How to Get Free Lego® Sets: Our top 10 Options

🗓 Sat, 29 Apr 2023

Upon initiating the collection and construction of L® sets, the desire to continue with this engaging activity is likely to persist. The extensive range of licensed sets, such as the best Lego sets and Lego sets with the most minifigures, offers boundless creative potential, rendering it an inclusive hobby for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Nonetheless, one notable drawback is the considerable expense associated with acquiring new Lego sets, which may not be feasible for those with financial constraints. Fortunately, numerous methods exist to obtain Lego sets without incurring significant costs, and this article presents a comprehensive list of the most effective ways to acquire them.

1. Join The Lego® VIP Programme

When visiting the Lego® website, it is likely that one would come across the Lego VIP program. Although the name suggests exclusivity, it is open to individuals aged 18 and older, free of charge. The Lego VIP program functions like many other loyalty programs, rewarding members with points for purchases made in retail stores or online. When a member accumulates enough points, they can redeem them for complimentary Lego sets that are exclusive to VIP members. Besides collection Lego VIP points you can also enjoy additional benefits, such as receiving exclusive gifts.

2. Combining the purchase with Lego® GWPs

Providing complimentary products with a purchase is a widespread practice among various brands, including Lego®. This marketing approach, known as "gift with purchase" (GWP), involves offering a gift when customers buy a specific set or spend a predetermined amount. The required order value for receiving a GWP can range from as low as $20 to as high as $250.

It is crucial to be aware that Lego GWP promotions are frequently limited in availability and may run out of stock rapidly. As such, customers who are interested in a particular set are advised to make their purchase promptly.

3. Participate in Feedback Survey and Sweepstakes

For those who have assembled a Lego® set, it is important to note that the final page of the building instructions contains information on completing a survey. This opportunity should not be overlooked, as it offers the possibility of winning a complimentary Lego set.

To enter the sweepstakes, visit the website indicated on the back of the Lego instructions manual and complete the survey regarding your experience with the Lego product. The survey typically requires no more than three minutes to finish, and the feedback provided assists Lego in enhancing the quality of its products and services.

Every month, Lego awards one winner per 4,000 entries in the survey with a set with an approximate value of $80.

Participate in Feedback Survey and Sweepstakes

4. Join a Lego® Building Contest

For Lego® enthusiasts, numerous Lego contests can be found both online and offline, each featuring distinct rules and themes. Participating in Lego contests provides an enjoyable way to exercise creativity, enhance building skills, form new connections, and potentially win impressive prizes, such as Lego sets, custom trophies, gift cards to a Lego store, or trips to a Legoland Park. Below are several examples of Lego building contests:

Lego® Ideas Challenge

Lego Ideas is a platform that allows fans to submit their designs, which may be chosen and transformed into official Lego sets. Furthermore, Lego Ideas hosts multiple online contests and challenges based on specific themes, such as historic moments, futuristic space exploration vehicles, or inventive uses of Lego bricks. Winners of the Lego Ideas Challenge receive an array of prizes, including Lego sets, exclusive mini-figures, and other Lego-related items.

First Lego® League

The First Lego® League is an international competition for children aged 4-16 that focuses on building and programming robots. Teams are tasked with researching and presenting a solution to a real-world problem related to a theme by constructing Lego MINDSTORMS-controlled robots. Winners may receive a First Lego League trophy, Lego sets, and gift cards.

Lego® Masters

As a reality television competition series centered around Lego®, Lego Masters pits pairs of contestants—usually friends or family members—against each other in a series of challenges to build the most impressive Lego creations based on particular themes, such as amusement parks, movie scenes, or landmarks. The victorious team is awarded a cash prize, the ultimate Lego trophy, and the esteemed title of Lego Masters.

5. Review Lego® Sets on Your Blog or Social Media Channels

If you have a blog or social media channel with a substantial following, you can monetize it by becoming a Lego® affiliate. When you sign up for the Lego affiliate program, you can earn a commission for every successful purchase made through your unique affiliate link. Moreover, this program offers access to all of Lego's exclusive newsletters and special promotion updates. By staying informed, you can provide valuable content for your audience, such as writing about the most rare Lego pieces, while generating revenue from your passion for Lego.

Becoming a Lego® Affiliate: Steps to Follow

  1. Join the Lego® Affiliate Program: Enrol in the program through partner networks such as Rakuten
  2. Acquire a Unique Affiliate Link: Upon approval as an affiliate, you will receive a unique link for promoting Lego products on your blog or social media channels
  3. Create Engaging Content: Write blog posts or craft social media posts featuring the latest Lego sets, your favourite Lego builds, or any Lego-related content that may interest your audience

Possibilities as a Lego® affiliate

Once you are approved as an affiliate, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Lego® products on your blog or social media channels.

You can write blog posts or create social media posts showcasing the latest Lego sets, your favourite Lego builds, or any Lego-related content your audience may find interesting. The more traffic and sales you generate through your affiliate link, the more commission you earn.

