Lego® price tracker: Get the best deals for sets

🗓 Thu, 22 Feb 2024

Want to create personalized price alerts and buy the best Lego® sets at the best price? In this article, we'll show you step-by-step how you can save money with the Brickfact app and expand your Lego collection at the same time.

We'll show you how to set up price alerts so that you are informed immediately when a set is available at your desired price. You'll also learn how to use historical price data to make purchasing decisions and identify the best deals.

Whether you're looking for sets for yourself or your loved one, our guide will help you get the most out of your next purchase.

Lego® price tracker for set deals

In recent years, it has been quite common to create price alerts for Lego® sets on simple price comparison sites. For this purpose, a price threshold is set for any Lego set. When this threshold is reached, the user is usually notified by email. However, it often takes some time before the notification is sent and the offers are no longer available. Furthermore, this method is complicated and often no longer meets today's standards in terms of usability and functionality.

This is different with the Brickfact app: The Brickfact app allows you to easily create and manage Lego set price alerts. As a highlight, you can receive a push notification directly on your smartphone if you wish. This gives you a considerable advantage when prices are very good, which is particularly important when the best Lego investment sets are on offer for less than $100.

The Brickfact app is completely free and available for both IOS and Android.

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In the following, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to use the Brickfact app as a Lego price tracker.

Using the Lego® price tracker: Instructions

To be able to create price alerts, it is first necessary to download the Brickfact app and create a corresponding user account.

1. Lego® Set search

First enter the name of the Lego® sets or the set number in the search mask and then select it. You will then be taken to the product page of the set.

Browse for Lego® set

2. Create price alert  

In the next step, you can create your Lego® Set price alert by clicking on the plus symbol at the top right.

Choose Lego® set

You can then set your desired price and optionally add a note. If you would like to receive a push notification, you must also activate the "Set alarm" field.

Add to watchlist

3. Manage price alerts

If you want to adjust or delete existing price alerts, you can do this when you call up your watchlist. To do this, click on the heart symbol. If necessary, it is also possible to adjust the desired price here.

Open watchlist

Note: As soon as the price alarm for a specific set has been triggered, the alarm is deactivated.

Brickfact App Watch List

Lego® price comparison: find the best price

In addition to the function to create price alerts, the Brickfact app also allows you to compare prices from different retailers to find the best price. This is particularly useful if you want to buy a Lego set immediately at a good price without waiting for the price alert to be triggered.

To view the price comparison of a specific set, you need to search for the relevant Lego set and go to the product page, just like when creating a price alert. You can then view the prices of the various retailers and buy your Lego set at the best possible price.

Lego® set price comparison

View price chart of Lego® sets

The price chart function for Lego® sets opens up a whole new way of optimizing your purchase price. Just as we showed you how to set up price alerts with the Brickfact app and keep an eye on the best deals, looking at the price development of individual sets over time gives you valuable insights.

This historical price data is your advantage when deciding when the best time to buy is. You can see how the prices for certain sets fluctuate and whether a low point has been reached that represents the ideal time to buy. This is also particularly relevant if you are interested in investing in Lego.

The price chart of Lego sets is displayed in the Brickfact app on the respective set page under "Info" as a market value.

Brickfact App Watch List

Lego® Set Price Tracker: Conclusion

Using a Lego® price tracker, especially the Brickfact app, offers you many advantages as a Lego fan or bargain hunter. With the option of setting up personalized price alerts, you will be informed as soon as your desired set is available at the ideal price. This saves you having to constantly compare prices manually and ensures that you don't miss out on any offers. The app surpasses the functionality of simple price comparison sites by sending you a quick and direct notification straight to your smartphone.

In addition, the Brickfact app provides you with tools to compare prices from different retailers so you always get the best deal. By integrating historical price data into the app, you get unique insights into the price development of individual kits, allowing you to strategically plan your purchases. By analyzing price trends, you can decide whether the current price of a set is attractive or whether it is worth waiting for a price reduction.

Lego® Price Tracker: FAQ

As you have already learned in the article, with the help of Brickfact it is possible to create personalized price alerts and monitor the price developments of Lego® sets. In the following FAQ we answer all questions that might arise when using the Lego Set Price Tracker.

Can I create personalized price alerts for Lego® sets with the Brickfact app?

Yes, you can easily set up personalized price alerts to be notified immediately when a set is available at your desired price.

Will I receive push notifications on my smartphone with the Brickfact app?

Yes, you can receive instant push notifications directly on your smartphone.

Is the Brickfact app better than simple price comparison sites?

Yes, the Brickfact App offers far more features than simple price comparison sites, including instant notifications and a user-friendly interface.

How can I set up price alerts in the Brickfact app?

To set up price alerts, you need to download the app, create an account, search for the Lego® set you want and then set the price alert with your desired price.

Can I adjust or delete existing price alerts in the Brickfact app?

Yes, you can adjust or delete existing price alerts at any time by going to your watchlist and making the appropriate settings.

Is the Brickfact app also available for Android and iOS?

Yes, the Brickfact app is available for both platforms and you can track prices and create Lego® price alerts on both platforms

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