LEGO® The Mighty Bowser Review (71411)

🗓 Thu, 21 Sep 2023

Dive into the world of LEGO® Super Mario as we take a closer look at the imposing LEGO Mighty Bowser (71411). This impressive building set brings one of the most famous villains in video game history into the world of colorful blocks. With 2807 parts and an impressive size, the Koopa King is depicted in all his glory and grandeur.

But is building this powerful character really worth it? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the design, mobility, playability and value of the LEGO Mighty Bowser set. Dive into the world of Bowser and find out if this set lives up to its price and what place it deserves in your LEGO collection. Be ready for a majestic tribute to a legendary video game villain.

The structure of the Mighty Bowser

LEGO Mighty Bowser 71411

Assembling the LEGO® Mighty Bowser set (71411) is an impressive task. With its 2807 parts, it is a larger project. But the effort is worth it. Bowser, the Koopa King, comes to life piece by piece.

Fireballs and difficulties

One of the standout features of this set is Bowser's ability to shoot fireballs out of his mouth. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties during assembly and could not get the mechanism to work properly. The compact design inside the model made it even more difficult to repair. Still, when everything works, it's an impressive feature.

LEGO Mighty Bowser Fire

The masterpiece of the tank

Bowser's tank is a true work of art. With LEGO elements specially made for Bowser, the "Ogives", the characteristic spikes on the tank are recreated in great detail. The ability to manually make Bowser look from left to right adds an extra dimension to the model and makes his movements all the more impressive.

The stand with flair

The display stand on which Bowser is enthroned is much more than just a support element. It is surprisingly detailed in design and adds extra flair to Bowser. It also visually highlights Bowser and opens up the possibility for interaction that makes the set so unique. The construction of the Bowser model itself impresses with its design and clever integration of the game functions.

Design and details

The color splendor of Bowser

Bowser's color scheme is truly impressive and has been implemented using common LEGO® colors. From yellow for the arms and legs to white, green and beige for the armor, black and gray for the spiky accessories, and red and beige for the face - everything blends together perfectly. The bright green used for Bowser especially stands out and is a rare color in LEGO sets. LEGO probably recolored many elements for this, which is great for parts collectors.

LEGO Mighty Bowser Side

Shape and texture of the extremities

The shape of the legs and tail is remarkably designed. Relatively new yellow LEGO elements are used here. The arms and hands are not quite as elegantly shaped in my opinion, but that's partly due to the articulated parts used to make Bowser strike different poses.

The brilliance of the tank

Bowser's tank is undoubtedly a highlight. The shapes on the white border look great and were created with a combination of 2x2 round stones, slabs and tiles, as well as a variety of quarter-cylinder elements in white. But the real highlight is the faceted green tank shapes and the way the angles fit together perfectly despite some gaps in between. These are not the usual shapes and angles seen in LEGO sets. In addition, two different elements for the spikes set off the tank perfectly. All this was achieved with surprisingly few LEGO Technic elements, which I personally think is great.

Bowser's face and facial expressions

Bowser's head benefits significantly from the newer LEGO elements designed specifically for him. These include the 4x4 rounded dome bricks for the nose area and some of the 3x3 corner bevels for the cheeks and back of the head. Bowser's vivid red eyebrows and mohawk complete the overall look. His eyes are placed on 2x2 round printed stones that sit on rotating platforms so they can be moved sideways. The eyebrows are attached to ball joints and can be moved to create different expressions.

Exercise and play opportunities

The freedom of movement of Bowser in this LEGO® set is remarkable. This makes it possible to depict the character in different poses and breathe life into him.

The movement of the head

LEGO Mighty Bowser Head

Bowser's head can be moved from left to right, and this is done by simply adjusting it manually. No complex engineering mechanisms are required, which makes the operation simple and intuitive. This allows Bowser to look different directions and create different expressions.

The movable arms

Bowser's arms are movable thanks to a clever gear system. This is a technique that is often used in LEGO Technic sets and has been perfectly implemented here. This mobility makes it possible to put Bowser in various attack and defense postures.

The realistic leg movement

The way Bowser's legs are constructed gives him realistic movement. When you lift Bowser, it looks like he is jumping in the air, similar to the Super Mario Galaxy games. This helps make Bowser look alive and dynamic.

The stable tail

Bowser's tail is not only for looks, but also for stability. It ensures that Bowser stands securely on the display stand and makes it possible to present him in different positions.

Price and value

An expensive pleasure

The LEGO® Mighty Bowser (71411) undoubtedly has its price. With a retail price of 270 dollars, it is no bargain. This pricing raises the question of whether the set is really worth the money.

The cost analysis

Taking a closer look at the price-performance ratio, we see that the price of LEGO sets in general has risen in recent years. The extra 20 or 30 dollars added to this set might scare off some buyers. However, good bargains can often be made where you can get LEGO sets cheaper. Then it can be worth it in any case.

The value of the building pleasure

Still, you shouldn't just look at the price. Assembling the Mighty Bowser model offers a unique and fun experience. The challenge of building and the proud feeling of having completed such an impressive set are priceless.

For true Mario fans

Ultimately, the question of the set's value also depends on your own passion for Mario. If you are a passionate Mario fan, this set will undoubtedly take pride of place in your collection and justify the price.

A gift for the family

For those lucky enough to have a Mario fan in the family, the LEGO Mighty Bowser can be a perfect gift. It not only offers great building fun, but also an impressive display piece.

Conclusion: A LEGO masterpiece?

Overall, LEGO® Mighty Bowser (71411) leaves an impressive impression. This set pays homage to one of the most iconic video game characters ever, bringing Bowser to life in impressive size and detail. The color scheme, shapes, and mobility of the character are remarkably realized.

Assembling this set is a challenge, but definitely worth it. The many moving parts make it possible to display Bowser in various poses and breathe life into him. Although the fireball mechanism doesn't always work flawlessly, this hardly spoils the overall impression.

The price of 270 dollars may seem high at first glance, but it all comes down to the personal value this set offers. For passionate Mario fans and lovers of LEGO building sets, the Mighty Bowser is undoubtedly a highlight and an impressive display piece.

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