Approx. $655
  • Feature: Comes from the 75188 Resistance Bomber Set

The Resistance Bomber Pilot - Finch Dallow is another expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigure.

The minifigure is exclusive to the 75188 Resistance Bomber set, which was released in September 2017. The Resistance Bomber Pilot is one of the five minifigures included in the set.

5. Yuletide Squadron Pilot

Yuletide Squadron Pilot
  • Minifigures No.: sw1070
  • Value: Approx. $465
  • Special feature: Exclusively included in 75188 Resistance Bomber Set

The Yuletide Squadron Pilot is a special highlight and is one of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures of all time. The Yuletide Squadron Pilot was part of an exclusive Christmas set released exclusively to Lego® Group employees. The 4002019 X-Wing was given to employees as part of the 20th anniversary of Star Wars.

The Yuletide Squadron Pilot has a value of about $465.

6. Clone Shadow ARF Trooper

Clone Shadow ARF Trooper
  • Minifigures No.: sw0315
  • Value: Approx. $360
  • Feature: Part of a limited polybag

The Clone Shadow ARF Trooper was released as part of the polybag of the same name in 2011. The polybag was not available for purchase in stores and was only released in a small number of pieces.

The Clone Shadow ARF Trooper is sold at prices of about $330 and thus one of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures that have been released so far.

7. Princess Leia - Light Nougat

Princess Leia - Light Nougat
  • Minifigures No.: sw0175a
  • Value: Approx. $315
  • Feature: Released in the 10198 Tantive IV

Princess Leia is one of the main characters of the Star Wars movies and accordingly the minifigure is also popular. The minifigure appeared in 2009 in the Lego® Star Wars 10198 Tantive IV. Today, Princess Leia is sold at prices up to $315 and is consequently one of the most valuable Lego Star Wars minifigures in recent years.

8. Boba Fett White

Boba Fett - White
  • Minifigures No.: sw0275
  • Value: Approx. $268
  • Feature: Released in 2010 in exclusive polybag

With Boba Fett White, another Boba Fett belongs to our listing of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures of all time. This minifigure was also released as part of an exclusive polybag, which was released in 2010 and was only given to a few people. The value of the Star Wars minifigure is about $268.

9. Clone Trooper Commander Fox

Clone Trooper Commander Fox
  • Minifigures No.: sw0202b
  • Value: Approx. $130
  • Feature: Current minifigure value exceeds MSRP at that time.

The Clone Trooper Commander Fox appeared in the Star Wars 7681 Separatist Spider Droid set and is one of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures.

The set was released in July 2008 and is particularly sought after because of the Clone Trooper Commander Fox minifigure included. This minifigure alone is worth about $130, which is more expensive than the MSRP at the time.

10. Captain Antilles

Captain Antilles sw0256
  • Minifigures No.: sw0256
  • Value: Approx. $80
  • Special feature: Also part of the Tantive IV set from 2009

With a value of about $80, Captain Antilles occupies the tenth place of the most expensive Lego® Star Wars minifigures that have been released so far. Like Princess Leia, Captain Antilles was also part of Tantive IV, released in 2009.

Accordingly, the Tantive IV counts as a Lego set with many minifigures, which makes it particularly interesting for collectors.

The most expensive Star Wars minifigures: conclusion

The world of Star Wars and Lego® combine two passions that excite fans around the world. The Star Wars movie saga has leveraged its popularity to bring some of the most exclusive and sought-after Lego minifigures to the market. Based on the current market prices on the BrickLink platform, we have compiled a list of the most expensive Star Wars minifigures.

The exclusive Yoda minifigure, released to celebrate the opening of the Toys R Us store in New York in 2013, tops the list with a value of $5,070. Other valuable minifigures include Boba Fett from the Cloud City set, Chrome Gold C-3PO from the 30th Anniversary Edition of Star Wars and the Yuletide Squadron Pilot, which was distributed exclusively to Lego® employees. Much of the value of these figures can be attributed to their rarity, exclusivity and age.

For enthusiasts and collectors, they are not only toys, but also valuable assets and memorabilia. Are you interested in more Star Wars sets? In a detailed article we present the best Lego Star Investment sets for 2023.

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