6. Subscribe to Lego® focused Blogs or Social Media Channels

If an individual does not possess a blog or social media channel, it is possible to engage with Lego® centric blogs or channels managed by others. Numerous such channels frequently conduct giveaways of Lego sets as a means to interact with their visitors and followers. Participating in these giveaways typically involves straightforward actions such as subscribing to the channel, mentioning the channel in an Instagram post, sharing their tweet on Twitter, or commenting on a relevant blog post.

Subscribe to Lego® focused Blogs or Social Media Channels

7. Utilize Your Local Community Resources

In order to acquire free Lego® sets, it is important to actively search for them. One might not be aware that it is possible to find such items within their local community. The increasing popularity of decluttering and the Buy Nothing movement has facilitated the process of obtaining free items in local communities. The following are several methods to find complimentary Lego sets nearby.

Lego® User Group

Numerous Lego® user groups (LUG) are present in most countries, with many cities or states hosting at least one. LUGs serve as excellent platforms to connect with other Leg enthusiasts. Many LUGs organize contests for members to exhibit their creations and compete with fellow participants. These contests might entail constructing the tallest tower, the most innovative use of bricks, or the most remarkable Lego scene.

Yard Sales

In certain instances, parents may seek to remove items from their homes, including toys. Their primary objective is to declutter rather than to generate income, leading them to place a variety of items in a bin labeled "free" for others to take. Contrary to common misconceptions, these "free" bins may contain more than just undesirable toys. Some individuals offer bags of Lego® in excellent condition, which might require proper cleaning. Our guide on cleaning Lego provides a step-by-step process to help you with this task.

Exploring city-wide garage sales may result in discovering the Lego pieces that were previously missing.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace serves as an additional source for free Lego®. Facebook Marketplace allows users to connect with others in their local community who are interested in giving away items at no cost or selling them at a discounted rate. Individuals frequently offer items simply because they wish to reduce clutter. To find free Lego on the Marketplace, apply the "Only show free listings" filter. Browse the available options or enter a specific search term such as "Free Lego" to narrow down the results. Additionally, the Facebook Marketplace can be an ideal platform to sell your Lego® sets, as it connects you with potential local buyers interested in purchasing Lego at competitive prices, as explained in this article on where to sell Lego.

Many local communities also maintain "Buy Nothing" online groups in which members provide items for free to fellow community members. Search on Facebook to locate any groups in your vicinity.


Websites such as Freecycle occasionally feature individuals who wish to donate their sets when their children no longer play with them.

Freecycle is free to join and operates on a reciprocal basis: anyone can post items they want to give away, and anyone can post items they are seeking. Numerous users request Lego® sets on the platform.

Join The Reddit Community

Free Lego® may be hard to come by, but there are subreddits on Reddit where people gather to share links to sales on Lego sets and freebies for the popular building blocks.

Here are a couple of subreddits to check out for Lego deals and freebies:




9. Go Trick or Treating for Lego®

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween, one that Lego® participates in. Consider visiting your local Lego store dressed up in full costume during Halloween, and they will likely give you freebies. They often include great pieces and bricks that you can use in your own builds.

Other stores, like Target, sometimes offer Lego giveaways during Halloween, so make sure to drop by.

10. Collect Cashback

Another way to get free Lego® sets is by using online cashback rewards programs. These programs allow you to earn cash back on purchases you make online, which can then be used towards future purchases, including Lego sets.

Once you've earned enough cashback rewards, you can use them towards a future purchase of a Lego set. This can effectively lower the price of the set.

Getting free Lego® sets: FAQ

Getting free Lego® sets: FAQ

Are you looking for free Lego® sets but don't know how to start? In the following FAQ we answer the most important questions on the topic. We also show you the possibilities to get free Lego sets.

Does Lego® give away free sets?

While Lego® does not directly give away free sets, they do offer various promotions, like Gift with Purchase offers, where you can get a set or item when you spend a certain amount. They also have the Lego VIP Program that allows you to earn points and redeem them for exclusive Lego sets. Additionally, Lego stores may give away small freebies during events like Halloween or special promotions.

How to get Lego® VIP Points?

You can earn Lego® VIP Points by signing up for the Lego VIP program and making purchases through the Lego website or retail stores. You can also accumulate points by participating in promotional events, like double points promotions, or by entering exclusive Lego competitions.

What is the best way to find Lego® deals?

There are various ways to find Lego® deals, such as joining Reddit communities like r/legodeal or r/legodeals, where users share links to sales and freebies. Additionally, you can follow Lego focused blogs and social media channels that regularly post updates on Lego promotions and giveaways. Lastly, consider using the Brickfact App, which provides daily updates on new Lego deals and allows you to compare prices across different stores.

Getting free Lego® sets: Is it possible?

With the numerous methods for obtaining complimentary Lego® described above, it is likely that several options will be suitable for your needs. Some approaches may necessitate minimal effort, while others might require additional time and dedication. Nevertheless, the prospect of acquiring free Lego may justify the investment.

Experiment with these strategies to determine the quantity of complimentary Lego you can accumulate.

For daily updates on new Lego deals, consider using the Brickfact App to stay informed about attractive offers. This application enables users to compare prices for identical sets across various stores, ensuring the best value for the desired Lego. The Brickfact App is available for free download on both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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