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🗓 Thu, 18 Jul 2024

Are you an avid collector of Lego® sets and looking for a way to manage your Lego collection? With the Brickfact App you can keep track of your Lego sets and discover the best deals!

The Brickfact App is great for:

  • Parents looking for Lego sets for their children.
  • Investors looking for new sets for their investment portfolio.
  • Collectors who want to keep track of their Lego sets.

The best thing about Brickfact is that the app and all of its features are completely free, and it comes with a huge amount of functionality! With the Brickfact app you can keep track of your Lego collection and know exactly which sets you already have. When new deals are available, you will receive an instant notification in the deals section so you can buy Lego sets at the best prices. As a special highlight, you have access to thousands of sets in the database and can filter them as you like.

Lego® collection tracker

The Brickfact app allows you to easily manage your Lego collection. This way you can always keep track of which sets are already in your portfolio and which increases in value they have achieved so far. 

Collection - Statistics

Under Statistics you have the possibility to view the profits/losses of your Lego® collection in detail.


In addition, the performance of each individual Lego set can be tracked, which can be very helpful for future Lego investments. Through numerous setting options, you can view the statistics, which are particularly helpful for you. The development of the market value can be viewed in different time periods. Other statistics that can be viewed with the Brickfact app are: 

  • Percentage and total return 
  • EIA value 
  • Invested capital 
  • Transaction costs 
  • Number of issues invested in 
  • Total number of parts

In addition to the market value of your Lego collection, the purchase value can also be displayed.

Market Value and Purchase Value

Sets - Collection

The Sets page shows you which Lego® sets are in your collection. It is possible to sort or filter by different characteristics. For example, you can sort by the biggest profit and marvel at the increase in value of your sets.


Add Lego® Sets to the Collection

You want to add a new Lego® set to your collection or update past purchases? With the Brickfact App this is very easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Add set 
  2. Enter set number or name 
  3. Price per set 
  4. Date of purchase

Add sets to Brickfact


You accidentally entered wrong information and want to correct it? Under Statistics you can edit transactions without having to sell and re-enter sets.

Remove Lego® sets from the collection

It is just as easy to add Lego sets to your collection as it is to remove them. To do this, click on any set in your collection and then click on the minus sign. In the mask that opens, enter the number and price of the sold sets. In addition, the transaction costs can be listed separately. These are incurred, for example, in the form of sales or payment fees (eBay, PayPal, shipping fees, etc.).

Sell sets at Brickfact

The best Lego® deals

Who hasn't experienced it - there's a good Lego® deal and you were too slow again. Many good offers are often only available for a few minutes or hours before they are sold out again. With the Brickfact App you won't miss any of these Lego deals anymore!

Brickfact offers are always deals at the best prices. Our own Lego database helps us to get the best for you and your wallet. 

In addition to interesting offers, there is also an availability alert for popular Lego sets. Occasionally, sets are out of stock, but as soon as they are available again, for example at, the Brickfact app notifies you immediately.

Deals EN

Push notifications - The best directly on your smartphone

To make sure you don't miss any more Lego® offers at bargain prices, there are push notifications. These can be optionally switched on and off. When new deals are available, you will receive a notification immediately.

Push notifications

Lego® Sets for Investors

The Brickfact app deal function focuses on relevant sets that are popular with Lego fans. Of course, these have a very good investment potential - in the Brickfact Deals you have direct insight into when a set is expected to go EOL. EOL (End of Life) describes the point in time when a Lego set will be discontinued.

EOL status

At Brickfact we distinguish between the following EOL statuses:

  • Unknown EOL  
  • Begin of Life 
  • Middle of Life  
  • Nearly EOL 
  • Already EOL

Lego® sets that are marked with the status "Middle of Life" or "Nearly EOL" are particularly suitable for investments. 

Set Personalized Price Alerts

In our latest update, we've enhanced the Brickfact app to help you build your Lego® collection more efficiently and affordably. With the introduction of personalized Lego price tracker, you can now set specific price thresholds for your favorite Lego sets. As soon as a set reaches your desired price point, you'll receive an instant notification so you never miss out on the best deals. This feature uses real-time tracking and historical pricing data, making it easier than ever to get Lego sets at optimal prices. For a detailed walkthrough on how to set up these alerts, check out our comprehensive guide.


Additionally, the Brickfact app allows users to create and manage a personalized watchlist. Price alerts can be easily adjusted or removed via this watchlist, which is accessible by clicking on the heart symbol. This feature ensures that users can keep track of their price alerts and desired Lego sets in a streamlined and organized manner.

The Ultimate Brickfact Lego® Price Comparison

The Brickfact app has Germany's largest Lego database. Here you can view more than 8,000 Lego sets and choose from an incredible 15,000+ offers in the price comparison. This way you are guaranteed to buy Lego sets at the best price and save real money.

Lego® Price Comparison

In the search Browse of the Brickfact app, you have the option of viewing your Lego set in a price comparison. Brickfact also informs you about the RRP, the current market price, the set number and number of parts as well as the release date - everything important at a glance.

Price Comparison

Filter options

You don't know exactly which Lego® you want? Filter options will help you find the Lego set that suits you best - guaranteed! 

You can choose from the following filters: 

  • Market value
  • Number of parts 
  • Year of release 
  • EOL status 
  • Theme


Best to invest

For Lego® collectors and investors, the Best to invest section is particularly interesting. In this section you will find Lego sets that are particularly suitable for investments.

Best to invest

As a highlight, you can marvel at the price graphs of thousands of Lego sets in the Brickfact app. This helps you to analyse and evaluate potential new Lego investments.

Value Increase

The Brickfact App - An all-round talent

In summary, the Brickfact app provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing and expanding your Lego® collection.

By using personalized price alerts, you will be notified immediately when your desired sets reach your specified price, ensuring that you never miss out on the best deals. With access to extensive historical pricing data and Germany's largest Lego database, the Brickfact app not only simplifies the process of tracking and purchasing Lego sets, but also provides invaluable insights for both collectors and investors.

Whether you are looking to add to your collection or optimize your investment strategy, the Brickfact app is an indispensable tool that will enhance your buying experience while helping you save money.

Best of all, the Brickfact app is completely free and available here for iOS and Android.

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