LEGO Icons® Jazz Club Review (10312)

🗓 Mon, 18 Sep 2023

Welcome, dear LEGO® fans! Today we are taking a closer look at the LEGO Icons modular building, the Jazz Club. This set, with LEGO number 10312, is part of the LEGO Icons theme (formerly Creator Expert) and is aimed at a broad target group. The set is intended for both children and adults.

Lego Jazzclub Full

Basic information about the Jazz Club

The Jazz Club model series fits seamlessly into the long tradition of the LEGO® Creator Expert series, with all the usual connection points to make it seamless with other Modular Buildings.

The introduction to the world of jazz club: the packaging

jazzclub verpackung

When you look at the Jazz Club packaging, you'll immediately notice that it bears the new "Icons" branding of the now renamed Creator Expert theme world. In typical fashion, the packaging also shows the impressive model of the Jazz Club that awaits us inside. It promises an exciting and detailed building adventure for old and young alike, and hints at the unique design highlights that await us in this set. The packaging of the jazz club is a first taste of the creative journey that awaits us.

Dark elegance and creativity: the design of the jazz club

The design of this model is characterized by a certain darkness, especially in the jazz club building on the left, whose top floors are mainly dark red, gray and black. The huge illuminated lettering at the front provides a slight break in the dark tone. Of note are the printed tiles and the clever use of the hotdog sausage element in bright orange to round out the top and bottom of the sign.

Creative building techniques and unusual details

The upper floor of the jazz club surprises with clever construction techniques and a unique window design. Brackets with bounce plates are used here to offset black tiles, and some colorful transparent stones are installed in the center for a great effect. The first floor of the jazz club, in an unusual shade of blue, houses the ticket booth and the entrance to the club, where live music and a magic show are announced, as seen on the printed signs. Being a jazz club, you can expect jazz concerts here, of course.


A look at the neighborhood: the pizzeria

In addition to the jazz club, you will find another building in the LEGO® set, the pizzeria. Note that this is not a completely separate building, as everything is built on the same baseplate. This might be disappointing for some, as they had hoped that this could be split into two parts like the Bookstore. Still, the pizzeria has some nice touches, including flowers and lavender hanging upstairs for the tailor and a well-equipped greenhouse on the roof. The carrot is for the magician bunny, but everything else is for cooking in the pizzeria. There is even a cheeky squirrel on the roof.

Jazzclub Eichhörnchen

Jazzclub Pizza

Variety and interesting facades

The pizzeria has a much brighter design, which lightens the mood. Of particular note is that it is set back a bit and is different in height from the other buildings. In combination with other modular buildings, this adds much more interest to the skyline and facades of the entire street than if they all had the same depth and height. The side walls and back of the model are rather plain, as is the case with most modular buildings, but there is a small storage room with wood for the pizza oven, a door, ventilation units and a small balcony.

The mini figures of the jazz club

Before we dive inside, let's take a look at the minifigures. The set contains a total of 8 minifigures, including a pizza maker, a pizza delivery man with a bright green scooter, a tailor, the owner of the jazz club and a jazz band with a drummer, singer and bass player. Each character has its own charm and adds to the atmosphere of the model.

Jazzclub Minifiguren

Dive deep into the jazz club

The floors of the model can be removed to gain access to the interior. On the top floor of the pizzeria we can already find a well-equipped kitchen and in the jazz club building the dressing room for the artists. There is a piece of art above the sofa, a stand with music and a dressing table on the opposite wall. The mirror is actually a 2x4 tile in metallic silver, which is cleverly done and while it's not a very good reflective surface, it's enough to realistically represent a mirror. The hallway provides access to the balcony at the back of the building, the tailor store on the right, and the club manager's office on the left. The tailor store looks plain, but contains the expected elements like a sewing machine. Particularly impressive are the rolls of fabric, which are represented by LEGO® Technic bricks.

The highlight of the LEGO® Jazz Club

The club manager's office has a desk with a classic telephone and lamp. There is a record player in the corner, and the room also has a private balcony to enjoy the performances of the artists on the floor below. The main stage of the club is located in the corner and has a drum set and a saxophone. There is also a simple construction for the curtains and spotlights, which can be easily removed if you want to change performers. The main hall of the club has some tables and chairs for the audience, and there is even a toilet under the stairs that lead to the upper floors.

Jazzclub Clubmanager

The conclusion - jazz club or pizzeria?

Although the set is called "Jazz Club" by LEGO®, the pizzeria is also very successful-perhaps even better than the jazz club. The two buildings are connected, so the pizzeria effectively acts as the one serving food for the club. The floor has the expected checkered pattern, and the counter serves as the cooking area where the chef prepares all the ingredients for his new pizzas. New printed pizza slice tiles are used in the process. There are ingredients scattered throughout, and in the corner is the pizza oven with some nice shapes achieved with a new dirt catcher element that I've never seen before.

Jazz Club Final Thoughts

Whether you're a long-time LEGO® fan or just diving into the world of modular buildings, the Jazz Club is definitely worth a look. Its depth and creative possibilities, make it a valuable addition to any LEGO collection. When combined with other modular buildings, the result is a varied skyline and facade design that brings your LEGO city to life. We are used to seeing good sets from the Icons theme and the Jazzclub does not disappoint.

Overall, the Jazz Club from LEGO Icons offers a great building and playing experience that will delight both experienced builders and novices.

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