Lego® Set 215 Review: Why is it so popular?

🗓 Sat, 16 Sep 2023

In particular, Lego® sets from the 1970s to 1990s are extremely popular with collectors. One popular set, for example, is the 215 Red Indians set from 1977.

Lego® Set_215 Instruction
  • Set Name: Red Indians
  • Set ID: 215
  • Year of release: 1977
  • Theme: Lego Classic
  • Number of parts: 93 parts

The set belonged to the Lego Classic theme, which is still part of the assortment of the Danish manufacturer of terminal bricks to this day. In the following review, we will discuss the special features of the set and summarize the reasons why it is particularly popular among collectors today.

Retro set with nostalgia factor

The Lego® Set 215 in the 1970s as a playset for children. The development of the sets was still in its infancy at this time, although the first Lego set, the Lego System 236 Garage, appeared in 1956.

Starting with the packaging of the 215 Lego set, there are already striking features that set the set apart from today's sets.

Unlike today's sets, the sets could be opened with the help of a perforation without damaging the box. The printing on the box was very unobtrusively designed, so on the front is the set pictured and on the back are alternative building suggestions.

The Lego bricks and minifigures included in the set were not shrink-wrapped, but were loose in the box.


Since the set is very simple in design and does not feature complex building techniques, the instructions were correspondingly compact. In addition, on this can be found other Lego sets that were available for purchase at the time.

Unique Indian cover

A special feature of the Lego® 215 Red Indians set is the Indian reference, which has this set. This is the first and ever appeared Lego set, which is dedicated to this theme. This makes the 215 Lego set especially interesting for collectors. At the time, it was mainly used as a toy for children.

In those days, Indians were called redheads, hence the set name Red Indians. In today's age, such a set would probably no longer be conceivable for political and ethical reasons.

Minifigures predecessor: big head set

Also noticeable about the set are the included figures, which in the 1970s were still significantly larger than the minifigures we know from current sets. For this reason, the Lego® 215 set was also called a big head set.

The four minifigures included in the set have another special feature. Thus, they are in the color red instead of yellow.

Lego® big head figures and minifigures comparison

The figures were kept red to be able to represent them as Indians. The color of the figures is unique to this day and therefore interesting especially for collectors.

Unique exclusive parts

In addition to the unique minifigures in red, the Lego® 215 set includes other interesting parts:

  • Indian feathers
  • Black paddles

Lego® Red Indinas 215 important details

The set itself is unspectacular, however the rare Lego parts and figures included make it both interesting and unique.

Lego® 215 Red Indians: A set with history

The Lego® Set 215 from 1977 with the name "Red Indians" exemplifies the early days of Lego products and is a coveted collector's item. Particularly noteworthy is the affiliation to the Lego Classic theme world, which is still part of the Lego assortment today. The special packaging features are striking, where a perforated opening left the box intact and the bricks and figures were packed loosely rather than in foil.

The instructions were simple and compact with references to other sets available. A particular attraction for collectors is the unique Indian cover of the set, which was the first of its kind, combined with the now politically incorrect name "Red Indians". The set is also distinguished by its large-headed figures, which are larger than today's minifigures and are painted a special red color to represent them as Indians.

This and other exclusive parts such as Indian feathers and black paddles make the set particularly attractive for collectors. Despite the simple design, it's these unique features that make the 215 set a coveted piece in Lego history. If you're interested in more interesting sets, then you might be interested in the best remote controlled Lego Technic sets.

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FAQ: Lego® Set 215 Red Indians

Lego® Set 215, also known as "Red Indians," is an iconic 1977 set that is extremely popular with collectors due to its uniqueness and historical significance. This FAQ provides a brief overview of the set's key features and background.

What is Lego® Set 215?

Lego® Set 215 is known as "Red Indians" and was released in 1977. It belongs to the Lego Classic theme world and consists of 81 pieces.

Why is the set so special for collectors?

The set has a unique Indian theme, was the first of its kind, and includes minifigures in a special red color. This and other exclusive parts, such as the Indian feathers and black paddles, make it especially interesting for collectors.

What is meant by the name "Red Indians"?

In those days, Indians were referred to as "Redheads" or "Red Indians". The name reflects this designation, which today is considered politically incorrect.

What are the "big head" mini-figures?

The figures included in Set 215 were larger than today's minifigures in the 1970s and are therefore referred to as "big head" figures.

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