The top 10 Lego® sets with the most minifigures

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What makes Lego® sets appealing are not just the endless possibilities for creative play it gives and the wide selection of Lego themes and sets you can choose from. What makes Lego sets appealing is also the variety of Minifigures that you can get from each set. These Minifigures don’t just add to the value but also bring personality and character to every Lego set.

From the first Lego set with just a few pieces, Lego has evolved to creating complex sets with thousands of pieces. But what remained the same throughout the years is the presence of Minifigures. While some Lego sets come with just a few Minifigures, there are also special sets that stand out for having more. In this guide, we listed the top 10 Lego sets with the most minifigures.

1. Lego® Fabuland 3695 Figure collection

At the top spot is the Lego® Fabuland 3695 Figure collection. By the name of the set alone, you may have a hint on why it is ranked at number one. The Lego Fabuland theme was one of the first themes to be introduced. It was released in the 1970s and features 80 minifigures of different animal characters but with human hands and feet, depicting a whimsical and fantasy world. The Minifigures in the Lego Fabuland 3695 Figure collection are larger than the standard Minifigures we see today, which adds to their charm.

The set has a storybook-like aesthetic with each character from the set having its own backstory and personality. This makes the set appealing for kids. Some of the popular characters from the set include Lionel Lion, Bonnie Bunny, and Edward Elephant.

Today, the Lego Fabuland 3695 Figure Collection remains a beloved Lego set for Lego collectors for its uniqueness and rarity. It is considered a valuable Lego set especially for fans of the Fabuland theme.

2. Lego® Dacta 1066 Little People with Accessories

The Lego® Dacta 1066 Little People with Accessories has 36 Minifigures and is one of the classic Lego sets, being released in 1982. It features minifigures of a doctor, chef, firefighter, police officer, construction worker, and soccer player. The doctor minifigure is unique to this set.

The Dacta theme, now called Lego Education, is mainly focused on teaching kids about different occupations, buildings, transportation, and cultural diversity. The Lego Dacta 1066 Little People with Accessories is meant to teach kids to be creative at a young age by making their own miniature community with various people, stories, and scenarios. This also helps kids to understand the world around them.

3. Lego® Gear 852293 Castle Giant Chess Set

The Lego® Gear 852293 Castle Giant Chess Set features a large chessboard made entirely of Lego bricks, and 33 Minifigures.

What makes the Lego Gear 852293 Castle Giant Chess Set special is its medieval style. Each of the minifigure is designed in a medieval theme, complete with armor and weapons. The set is easy to assemble and reassemble and is designed to be portable as well. So Lego and chess enthusiasts can use it to play chess anywhere.

4. Lego® Games 3866 The Battle of Hoth

The Lego® Games theme aims to combine the gameplay of classic board games and the creativity of Lego. One of the popular sets from the Games theme is the Lego Games 3866 The Battle of Hoth, which is based on the iconic Star Wars film. It is also the first ever Lego Star Wars board game to be released, which adds value to the set. It features a 3D game board and 32 Minifigures of famous Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vader.

The Lego Games 3866 The Battle of Hoth is easy to play. Up to four players can play either on the Empire side or the Rebel Alliance side. Each player will take turns to move their Minifugure across the board. A buildable dice are also included with each side of the dice showing weapons and abilities, which the players can use to defeat their opponents. A special “snowspeeder” can also be used to easily fly around the board and attack other players. The set also includes micro versions of an AT-ST and a Tauntaun, both of which are able to be ridden by the Minifigures.

5. Lego® Education 9247 Community Workers

Just like the Little People with Accessories set, the Lego® Education 9247 Community Workers is also aimed at younger kids to help them learn about the community and people around them at an early age. The set features 31 Minifigures, 20 of which are unique to the set.

Some of the minifigures present in the set include a pilot, firefighter, doctor, construction worker, and a police officer, which can we also see in the Lego Dacta 1066 Little People with Accessories. What was added to the Lego Education 9247 Community Workers are the racers, waiters, security guards, and helicopter pilots. The set also includes the tools and accessories commonly used by these workers, like the police car for the police officer, the stethoscope for the doctor, and the fire hydrant for the firefighter.

