Best 5 Lego® Sets under $50 to invest in 2024: Retiring now

🗓 Sat, 30 Dec 2023

Would you like to build up a diversified Lego® investment portfolio or expand your existing one with exciting retiring sets? There are plenty of opportunities to do this again in 2024.

In another article, we have already presented our top 5 Lego EOL sets under $30 for 2024 in detail. These include two exciting Lego Battle Pack investments.

In this article, we also present our top 5 Lego EOL sets for under $50 and go into the respective potential in detailed investment analyses.

At the moment, the sets presented are still available at a good price from various retailers. However, some sets are sold exclusively by the Danish brick manufacturer itself and are therefore rarely available at a discount. In this case, it is advisable to combine the purchase with VIP points and GWPs (gift with purchase) in order to achieve an indirect discount.

Below you will find investment analyses of our top 5 Lego investment sets under $50 for the year 2024.

1. Lego® Indiana Jones 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb

As part of the Indiana Jones film "Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune", which will be released in summer 2023, Lego® has launched sets on the market that depict well-known film scenes in miniature.

One interesting set is the Lego Indiana Jones 77013 Escape from the Tomb, which is expected to go retire at the end of 2024. The set is offered by Lego at an RRP (recommended retail price) of $39.99 but can occasionally be bought for less than $35.

The average unit price of the set is around 6.7 cents, which is a very good value and relatively inexpensive for a licensed Lego set. Furthermore, the Indiana Jones set has a very good POV (Part Out Value) of around $80.

Impressive increase in the value of reference sets

In the past, Indiana Jones sets have had an above-average performance, with a total of 17 sets from the Lego® Indiana Jones theme being released between 2008 and 2009. All of these sets have at least doubled in value over the last few years, which is quite impressive.

According to current information, there will be no new Indiana Jones sets in the foreseeable future, which is positive from an investment point of view.

An example of an Indian Jones set with a good performance is the Lego Indiana Jones 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb, which is strongly reminiscent of the current set and depicts the same movie scene.

Lego® Indiana Jones comparison

The set was available in stores at an RRP of $19.99 and currently has a market value of over $200.

Compared to the current version, the set from 2008 only consists of 277 parts.

Interesting minifigures

The high POV of the set is partly due to the exclusive minifigures included. The set contains four exclusive minifigures, which together are already worth around $15 and therefore account for around ⅓ of the RRP.

The Lego® Indiana Jones 77013 Escape from the Tomb is one of our top Lego investment sets for 2024. The new film released in 2023 is likely to contribute to the continuing hype of the theme world.

2. Lego® Star Wars 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter

In 2024, there are once again some Star Wars sets that are interesting for a Lego® investment. For example, the Lego Star Wars 75346 Snubfighter of the Pirates, which was launched in spring 2023 and is expected to retire at the end of the year.

Snubfighters are small, agile spaceships from the Star Wars universe that are known for their fast maneuverability and small size. They are often used in space battles and are popular with many fans.

The 75346 Pirate Snubfighter has an RRP of $34.99 and is regularly on sale for under $30. The average individual part price of around 12.30 cents is relatively high, although this is not uncommon for Star Wars sets. The part-out value of the Star Wars spaceship is $45, which is an acceptable value.

Exclusive Minifigures

The pirate snubfighter is particularly interesting due to the valuable Star Wars minifigures included in the set. Accordingly, the set contains two exclusive minifigures, which together are worth almost $12 and account for ⅓ of the RRP.

With sets containing exclusive minifigures, however, it should always be borne in mind that the minifigures may be included in another set at a later date. Such a case would probably lead to a reduction in the value of the minifigures.

Popular Star Wars movies

The potential target group for this set is huge, as the Star Wars films have been among the most popular movies of all time since 1977. The Lego® Snubfighter is suitable both for adult Star Wars fans to display and for children to play with.

If you want to add the Lego Star Wars 75346 Snubfighter of the Pirates to your Lego investment portfolio, you should keep an eye out for offers, as the profit is in the purchase with this set too. In our opinion, the set is worth an investment for a purchase value of $23.

3. Lego® Indiana Jones 77012 Fighter Plane Chase

Our selection of the five best retiring Lego® sets for under $50 in 2024 includes another Lego Indiana Jones set. Like 77013 Escape from the Tomb, Lego Indiana Jones 77012 Escape from the Fighter Plane was released in spring 2023 and is expected to retire at the end of this year.

The set has an RRP of $34.99 but can be bought for under $30 on offer.

Good POV & exclusive minifigures

As with the previous Indiana Jones set, the 77012 Escape from the Fighter Plane has a very good part-out value of more than $60. The average part price of the set is around 9 cents, which is also a good value. In general, Indiana Jones is one of the cheapest licensed Lego® themes.

