The 4 best Lego® Duplo Ambulance Sets

🗓 Wed, 09 Nov 2022

Teaching your kids to be compassionate and caring for others at a young age is important. But sometimes, this can be challenging for them to understand yet especially if you are simply explaining it to them. The best way to introduce it is through playtime.

Luckily, Lego® Duplo has tons of play sets which you can choose from that will stimulate their imagination and teach them values that they will use when they grow up. Here is a list of Lego Duplo deals you can explore and choose one that best fits your kids or even you!

Lego® Duplo Ambulance: Best Deals

Lego® Duplo 10605 Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulance

The Lego® Duplo 10605 Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulance set is recommended for children ages two to five. It is perfect for little ones who are fascinated by ambulances and medical personnel. They can role-play as Doc McStuffins and her sidekick, Lambie, as they care for their patients.It includes a Duplo ambulance with lights and sound effects, a stretcher, and two figurines.

Lego® Duplo 10527 Ambulance

The Lego® Duplo Ambulance Set 10527 includes everything you need to create an ambulance, including a paramedic figure and a dog figure. The ambulance itself is very detailed and comes with plenty of room for storing medical supplies. The set also includes a dog house and a fire hydrant, so your little one can pretend to be a firefighter too!

Lego® Duplo 4979 Ambulance

The Lego® Duplo 4979 Ambulance is a great option if you're looking for a great Lego Duplo ambulance set. This set includes everything you need to build an ambulance, including a stretcher, patient and doctor figures, and all the accessories you need to make your child's imaginative playtime even more fun. The Duplo pieces are big and easy for little hands to grasp, making this an ideal set for toddlers who are just learning to build with Lego.

Lego® Duplo 2682 Ambulance

The Lego® Duplo Ambulance Set includes a buildable ambulance, patient and doctor figures, and a stretcher. Your child can pretend to be the doctor and help the patient get better. With this set, your child can play out all kinds of ambulance scenarios, from rescuing patients to rushing them to the hospital.

What makes a good Lego® Duplo Ambulance?

There are many things that make a good Lego® Duplo Ambulance. Firstly, it should be made out of high-quality materials so that it is durable. Secondly, it should be easy to assemble so that even young children can put it together. Thirdly, it should have realistic features such as flashing lights and sirens. And lastly, it should be fun to play with so that children will want to keep coming back to it.

Lego® Duplo Ambulance: What should I look out for?

If you're looking for a great Lego® Duplo Ambulance, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are the 4 best things to look for in a Lego Duplo Ambulance:

  1. Size - Make sure the ambulance is big enough for your little one to play with. The last thing you want is for them to be disappointed with a too-small set.
  2. Details - Look for an ambulance with lots of realistic details. This will make playing with the set more fun for your child.
  3. Functionality - Make sure the ambulance has all the features your child would want, such as working doors and lights.
  4. Price - Don't overspend on an ambulance set - there are plenty of great options available at a reasonable price.

Lego® Duplo Ambulance: FAQ

How many pieces does the Lego® Duplo Ambulance have?

The Lego Duplo Ambulance has a total of 34 pieces.

What is the recommended age range for the Lego® Duplo Ambulance?

The recommended age range for the Lego Duplo Ambulance is 2-5 years old.

How much does a Lego® Duplo ambulance cost?

Lego Duplo ambulances range in price from around $30 to $100. The price will depend on factors such as the size and features of the ambulance.


You can't go wrong with any of the four options on this list if you're looking for a top-quality Lego® Duplo Ambulance. Each one is made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, so rest assured that your child will love playing with it. Plus, it's a great way to teach them about emergency services and the importance of helping others.

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