The 8 Best Lego® Technic Cranes: The Ultimate Guide

Published: Fri, 10 Jun 2022
By: Brickfact

Lego Technic cranes make children's eyes light up. The innovative and fascinating vehicles of the Technic series are rightly among the most popular Lego sets. Children look for technical solutions, learn about the laws of nature and can assemble the cranes with their own hands.

Technic cranes thus increase cognitive and mental skills and at the same time provide a lot of fun. First the children are allowed to assemble the crane and then play with it. Technic cranes therefore promise double the fun!

Even older children, teenagers and adults can still learn something from building a technic toy. Since the cranes are very popular, there are now many different models on the market. In this article you will find the 8 best and most popular Lego Technic cranes.

Lego® Technic Crane Truck Checklist

  • Age recommendation
  • Number of parts
  • Year of publication
  • 2-in-1 function
  • Total size
  • Motor
  • Is the Lego Technic Crane remote controlled?

Lego® Technic Cranes: Learning through play

Building a Technic crane naturally requires certain skills. Therefore, the Lego Technic series is intended for older children. For toddlers from 18 months, the purchase of a Lego® Duplo crane is a good idea.

With the Lego® DUPLO® 10931 Truck & Tracked Excavator, the little ones discover the world of technology. 

Lego® DUPLO® 10931 Truck & Tracked Excavator

You can find more great toddler sets on our Lego Duplo Overview Page!

Lego Duplo cranes neither break nor have small parts that could be swallowed. The age recommendation should always be observed. The small individual parts of the Lego Techic models can be quite dangerous for small children and babies.

In addition, it does not make sense to overtax the child. The complex instructions require patience, concentration and a certain basic understanding. Overtaxed children quickly lose interest. If in doubt, it is better to buy a simple model to avoid frustration.

The more complex and elaborate the construction plan, the higher the age recommendation set by the manufacturer. Lego Technic models start at 7 years. Most cranes, however, are only recommended for children over 10.

There is no upper age limit. Building a crane is also fun for fathers. Mobile variants include cranes on a vehicle. In addition, unusual models such as the caterpillar crane have also been designed.

All models are characterised by their realism, attention to detail and quality. Thanks to the high quality, the cranes can also be assembled several times. The 2-in-1 function is an interesting version for children who like to rebuild the cranes. So there are 2 building variants at the same time: Double play fun guaranteed!

Lego® Technic Crane: The 8 best models

The Lego Technic themed series offers different crane models. The following 8 models are particularly popular and of high quality. They have a variety of sophisticated details and additional functions.

1. Lego® Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

  • From 11 years
  • 4.057 individual parts
  • Lego Power Functions
  • Many functions & chic design
  • Lego® Technic 2-in-1 set
  • Big and tall
  • Remote controlled

Lego® Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

TheLego® Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane in first place in the list. This crane features the Lego Power Functions. The motor is particularly powerful and controls all the upper and lower functions of the crane.

Manual options include the rotating fan, adjustable exterior mirrors and the hinged door. The assembly and play experience are particularly fascinating with this model, as it is one of the largest and tallest cranes.

Other extras are the hinged compartments for accessories such as chains and underlay plates. The underlay plates are for the support legs, which can be extended.

The design is also strikingly chic. The crane is painted black and red. Since the model belongs to a Lego Technic 2-in-1 set, the crane can also be converted into a free-fall hammer.

2. Lego® Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II

  • From 11 years
  • Motor available
  • 360° rotatable

TheLego® Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II features a motor that is used to retract the winch, extend the supports and raise the crane arm. In addition, the superstructure can be rotated 360°.

3. Lego® Technic 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator

  • From 14 years
  • 4.108 parts
  • 14 motors
  • Lego technic crane Liebherr compatible with MERK
  • Battery
  • Remote controlled

Lego® Technic 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator

This action-packed Technic set was designed for real fans and professionals. TheLego® Technic 42100 Liebherr Bagger R 9800 model is extremely true to life and realistic. All mechanisms work absolutely perfectly.

The remote control steers the complete vehicle. Above all, the technology and the breathtaking details are convincing. The finished crane truck has an impressive length of 148 cm.

4. Lego® Technic 42108 Mobile Crane

  • From 11 years
  • Set of crane and truck
  • Great fun

Lego® Technic 42108 Mobile Crane

The Lego® Technic 42108 Mobile Crane is built on a truck and therefore provides a lot of play fun and action. The truck can be steered and the boom of the crane can be extended. Even concrete pillars can be lifted and loaded.

5. Lego® Technic 42097 Compact Crawler Crane

  • From 10 years
  • 920 parts
  • Released 2019
  • Lego Technic 2-in-1 set
  • Foldable

Lego® Technic 42097 Compact Crawler Crane

With the Lego® Technic 42097 Compact Crawler Crane, children learn about the function of gears. The crane has extendable and movable supports, a winch and a swivelling boom.

It can also be folded up. The yellow and black design can be decorated with stickers. It is possible to convert the crane into a tower crane.

6. Lego® Technic 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck

  • From 11 years
  • 2017 Parts
  • Pneumatic functions

Lego® Technic 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck

This great Lego® Technic 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck model is a replica of the world's most popular tow truck. The large radiator grille, the fancy air filters and the bright paint job are particularly eye-catching. The bonnet with the 6-cylinder in-line engine can be opened.

The outriggers, the boom and the winch can also be moved. The special feature of this model is the pneumatic functions. With this function, the boom moves.

7. Lego® Technic 42042 Crawler Crane

  • From 11 years
  • Power Function
  • Rotatable structure
  • Elaborate cable routing

Lego® Technic 42042 Crawler Crane

The boom as well as the winch and the tracks of the Lego® Technic 42042 Crawler Crane are motorised thanks to Power Functions. The grab claw, the driver's cab and the boom can also be moved. The special feature of the crane is the long rope.

8. Lego® Technic 42088 Cherry Picker

  • 155 parts
  • Lifting mechanism

Lego® Technic 42088 Cherry Picker

The Lego® Technic 42088 Cherry Picker is perfect for beginners as the platform only consists of 155 parts. The play fun is nevertheless great, as the lifting mechanism has a functioning boom, warning lights and working wheels.

Lego® Technic Crane Building Instructions

The original instructions are always included in the set. If you lose your original instructions, you can download all the building instructions in full as a PDF file from theBuilding instructions section on the Lego website. By the way, downloading is free of charge and very easy.

If the Lego Technic crane building instructions are missing or damaged, new instructions will be sent to you by post. There are also interactive instructions for some sets. With these digital instructions, you can enlarge or rotate the picture. Scan the QR code on the Lego Technic crane building instructions or search for the building instructions in the Lego app.

Frequently asked questions about Lego® Technic cranes

From what age is Lego® Technic suitable?

Most Lego Technic Sets are suitable for children aged 11 and over. They contain small parts. The Duplo themed world was designed for children from 1.5 years. The recommended age of the respective model is written on the box.

Where can I find the building instructions for the alternative model of the Lego Technic set?

The building instructions for the alternative model are always included with the instructions for the main model. So you only have to scroll down to the main instructions. Then you can look at the alternative model.

Have I forgotten bricks when parts are left on the Lego® Technic crane?

No, not necessarily. Most sets have spare parts for small bricks in the package. But if you have a large part left over from the Lego Technic crane, check your instructions again.