Lego® Railway Alternative: The Great Comparison

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Putting yourself in the role of a train driver - This has certainly been the dream of many railroad fans of different ages. The Danish brick company itself has a wide range of Lego® railways in its assortment. However, you won't always find the right set for everyone; for example, many Lego train models cannot be motorized. Light or sound effects are also an exception. 

Competing products such as from the Chinese Lego alternative Mould King offer train models with the previously listed functions without the need for retrofitting. Models like the Mould King 12007 Technic Train even feature an atomizer that can be used to generate steam. This not only allows for a realistic simulation of how trains work, but also provides plenty of fun. 

In this article, we present the 8 best Lego train alternatives and go into their highlights. We also answer the most frequently asked questions about the topic in a subsequent FAQ.

Lego® Alternative made of wood from BRIO

BRIO is a toy manufacturer from Denmark, which specializes in the production of wooden toys. The BRIO wooden trains are very popular with children. Unlike Lego®, the tracks are made of wood and not plastic. This is not only more sustainable, but also more resistant to breakage. BRIO's wooden trains are not compatible with those of Lego. However, the different BRIO sets can be combined with each other, so that an individual play world can be created.

BRIO World Railway Starter Train Set

  • Age recommendation: From 3 years
  • Number of parts: 26 parts
  • Highlight: 3 figures included to play with 
  • Buy here

BRIO World 33773 Eisenbahn Starter Set A - Die ideale erste Holzeisenbah

The BRIO World 33773 Railway Starter Set is ideal for starting out in the world of railroads. Children as young as 3 years old will have a lot of fun with this train set. In addition to a passenger train and the corresponding engineer, 2 play figures are also part of the scope of delivery. In combination with a tunnel, realistic scenarios such as the transport of passengers can be simulated. Unlike railroads of the Danish original, the rails of BRIO are not made of plastic, but of environmentally friendly wood. Through BRIO World Starter Packs it is possible to expand and rebuild the railroad line as desired. 

BRIO World Railway Travel Switching Set

  • Age recommendation: From 3 years
  • Number of parts: 42 parts
  • Highlight: 5 figures included to play with 
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BRIO World 33512 Großes Bahn Reisezug Set

For children from 3 years equally suitable is the 33512 BRIO World Railway Travel Switching Set. Unlike the previously presented set, this kit includes 2 passenger trains at once, one of which is battery operated. The rail scenery can be adapted to the individual wishes of the child and is compatible with other BRIO train sets. So that the two trains do not collide with each other, the switch position can be changed by hand. Another highlight is the station platform included in the set.

BRIO World Starter Lift & Load Train Set

  • Age recommendation: From 3 years
  • Number of parts: 19 parts
  • Highlight: loading crane 
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BRIO World 33878 - Starterset Güterzug mit Kran

The transport of goods includes the prior loading of these. The 33878 BRIO World Starter Lift & Load Train Set offers children aged 3 and up two play experiences at once. The Lego® Railway Alternative realistically recreates the everyday life of a freight station. Accessories include a loading crane, a truck with matching trailer and a locomotive. The 19-piece set is compatible with other BRIO train sets and can be expanded. 

Playmobil® - German Lego® Alternative

The German Lego® alternative Playmobil offers a wide range of playsets for children of different ages. The sets are similar to those of Lego, but they are not compatible with each other. Railroad sets from Playmobil are especially recommended for the smallest train drivers. In addition to the popular play figures, the sets often include different animals.

Playmobil 1.2.3 70179 My First Train Set

  • Age recommendation: From 1 ½ years
  • Highlight: With Playmobil figures and animals
  • Buy here

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 70179 Meine erste Eisenbahn mit Tunnel

The Lego® Railway AlternativePlaymobil 1.2.3 70179 My First Train Set offers children as young as 1 ½ years the opportunity to take on the tasks of an engine driver. The pushing function of the locomotive makes handling the train easy and no adult assistance is needed. Four play figures and three different animals provide children with fun and invite them to make up exciting stories.

Playmobil 1.2.3 70405 Animal Train

  • Age recommendation: From 1 ½ to 4 years
  • Number of parts: 9 parts
  • Highlight: Playmobil figures included
  • Buy here

PLAYMOBIL® 70405 Mein Schiebetierzug

Even toddlers from 1 ½ years have great fun with the Playmobil 1.2.3 70405 Animal Train. The train is composed of 3 carriages in the shape of animals and does not require rails. For this reason, the Lego train alternative is ideal to take along on the road. The respective wagons can be connected to each other or serve as individual trains, so that 3 children can play with them at once. In addition, the playset includes 3 Playmobil figures.

Mould King Remote Controlled Railways

Unlike Lego®, Mould King's railroads always come with motors and can be controlled remotely without retrofitting. The tracks and railroads are compatible with those of Lego. Detailed train replicas and technical highlights such as lighting effects or the generation of steam ensure fascination for young and old.

Mould King 12007 Technic Train

  • Age recommendation: From 8 years
  • Number of parts: 2,348 parts
  • Highlight: Motorized & remote controllable
  • Buy here

Mould King 12007 Technik Zug

The motorizedMould King 12007 Technic Train is suitable for both children and adults. The remote control is either by the remote control included in the set or via app with the smartphone. With the 24 track parts, a 170cm long track can be constructed. The locomotive has LED light effects and an atomizer with which water vapor can be generated. When the train starts, water vapor is generated, this conveys a realistic play experience and inspires train fans of all ages. The rails are compatible with those of Lego®.

Modbrix: Lego® Railway Alternative

The German brick manufacturer Modbrix is known for a wide range of model building models such as railroads or tanks. Both the rails and the locomotives are compatible with Lego® models and can be integrated into existing play worlds. Inexpensive track sets can be used to expand the Modbrix railroads if desired. 

Modbrix Building Blocks Train DB

  • Number of parts: 588 parts
  • Highlight: Compatible with Lego® 
  • Buy here

Modbrix Bausteine Zug DB Lok

The Modbrix Building Blocks Train DB is compatible with the rails of Lego® and can be integrated into already existing play worlds. The set is composed of a locomotive and 2 freight cars. If desired, the train can be subsequently motorized. 

Modbrix Building Blocks Loading Terminal with Freight Train

  • Number of parts: 792 parts
  • Highlight: Compatible with Lego® 
  • Buy here

Modbrix Bausteine Verladeterminal mit Güterzug

Your own freight train with associated loading terminal? This offers the Modbrix Building Blocks Loading Terminal with Freight Train. In addition to a freight train with 2 associated freight cars, the set includes a truck with trailer and a loading crane. The accessories allow for a realistic simulation of a freight station. As a highlight, the track of the Modbrix freight train can be expanded with numerous track sets and is compatible with Lego®.

Lego® Railway Alternatives: FAQ

You want to know which Lego® train set alternative is best for you and what makes it different from the original? In our FAQ, we answer the most important questions on the subject and show you how to buy Lego sets at the best price.

What is the best Lego® Alternative? 

The selection of Lego® Alternatives is considerable. Whether young or old, there is a suitable set for everyone. As far as trains are concerned, models from BRIO and Playmobil are particularly interesting for children. Older children, teenagers and adults will enjoy Lego train alternatives from Mould King or Modbrix.

Are the rails compatible with those of Lego®?

Depending on the manufacturer, the locomotives and tracks included in the railroad sets are compatible with those of Lego®: 

Not compatible with Lego are railroad sets from Playmobil or Brio. 

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