Another highlight of the set is the three exclusive minifigures, which include well-known movie characters:

  • German Fighter Pilot (worth approx. $3)
  • Indiana Jones (worth approx. $4.50)
  • Henry Jones Sr. (worth approx. $3.70)

Minifigures 77012

In total, the value of the minifigures is already just under ⅓ of the RRP.

Set with nostalgia factor

The Indiana Jones film series has been around since 1981 and has always delighted both young and older action film fans. Since the release of the first film, a total of five films have been released up to 2024. The last installment was released in summer 2023 and is entitled "Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune".

There have also been two Indiana Jones TV series. According to current rumors, a new Indiana Jones series will be broadcast on the Disney+ streaming portal in the future.

The first Lego Indiana Jones sets from 2008 to 2009 have shown that the target group for the sets is large and is also prepared to pay higher amounts. In combination with the release of the fifth film, this should also have a positive effect on the future performance of the current Indiana Jones sets.

4. Lego® Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle

By 2023, 12 Batman films will have been released and the next installment is expected in 2025. To coincide with the release of 'The Batman' in 2022, Danish brick manufacturer Lego® has launched a miniature model of the Batcycle.

The Batcycle, an iconic vehicle from the Batman universe, plays a key role in many of these films. It symbolizes Batman's technical skills and his fight for justice in Gotham City.

The RRP of the Lego Technic set is $54.99. With 641 parts, this equates to an average part price of around 8.6 cents, which is good value. The Batcycle has a part out value of around $75, which is only average in relation to the RRP.

Batman license

As a special feature, this Lego® set is a model from the Lego Technic theme world, which has a Batman license. On the one hand, this makes the set interesting as it appeals to two target groups at once: Lego Technic enthusiasts and Batman fans.

On the other hand, it is the first Lego Technic set with a Batman license, which makes it an interesting investment.

Detailed design

The Lego® Technic 42155 The Batman - Batcycle is based on the model from the movie "The Batman" released in 2022. The set has numerous details that are familiar from the movie. These include, among others:

  • Movable handlebars
  • Functional suspension
  • Detailed H4 engine

Collectors will also be interested in the built-in stand, which can be used to display the Batcycle.


When investing in Lego Technic sets, attention should be paid to a good purchase price. On offer, the set can be bought for under $45, which in our opinion is a good purchase price.

5. Lego® BrickHeadz 40616 Harry Potter & Cho Chang

The Lego® BrickHeadz 40616 Harry Potter & Cho Chang is another Lego set from the movies that is interesting for an investment in 2024.

The BrickHeadz was released in May 2023 at an RRP of $19.99 and will retire at the end of the year according to current information. The set only has a part-out value of just under $27. However, the potential collectability factor plays a greater role with this set, which is why the part-out value should be considered secondary in this case.

Popular movie characters

The set includes two movie characters in the form of BrickHeadz. These are Harry Potter and Cho Chang. In addition to Harry Potter, Cho Chang is also a key character in the Harry Potter films. She is the first love of the main character Harry Potter.

Second Harry Potter BrickHeadz

The popularity of the Harry Potter film character and the potential for the BrickHeadz to increase in value can be seen in the Lego® BrickHeadz 41615 Harry Potter and Hedwig, which went EOL at the end of 2018.

This BrickHeadz had an RRP of $14.99 and currently has a market value of over $51, which corresponds to an increase in value of over 240%.

Value Increase 41615 Harry Potter and Hedwig

In 2021, Lego BrickHeadz 40495 Harry, Hermione, Ron & Hagrid was released, another set featuring Harry Potter, but only in a smaller version. Accordingly, we can assume that the current set will perform well in the future. However, this is likely to be somewhat lower than was the case with the first set.

The Lego BrickHeadz 40616 Harry Potter & Cho Chang is sold exclusively by Lego and is therefore not offered at a discount. In this case, it is advisable to combine the purchase of VIP points and GWPs.

Conclusion: Our top 5 Lego® investments for 2024 under $50

In 2024, Lego® sets under $50, such as Lego® Indiana Jones 77013 and Lego Star Wars 75346 Snubfighter, offer attractive investment opportunities. These sets are characterized by a high potential for value appreciation, exclusive minifigures and a high popularity of their theme worlds.

Particularly noteworthy are the Indiana Jones set, inspired by the new 2023 film, and the Star Wars Snubfighter with rare figures. When buying, it is advisable to look out for special offers.

With exclusive Lego sets such as the Harry Potter & Cho Chang BrickHeadz, it is advisable to combine the purchase with VIP points and GWPs in order to achieve an indirect discount. Lego GWPs are also suitable as an investment and can reduce the purchase price.

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