The Lego Education 9247 Community Workers aims to show kids the different workers in the community, so they can have an understanding of the responsibility of these roles. By playing with this set, kids can appreciate the important role these workers do in society.

6. Lego® Games 50011 The Battle of Helms Deep

The Battle of Helms Deep is a notable battle between good and evil from the popular fantasy novel and movie, The Lord of the Rings. It took place at the fortress of Helm's Deep in the land of Rohan. The battle has been adapted in various video games and board games, like the Lego® Games 50011 The Battle of Helms Deep. The game can be played for 2-5 players, with each player strategically moving their Minifigure around the board. The goal is to defeat their opponents using weapons and special abilities.

The set included 28 Minifigures, 11 unique to the set. The Minifigures include some famous characters like Aragorn, Gimli, and Eowyn. The Lego Games 50011 The Battle of Helms Deep is perfect for both Lego fans and Lord of The Rings fans. It can also be enjoyed by any casual players who enjoy building and strategy games.

7. Lego® Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle

The Lego® Harry Potter series continues to be one of the best Lego sets from movies, not just for its design and playability, but also because of its Minifigures. The Lego Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle has 4 exclusive Minifigures, representing the founders of the Hogwarts Castle: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. The set has a total of 28 Minifigures, which are all exclusive to the set.

Aside from being at the top of the list of Harry Potter sets with the most Minifigures, it also holds the record of being the biggest Lego Harry Potter set ever, with over 6000 pieces.

8. Lego® Star Wars 75159 Death Star

For any Lego® and Star Wars fan, the Lego Star Wars 75159 Death Star has always been a favorite because of the memorable scene that took place in the Death Star that can be recreated with this Lego set, like the duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The set also includes 27 Minigifures, making it the Lego Star Wars set with the most Minifigures. The set also has over 4,000 pieces, which is why it is also one of the biggest Lego Star Wars sets ever.

The set includes three versions of the Luke Skywalker Minifigure: a Tatooine, a disguise (Stormtrooper), and a final duel version. It also has two versions of the Han Solo Minifigure: a smuggler and also Stormtrooper version. The other minifigures on the set include Princess Leia, Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO, which are just some of the most famous characters in Star Wars movies.

9. Lego® Education 45030 People

The Lego® Education 45030 People has a total of 26 Minifigures, consisting of the usual Minifigures in other Lego Education sets like the Policemen, firefighters, and doctors. But aside from community workers, Lego Education has added a set of common people like children, and adult males and females. A female police officer was added, which is unique to this set. A female diver has also been added, which was first seen on Lego Duplo 10910 Submarine Adventure.

Not only is the Lego Education 45030 People fun to play with, but it can also be a teaching tool. Kids can use the set to roleplay different scenarios. Teachers or parents can also use the set to facilitate discussions or hands-on activities with their kids. This will help children explore social and emotional topics.

10. Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76178 Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle is a famous skyscraper that appeared in several Spiderman movie adaptations, television shows, and even video games. It is considered one of the key locations in the movie for serving as the headquarters of the Daily Bugle newspapers.

In other versions of the movie, the Daily Bugle is also used as a base of operations of Spiderman where he can be seen swinging from the rooftop and going around the city. The Lego® Marvel Super Heroes 76178 Daily Bugle lets fans recreate this scene. The set comes with 25 Minifigures, including the famous Spiderman himself, and the famous antagonists from the movie like Dr. Octopus, Sandman, the Green Goblin, and Mysterio.

The Minifigures also come with different accessories like the microphone being held by the J. Jonah Jameson Minifigure, and even the web that Spiderman uses to hold on to. All these add to the playability of the set.


There’s no denying that one of the most appealing features of every Lego® set is its minifigures. From gameboards and educational sets to Lego sets based on movies, these top 10 Lego sets with the most Minifigures surely allow fans to be creative in recreating a world with their favorite characters, and immerse themselves in different fun activities that encourage fun, imagination, and strategy. These Minifigures also make a great display, especially those recognizable Minifigures from different popular movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Lord of The Rings.

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